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Title: I just need one card template!
Post by: Cyrus on March 03, 2015, 01:04:19 am
Hey everyone! Long time no post! I've got a game rolling around in my head that I might actually be able to get produced within the year. I have made a couple different templates for the one card type in the game, but I thought I would put out a call for anyone else who wants to give it a try! If your design is selected it will be paid for before the game is released. Since I plan to use Kickstarter to fund the project to some degree, compensation will be pretty good!

The only card type in the game is Companion (or maybe Minion, Character, something to that effect). They have 2 stats - Power and Point Value. Power is more important and should be featured on the card, while point value can be smaller and probably in a bottom corner or something. They also have a Name and Text Box. The cards won't have very much text, right now the longest card text (if you want to use it for an example) is "To play this card, you must first discard one of your cards from play. When played, you may choose a chard in play with power 2 or less. That card is discarded." Space to say a little bit more than that might be nice as there may be more complex cards in future expansions (although a new design could be made for wordier cards in the future as well).

There are two bits of additional information that could have space on the card but it wouldn't have to be much. Those are the card's Number (12/27 for example) and some sort of indicator as to how many copies of that card are in the communal deck. For example, the card whose text is mentioned above is called Evil Sorcerer, and there are 4 copies of them in the Core set deck. So maybe there could be 4 small ticks in the bottom corner of the card or something?

The art style of the game is what I can only describe as cutesy fantasy guys. Think chibi-anime but not anime. The idea isn't to make it too soft or cute, but more along the lines of playful and fun. That should be kept in mind when choosing colors, layout elements etc. As soon as I can I will upload a piece of the art.

Thanks for looking! If you're interested in this project and would like me to end this open-call type thing in exchange for making a real contract please contact me with examples of your work.
Title: Re: I just need one card template!
Post by: Copper on April 05, 2015, 04:41:09 am
Hey there! I could do a little template for you next week. :)

I could make a few designs and link them all here, so you can choose your favourite(s)! I am also willing to make some art for the pictures of the cards, if I may.

Hoping you see this,
Title: Re: I just need one card template!
Post by: Cyrus on September 02, 2015, 10:29:18 pm
I can't believe I missed this reply for so long :( I thought I would get an e-mail but apparently forgot to test that theory at all.

I would love to see if you came up with anything. Thank you!