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General Discussion Forum / Re: Gods & Minions (my lifedream)
« on: March 28, 2015, 01:15:21 AM »
It is, and if thats not your kind of beer I cannot help you with that ;-)

General Discussion Forum / Gods & Minions (my lifedream)
« on: March 27, 2015, 01:49:58 PM »
Hey guys,
I bear the risk that Trevor might delete this thread, because it is in fact a shameless plug and totally off-topic. But please, let me explain: My name is Malagar, I am a longtime member of the LackeyCCG boards and a big fan of the LackeyCCG project as well (of course). Over the past years, I participated in several CCG discussions about creating your own game and eventually started my own project (after a ton of wasted ideas): Gods & Minions.

G&M started as a collectible, customizable card game - I also posted some threads about it every now and then. At some point I even commissioned artists to paint images for the project, paid out of my own pocket. The game evolved, but never saw the light of day - as the hurdle to produce and distribute such a game is far to high for the little game designer.

After a long downtime and with the help of friends, we managed to reincarnate G&M in a free and digital form.

But, you have to do away with the CCG aspect of the game, in fact the whole card related aspect is gone (sadly, as I must admit). Instead we re-used the available art and converted the whole project into a free online browser-game that is a fantasy strategy RPG. The background world, tribes, units, skills, abilities, magicks, beasts, equipment, relics and artefacts are all the same - but the game now comes as a typical strategic browser game. These games are played directly in your webbrowser and are also referred to as click-and-wait style strategy games (like oGame, Travian, Grepolis etc.).

Of course, G&M is a hobbyist and amateur effort - so you cannot really compare it to the AAA titles out there. But, we put a LOT of effort into the project, and once it goes online there will be regular, small content updates every month with new major features introduced twice a year.

Explaining the whole project is too much for a thread like this. But in short, you take the role of a mighty Archmage and choose one of the five elements and a tribe. Then you build and upgrade a Magetower to create a mighty fortress. Research and development of Minions is also important, as you require them to levy armies in order to attack and raid your opponents Magetowers. Raiding provides you with valueable loot that you can use in return to further upgrade your own tower and armies. In the future, we plan to add a Spionage System, Heroes, Equipment, Magic Spells, Artefacts and ultra-powerful (but hard to control) Gods.

The game is playable on virtually any device - as long as it features a up-to-date webbrowser. Its also playable on phones and tablets but there is no native-app for those, so there might be unexpected errors and bugs. It is recommended to play the game on a typical home computer. You can achieve something with just 5 minutes of play per day, but of course the game will feature enough content to keep you busy for hours as well.

Gods & Minions will be free, just free. No cheesy free-to-play. We think about adding some Ads and maybe a bit of premium content later. But we are strictly against a set price, a monthly fee or pay-to-win content. Its a game made by players, for players - it is after all, my personal life dream.

We are still in the middle of development, but already have the full basic functionality coded, optimized and tested. Whats left now is adding content (and a ton of it), as well as new artworks and features while balancing the whole thing. The final release date is spring next year (2016), but there will be a beta-test far earlier as well.

Thanks for reading and I would be even more grateful if you followed us through the final month's until the game goes live!

-Malagar (G&M project leader)

PS: Special thanks to Trevor in advance for NOT deleting this thread.

Hey Mlard! :-)
PM sent.

Its good to know the old members are still active! Anybody else interested in joining the project of their live?

answer here, or even better - sent a short mail to: tobias[at]

You receive a forum invite ASAP. Then we just see how it develops...

eMail received and answered.

If you doubt that this is going somewhere, just check out the official websites:

check out the art, I would not invest so much time, work (and money) - if this was going nowhere!

hello lested,
the position is still open - im looking to add a whole bunch of people because you never know if someone drops out.

could you send me a message via mail - so that i have your contact?

(dev forum preparation takes a while, its a lot of stuff to put online)

all others: do not hesitate to contact me if you wanna join! My post was especially aimed at the old LackeyCCG community, because i already have the most friends here (and because you are a great bunch of creative minds!)

