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if you get me the scans for say Thunderstone or w/e .. I could make the plugin for you and then all you would need to do is maintain it.

[size=24]Android : Netrunner[/size]
[size=18]LackeyCCG - Version 1[/size]

Well, the iPad version of lackeyCCG is out! Woot-a-loot-a-lot! So thought I would do an update to the ANR plugin.

Just some notes. I'm pretty busy and do not update this plugin every often, probably about once every 6 months or so.

For that reason I have removed the uncensored cards completely form the plug and will now only be adding cards after the "lag time" from FFG is complete. That is 6 months of release in the real world before they get to my plugin. So a Pack Released in August will not be added until it is legal to be added uncensored, which would be September. Or around there. This gives the cards a full 6 months in the stores before they get to LackeyCCG.

If you are after bleeding edge releases, please use OCTGN, or lackeyCCG is very easy to edit on your own!
I do not own a iPad, so if you have problems with that best to ask on LackeyCCG forum, if you need me to change the plugin just post here and I will see!
[size=9]Copy this link into plugin downloader to install[/size]
[size=18]LackeyCCG - Version: 1[/size]
[size=9]If you are having problems, try removing the plugin folder completely.
Then installing again.[/size]

CHANGED: Compatibility with iPad for Card Flipping
CHANGED: Shortened all button names to save screen space on iPad
ADDED: Honour and Profit
UNCENCORED: All cards to Honour and Profit

For the record here is how it works
1) CTRL+CLICK the card to trun it over while it is still in your hand. Then drag to the discard pile.
2) the command "send x to" will not work, it will always send them face up and will even unhide anything in there.
3) If you use the "reveal x to owner" command, if you ctrl+click to flip the card in the popup window and then drag it to the discard, it will work fine.

Here is how you can also do it now (both methods work, just decide if you want to have a separate discard pile for corpo. This is the method used in the OCTGN plugin)

1) There is a new discard pile called "hidden discard"
2) You can safly drag into this new deck zone and it will never output to chat there is no need to flip.
3) "send x to" command works
4) "reveal x to owner" pop up send commands work (you do not need to flip the card and manually drag.

you can shorten it to Y+1 instead of Yellow+1 and if a button isn't used often, you can just remove it from appearing below the table, in which case people could right click the card (or the table if it's a general function).

Yeah, I was just wondering if the iPad users find it easier to right click on the card or use a button like it is. I think I'll do the shortening like you said first see hoe people react.

Also, indigo isn't spelled with an e.
Hey! Don't repress me :)

So I got sent a image from the iPad version....

As you can see there is a lot of room taken up with buttons, that are accessible from the right click menu on the cards, or the keybindings on computer.

Would you guys like me to remove a ton of those buttons.. all those +1 / -1  Token buttons?

Lord of the Ring: The Card Game
- LackeyCCG Plugin Version 7 -
So LackeyCCG is finally out for iPad!! Woot-a-loot-a-lot. You can now use lackeyCCG to play on Mac,PC, Linux and iPad, iPhone vs any users on any of the other platforms!

Just a note, I do not own a iPad (android forever, *******!) So if you are having problems with the iPad version the place to ask is the LackeyCCG forums.

I have been meaning to update all my plugins so expect some updates to Star Wars LCG, Death Angel and Android Netrunner.

Also, DropBox should work fine now, there was a problem for a while, where the plugin wouldn't download, that should be fixed. Still, it is a good idea to run the plugin updater as soon as you have installed it as occasionally 1 or 2 files will error in the initial download.

For Detailed Install Instructions see the bottom of the Post... for the rest... here is the Plugin Link!.. just copy the link (right click copy url) and paste it into the LackeyCCG plugin installer.

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (LCG) - LackeyCCG Plugin Version 7

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH


- Dropbox now works again! Plugin should install!
- The iPad context menu should now show a "FLIP" card function.
- Missing ReadMe.txt file that is causing problems on iPad version
- Phase 4 sound file is now fixed!


