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As the app is no longer being developed I think this is the death nail : (

We need a :unzip: function or something.. so we can host a single file containing the entire plugin. Or linking to a series of files.

It is said that Trevor hasn't dropped us a line in a long time, would have been nice to at least have him say goodbye or maybe share the code with others so we could continue.

Also I took a quick peek at GoogleDrive and you can get the direct download link for a file by replacing "/file/d/" with "/uc?export=download&id=", and removing "/view?usp=sharing" from the end.


PC LackeyCCG can download card image files just fine using it, I tried it.

Yeah, like I said in the OP, you can do this.. problem is that the directory function (as far as I know) dose not work.. so you need to put EVERY SINGLE card in the update URL and do that fix you are talking about for literally 1000s of files. In my case with all those plugins we are talkins over 15,000 files.

CoC, LoTR-LCG, DUNE, DEATH ANGEL, ANR, SPYCRAFT, X-FILES and MIDDLE EARTH lackeyccg plugins will all stop working sometime in march as DropBox is discontinuing the "public folder service".
I do not know what to do about this. I can not afford a online file server. There is the option of using "direct links" to OneDrive, GoogleDrive and the "new" Dropbox.. but sharing each file individually and getting the hack for the direct link for 1000s of files will be a LOT of work.
Anyone Lackey Devs.. "how are you hosting your files?"
I am thinking of hosting the plugins as RAR files you just download and unarchive into the correct folder. (no idea how the file system works on iPad). Do you guys think that would be ok>

I'm getting a lot of people telling me that LackeyCCG no longer works on the latest MacOS... as in the app itself will not run. I use Windows so I can not confirm or deny. but thought you guys should know.

(Assuming this app is not actually dead nowadays)

General Discussion Forum / Re: Where are the people?
« on: November 14, 2016, 05:27:32 PM »
There are a number of good applications for "virtual desktops" but only two that I know if which are specifically designed for Card Games and there are a lot of pro and con arguments for both apps.

LackeyCCG and OCTGN are the two big card game apps that I know of.

OCTGN has a cleaner more "modern" interface and a number of online systems that really help it. It is most hampered by the fact that it is PC only, but I hear he is working on a Mac port. LackeyCCG on the other hand is more clunky, though imo once you get into it that is not a problem, but it is a barrier to some younger players BUT lackey plays on Mac, PC, Linux and iPad and the server system means you can play with people using any platform. Pretty cool. It also has things like save sates and the like, which OCTGN dose not have. OCTGN also tries to get you to pay a subscription fee. It is not compulsory but unlocks a ton of cool features the best of witch is a card image manager to "drop in images" into the deck builder. Also OCTGN has some advanced scripting features so many of the large plugins "understand" they game rules to a extent. Personally I dislike this kind of thing and like the game to function like a card game in real life. It also has a custom card template system so plugin guys can add cards with out scans and users can still play.

There is also TableTopSimulator on steam. Vassal and Battlegrounds. These are more focused on boardgames though.

As far as I know there is not a lot of other options.

General Discussion Forum / Re: So... is lackeyCCG dead?
« on: November 14, 2016, 05:19:00 PM »
The application is very functional...

General Discussion Forum / Re: So... is lackeyCCG dead?
« on: November 14, 2016, 12:24:17 AM »
Yeah I figured as much.

I think Trev should run a kickstarter and try and raise some money and make LackeyCCG - 2nd Edition or something : )

General Discussion Forum / So... is lackeyCCG dead?
« on: November 12, 2016, 10:15:19 PM »
Last update was in 2014 or something.... just wondering if there is any movement on this project.. or if real life has taken Trevor away?

I know it wouldn't help the time problem, but Trev should run a kickstarter or a go-fundme or something to get a little help on this.

I know you can set lackey to download a rules or faq pdf to the users local drive using update file... but if there a way to load a pdf from inside lackey? Maybe a command you can type that will open the pdf in what ever you have associated with the file on your given platform. like /read rules or something like that?

finally found a guy to take over this plugin. Expect a major update to bring this plugin back, and the possibility of regular updates as well as a PC pad and phone versions.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Lackey's last update was in 2014!
« on: August 27, 2016, 07:08:31 PM »
I've been really busy with my baby. I'll post an update when I get some time.

Still extremely keen to add a proper VISUAL DICE system to lackey.. This will open up 100s of games and boardgames..

Way I see it is that you have a different image for each face.. drag it out from the token area of lackey. Double click on it on the table to cycle through the faces and randomly pick on. Add a sound trigger and your golden. Multi-select, double click on any and they all roll.

Games waiting for this I would like to build is Pathfinder TCG, Warhammer Quest TCG, Lord of the Rings, Shadow of Brimstone, Myth, Descent... etc etc... and was planning to do Mage Knight but the Vassal plugin is so comprehensive now.

Anyway I think a VISUAL DICE system is the most needed feature in Lackey.

wasn't there a way to print custom txt from a die roll? So instead of the tet printing :4: it prints "blue mana" or something? That could be a easy fix until the dice function gets added.

Is there a way to macro a dice roll to spawn a card?

Bug Report Forum / Re: Dropbox support is broken again somehow :(
« on: October 27, 2015, 09:00:43 AM »
got a mail from dropbox saying it has finished upgrading everything...and lackeyccg seams to be working again... ?

Bug Report Forum / Dropbox support is broken again somehow :(
« on: October 25, 2015, 12:23:57 PM »
Looks like DropBox is broken again... (was working like a week ago)

This link works...

Even in app if you paste it into the download URL it will "find it"... but no longer will it actually download files or images or anything.

Not sure why...

Any ideas?

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