Hey Dan - You are very welcome!

Just give me a few more days - im preparing the new dev forum currently and fill it with what
we have already got, what is still required and what has to be discussed. With a (private) forum,
i dont have to instruct every team member twice.

In the meantime, maybe you can shoot me an email, to save your contact.

What i can tell you now:

Right now we have 2 projects going on, and I have the raw skeleton of both games almost
ready (this compromises the idea, theme, style, most of the artworks, templates, logos and
all the other stuff). The first one is Gods & Minions (my flagship) and the other is a light
hearted cartoon fantasy duel game names Realm of Legends (ROFL). its about battling
hero parties like PvP in an MMO (although im not a big MMO fan).

What we need for both projects are completely new, fresh and balanced rules cores:
(this is especially important to G&M)

Im already into my third iteration of the G&M rules, and im still not quite happy with it. The
art (+background) is so epic, we just need a better set of rules. Right now its just a lame
MTG/Duelmasters version in army form. We need to change that to make the game play
as epic as the art looks. I already have a few ideas, all details will go into the forum. Most
important is that its not becoming too complex: it should be easy to learn but hard to master!

Just give me a few more days, I will reply to you via eMail.


CCG Design Forum / Still active? / Looking for Designer to join us!
« on: March 26, 2014, 04:34:02 AM »
Hey guys,
Its good old Malagar again. Is someone still active on this forum?

Im looking for one or two reliable game designers to join our team!

We are a group of hobbyist developers (maybe you have seen my templates/concepts in the past already) from all around the globe, working on a bunch of CCG-esque games that feature professional artwork, templates and rules. I consider myself the project leader of our group, as I cover all expenses for artwork, web hosting and more. Over the last 2,5 years, i was able to shell out some money from my day job in order to hire artists, acquire domains and setup websites and blogging systems for our projects.

1manstudio (the name of our small team) is well stocked with artworks, artists, templates, technology, layout programs and people who can use them.

What we are looking for are one-two additional CCG/board-game designers to join our team on an unpaid basis. You need to be full of ideas, reliable, grown up in speech and style as well as willing to "work" (play/create fits better) along with on our ideas - on a completely free and unpaid basis. This is because we are not making money from our projects yet and I for myself am already at my very limits paying for art and web hosting all alone.

ATM we are working on 2-3 different projects, with a possibly maximum of 5. As we are all hobbyists, there is no schedule. Most urgent are new mechanic ideas, card ideas, card themes, play testing and balancing. Again: We cannot offer payment for your efforts, at a later stage we could talk about royalties if one of our games reaches a considerable amount of sales. But this is not a guarantee - first I have to recover from the expenses Im making by propelling this project via my personal income.

This is a hobby project someone would dedicate himself to out of passion, and not for making money. If you are looking to make a living, go and get a job instead. What we can offer you is being part of a group of enthusiast who love creating games. And we offer a more professional approach than many others in form of pro artworks, templates and representation. This is in my opinion quite close to what every game designers considers to be his dream - but this dream is not about earning money. Its about having fun creating something that will be both fun and looking cool!

If you are interested, feel free to contact me here - via eMail, the contact form on our website or via Facebook.

Thanks a lot!



CCG Design Forum / Re: Almost there...
« on: November 21, 2013, 02:06:14 AM »

CCG Design Forum / Re: Almost there...
« on: November 20, 2013, 01:00:48 AM »

Already made the text and title box more white, the title is now a bit smaller too

removed the bottom decoration from the text box, but the insignia in the middle remains

the skulls mark the rank of the unit, its not a very important stat - but its required

i'll post another image soon - also showing other template variants (there will be a template for each tribe in the game)

CCG Design Forum / Re: Almost there...
« on: November 11, 2013, 12:37:02 PM »
attached you find one more template that should make border and cutting edges a little bit more clear

1. the outer (fat) border shows the actual CUTTING line of the card (anything beyond that gets cut off)
2. the inner (slim) border shows the actual CONTENT of the card (anything beyond that is treated like a border)

3. this template is somewhat borderless, so there is no black/white border like in M:TG, instead the background textures extend to the very edges of the card. this has been done in several games already.