- The Voice of Isengard
- Nightmare: Mirwood 1/6 - The Hunt for Gollum
- Nightmare: Mirwood 2/6 - Conflict at the Carrock
- Nightmare: Mirwood 3/6 - A Journey to Rhosgobel
- Nightmare: Mirwood 4/6 - The Hills of Emyn Muil
- Nightmare: Mirwood 5/6 - The Dead Marshes
- Nightmare: Mirwood 6/6 - Return to Mirkwood

- Some buttons to automatically peak at your deck. 3 Buttons to peak at 1,3,5
- Some buttons to automatically scry encounter deck 1. 3 Buttons to peak at 1,2,3

KeyBoard Functions

You can set your own keyboard functions to anything you wish, by clicking PREFERENCES button and then clicking KEYBINDINGS. These are just what I use. Feel free to change ANY button but the F!! and the F12.. if you change these you will break some of the scripting functions. Remember you can always update form the url at any time to reset everything to defaults.

Keybindings in Lackey are pervasive across the application, so if you use "t" for take control, then every time you type "t" in the chat window it will trigger the hotkey. So I am using SHIFT+T and CTRL+T to turn On and Off tokens. There is a bug in LackeyCCG at the moment that makes windows systems beep if you use ALT+t.... so for now it is SHIFT+T.. but will go back to ALT once the bug is fixed.

CRT+LEFT CLICK = Flip a Card
HOLD SHIFT + MOUSE OVER (Peak at the other side of the card without flipping it)

F1 = Refresh ALL
F2 = Draw Card

] = Next Phase (auto save each advanced phase)
[ = Last Phase
F4 = Advance Turn

F3 = Draw Quest Card
F5 = Draw Encounter Card
F6 = Draw Shadow Card
F7 = Draw 2nd Encounter Card
F8 = Draw 2nd Shadow Card

F12 = Empty Hand - This moves the top card of your hand to the top of your draw deck. (do not change this keybinding!!)

SHIFT+T = Take Control of Card

SHIFT+Q / CRT+Q = Resource Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+W / CRT+W = Wound Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+E / CRT+E = Quest Token (Add / Remove)

SHIFT+A / CRT+A = Yellow Generic Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+S / CRT+S = Red Generic Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+D / CRT+D = Purple Generic Token (Add / Remove)

SHIFT+Z / CRT+Z = Blue Generic Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+X / CRT+X = Cross Generic Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+C / CRT+C = Green Generic Token (Add / Remove)

CTRL+1 = Toggle Draw Mode ON / OFF
CTRL+2 = Clear Drawn Markings

SHIFT+R = Roll 6 sided Dice
SHIFT+F = Flip Coin

For the record I change the hotkeys so they do not use the SHIFT modifiers, as I always use a voice communication and never use the chat window anyway.

There is are some helpful BUTTONS near the chat window.

SAVE - Save the current state of the game
LOAD - Load saved game
DRAW 6 - Shuffle your deck, then draw 6 Cards, then announce in chat you are drawing your star hand
Mulligan - Announce a Mulligan, then discard hand, shuffle deck, draw 6 cards
Choose - Picks a random player as 1st player
Scry # - Peak at the top cards of encounter deck 1
Peak # - Peak at the top cards of your player deck

Refresh - This is hotkeyed for Mac and Pc users to F1 by default, but iPad users... use this button to refresh. It will also raise your threat +1 and draw a new card in a single action.

Useful Console Commands

Remember lackeyCCG has a huge list of console commands to let you do awesome stuff... see the full list at! Though here are some real useful ones!

/save NameYouChoose (Save the current game, includes all decks)
/load NameYouChoose (Load a save game)
/senddeck # (This command will send you deck to the other player and download it directly to their deck folder, replace the # with their seat number.. so if their name is 3rd in the list it would be "/senddeck 3"

Detailed Set up Instructions

After download and install the application, Click the PLUGIN tab at the top of the screen.

Now copy this link: Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (LCG) - LackeyCCG Plugin Version 7

Use "right click / copy link" to do this.

Back in lackey click the "Paste Auto Update URL" and it will be pasted in.. then click the INSTALL BUTTON.

That is it.. the plug in will now work!! All you need to do is tweak a few things to get the most out of it...

Optional Tweaks After Install

Make sure you go into preferences / player profile and set up your server user name and choose a avatar. Otherwise you can not play multiplayer

In Appearence, UNTICK "Mark Card Viewer Image Pop Out on Mouse Over"

In Performance set it to HIGH!

In Miscellaneous set the tick boxes to this image!

well that it is.. hope you have fun guys!

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH

Can not wait for this! Apple has some strict rules about apps that acess the file system, so I hope in fact gets to run!

Also with the new Dice Roller incoming and the lock functions boardgames might become a legit lackey plugin!

I'm still waiting for the android version :P

ditto... amazes me people use mac products. :)

just out of curiosity.. isn't that game free to play? Why make a plugin?

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Plugin Upload
« on: July 23, 2014, 10:35:13 PM »
no luck... I've made a post on reddit in /r/cloud maybe a site with that kind of user count might have a answer. Otherwise you will need to just do the file list your self, one ofr each image :(

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Plugin Upload
« on: July 23, 2014, 09:48:06 PM »
I'm testing other options now .... is good.. gives direct links.. but obfuscates the directories... while you could use it to host a things in a website or w/e... you would need to list every card image manually. is no good.. same as dropbox.. apparently it has a public URL but you also have to pay for it.

About to test ozibox.. hope it works as it gives you 100GB free!

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Plugin Upload
« on: July 23, 2014, 09:23:38 PM »
Unfortunately, there's another problem... According to Dropbox, 'Currently only Pro and Dropbox for Business users can enable Public folders, so you may have to upgrade first.'. That means I can't use a public folder. Is there a way around this, or do I need to find something other than dropbox?

hmm I need to read closer... Um.. I do not know.. I guess it will not work then with drop box. I didn't do anything.. maybe older accounts didn't get changed?

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Plugin Upload
« on: July 23, 2014, 09:19:15 PM »
I do not know what to tell you.. it works. It is that simple.. it just works.. There is nothing "fancy" you need to do.. you just right click on the link and select copy drop box link.. end of story..

All my plugins are hosted this way and there is no problem.

right click and copy the link... you get something like this

Code: [Select]
A card in the directory down has this link

Code: [Select]
The link for the card url is this... (in this case)

Code: [Select]
I do not know what to say. it works.. it works perfectly.

Just remember, like I said a few times...  that the windows version of lackey has a bug in it at the mo so it can not access https:// but this is getting fixed asap.. so it WILL NOT work on windows at this time

Also, as I said before the files need to be inside the PUBLIC folder.

Bug Report Forum / Re: Update for https?
« on: July 23, 2014, 09:13:37 PM »
thanks trevor your a star... remember i can do the tutorials for you if you like I have experience in that.

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Plugin Upload
« on: July 23, 2014, 12:22:38 AM »
Pity you didn't PM me so I could get the extra space :( I ask so little and give so much hehehe

- How do I get a direct link? Like this doesn't seem like a direct link:

Put the files in the PUBLIC folder. Then in a sub dir... rightclick copy dropbox link should do it

- Are links the same if I change a file? It could be frustrating to have to update the updatelist every time I change a single file.

the links do not change, but everytime you change a file you need to update the version file and the update text file. That file stores all the needed files that are not cards or tokens or w/e that the game uses. It also stores a checksum for those files. Anytime you make any changes you update the update file to store the new correct checksums. The version file is check when the plugin loads and if it is a newer date than then one they have it will auto trigger an update dialogue.

- Do all files within the same folder have the same starting link? For purposes of CardGeneralURLs. I noticed when playing around that the updatelist and the version text files started differently (For example, - it starts with pt808 instead of fk8kg even though they're in the same dropbox folder).

Yes they do. Typicly for my plugins I have a root dir in public called Lackey, then I have the plugin dir. Then in that dir I have every file needed for the plugin. I have a dir in that for the skin, and a dir that I dump in ALL the cards. That card directory is referenced only in the update text and works fine..

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Plugin Upload
« on: July 22, 2014, 08:00:49 PM »
dropbox is the way to go, tervor is doing a hot fix, as the windows support for dropbox only just broke a week or so ago. I still recommend this as the best zero cost solution.

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