CCG Design Forum / Re: Combination of Units and Spells into one cards
« on: November 11, 2013, 08:31:54 AM »
I did exactly that in one of my designs - and I think you guys probably miserunderstood what was said:

play a card EITHER as a creature OR as a spell. no "enters play" or "leaves play" mechanic.

its about getting rid of spell cards and instead incorporating spells into creature cards by providing a second textbox.

Well, but I tossed the idea due to space constrains on cards. Another thing is that a single card must not become too complex or the game turns into a big mess. card games should feature many cards with limited text on a single card (IMHO).

CCG Design Forum / Re: Almost there...
« on: November 11, 2013, 08:29:02 AM »
Thanks again Trevor, im already working on this - soon I will show you another set of templates with different background colors.

The size of the card is directly from the printing company, i dont know why M:TG cards that you find in the net feature a different ratio compared to my card (my company wants me to do templates 2,75" by 3,75" then they will be cut to the original 2,5" by 3,5"). well, i took the screenshot out of photoshop so maybe i did not catch the whole card.

shrinking on a pixel base looks more awkward compared to a 300 dpi print. i dont think it will be that hard to read.

but - taking your advice, im already doing some changes:

1. increased brightness of all textboxes a lot
2. removed the bottom border from the bottom textbox, just the single insignia remains
3. removed some drop shadows that grow too far into the textboxes
4. changed font size of the title (maybe i'll change the font type too)

regarding the icons ... i dont know yet ... my artist prefers real painted icons over iconic ones. we have a set of vector icons too. but the icons on the card are big enough to look good when using painted icons. i would agree if the icons where be as small as M:TG mana symbols, but they are at least 2x if not 3x the size.

Trevor, that LOTR template also uses "painted" icons instead of monochrome ones. Are they hard to read? Okay they are much bigger... I really have to think about this issue (my artist refuses to do monochrome icons)

please keep em coming - this helps us a lot!

CCG Design Forum / Re: Almost there...
« on: November 11, 2013, 12:19:35 AM »
thanks for your feedback guys!

yes the title font needs to be changed, also note that the "g" in knight cannot be read because the skulls are in the way

regarding the color, the dwarves are a "earth" faction - so the template is quite dark

regarding size:

this template was designed to fit a printing company - not lackey. it uses the typical 2,5" by 3,5" size including offset, bleed and cutting borders

finally: the cards are borderless, there will be no black border around the cards - this has been done in several card games already

CCG Design Forum / Almost there...
« on: November 10, 2013, 01:34:09 PM »
Greetings trusted LackeyCCG Community,
this is Malagar - your faithful template designer and game creator. Consider this as some kind of "keep alive post" and sneak peek for all Lackey Insiders around.

My main project Gods & Minions is still alive. We are currently re-designing most of the core rules and take many concepts back to the drawing board. Meanwhile, the artwork and card databases are growing day by day - making this revised version of Gods & Minions the biggest and boldest incarnation possible!

For all Newbies: Gods & Minions is a customizable, non-collectible card game that will be available in the future for print and play as well as a real product. Its about rivaling tribes that battle each other in a dark fantasy world using simple but strategical game mechanics to simulate skirmish warfare using cards instead of miniatures.

Comments welcome, we are still working on the the template…

CCG Design Forum / Re: Idea for a Wargame using Cards
« on: June 25, 2013, 01:15:55 AM »
Im already working on something like this, the only thing we decided to remove is inch/cm/tile based movement. Instead we divided the battlefiled into zones. Its a lenghty process, but the project is still active. It also includes high-quality pro art:

PS: Im thinking about creating multiply games out of the artwork library. So there would be a core background world and art stock. Then there could be Game Variant a.) that uses no inch-measure, Variant b.) that plays like a regular wargame and so on.....

Besides that, Im a 20+ years wargame veteran myself. well, i have to say: love the idea! It has not been seen often, but it has already been done. Checkout battlegrounds: fantasy warfare for example:


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