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You do not like the backgrnd it comes with?

If someone gets me the cad scans I'll make the plugin.

echo echo echo :)


ANR for LackeyCCG - Version 0.3 Beta

FIXED: Got the card sounds working
ADDED: A new deck zone for "hidden discard"

It has been reported that some people have been having trouble putting "hidden" cards into the corpo discard.

For the record here is how it works

1) CTRL+CLICK the card to trun it over while it is still in your hand. Then drag to the discard pile.
2) the command "send x to" will not work, it will always send them face up and will even unhide anything in there.
3) If you use the "reveal x to owner" command, if you ctrl+click to flip the card in the popup window and then drag it to the discard, it will work fine.

Here is how you can also do it now (both methods work, just decide if you want to have a separate discard pile for corpo. This is the method used in the OCTGN plugin)

1) There is a new discard pile called "hidden discard"
2) You can safely drag into this new deck zone and it will never output to chat there is no need to flip.
3) "send x to" command works
4) "reveal x to owner" pop up send commands work (you do not need to flip the card and manually drag.

Hi there

In ANR there is a lot of hidden information.... one of the hidden infomation is that cards go into the discard pile visible AND face down hidden. I can not seam to get this to work. If you control click and drag to the discard pile it will discard them with out printing the name in chat.. so that is good.. but if you have them face down in your pile, they are visible in the other players pile.

Is there anyway to fix this?

For now I am making 2 discard piles.. but this is a bad fix as some recursion cards are based on the order the cards are discarded... . and having the two piles (one visible to all, one visible to owner) dose not preserve the order.

Basically this makes the ANR game unplayable  in lackey :(

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Android : Netrunner
« on: March 09, 2014, 12:25:07 AM »
ANR for LackeyCCG - Version 0.2 Beta

ADDED: 2 Buttons to add and subtract clicks in a easier fashion.
ADDED: A new counter to be used as "Recurring Credits"
ADDED: Found out LackeyCCG dose in fact have some very minimal scripting. So added some card function, like spawning servers or credits.
ADDED: Sounds for placing cards. You can turn off sounds in preferences.
ADDED: A New voice button for "error" when you or your opponent makes a mistake and you want to stop them.
ADDED: A new button to spawn a new server

CHANGED: Some typos fixed in the card list (thanks to JoelCFC25 @BGG for helping me with this.
CHANGED: Made the Tag Counter Green and the BadPub counter Blue to closer match the colours of the counters in the real game. (At JoelCFC25 @BGG request)
CHANGED: Hot keys and buttons are all slightly shifted due to some new things that where added.
CHANGED: Moved the tokens around slightly on the cards so the new "Recurring" icons can be placed.
CHANGED: Player Stats start with 3 clicks.

Sounds still do not work.. I can not seam to work out why !

Hi there...

I had the ANR plugin all working with sounds and all but suddenly it stopped working and I can not see why or fix it!

here is my sound file list thing.. "ListOfCardSoundFiles.txt"

Code: [Select]




But no sounds of any sort play. I have the audio files in the sounds dir of the plugin directory??

I just can not work out what is going on!!


What about peaking at the "shared" deck zones... not just your own player zones?

I tired "/vs1at3" but it didn't work "(

yes this seams to be a error in my data entry! Whoops.. sorry.

So I have been playing with the "ListOfCardSoundFiles.txt" as well as scripting and noticed a problem

When you wish to place a card on the table face down, at the moment the only way to do this is to ctrl+click the card while it is in your hand and then drag it to the table. (See my other thread here!) If you use scripts to turn the card face down as you play it the card name is printed into the chat window. When you do ctrl+click this doesn't happen.

BUT... It also stops all scripts and/or sounds playing when you play the card!

What we really need is a way to suppress the chat window printing the card name as a script function. So you could play a card normally have the card name not show in the text window, but also run any scripts / sounds you like.

Hi there... still playing with scripts... found what looks to be a bug...

I have card that comes in with 5 credits and 2 recurring credits.... so 2 different counters.

This doesn't work.
Code: [Select]
<s><a>y</a><l>Initialize counters</l><f>/ccyellow=2;/ccwhite=5;/spawn Server Zone HQ;/spawn Server Zone R&D;/spawn Server Zone Archive</f></s>
This code works!
Code: [Select]
<s><a>y</a><l>Initialize counters</l><f>/cardfunction 8;/cardfunction 8;/ccwhite=5;/spawn Server Zone HQ;/spawn Server Zone R&D;/spawn Server Zone Archive</f></s>
In the above case cardfunction 8 is +1 yellow counter.

Basically what is happening is that if you use the /cccolour=x command more than once, only the first command is activated. So in my first poasted code IU get 2 yellow and no white.. if I used this code...
Code: [Select]
<s><a>y</a><l>Initialize counters</l><f>/ccwhite=5;/ccyellow=2;/spawn Server Zone HQ;/spawn Server Zone R&D;/spawn Server Zone Archive</f></s>
I would get 5 white and no yellow.

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Black Token Showing as CROSS?
« on: March 06, 2014, 08:27:12 PM »
Black Token is always showing as CROSS?.. this is the same cross image "ex.png" that is used to draw "X Marks" on the table.... is there anyway to change what the "black" counter looks like? As I would like ot have all 9 counters available?

or is there a way to add completely new counters, beyond the 6 default ones?

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Android : Netrunner
« on: March 06, 2014, 01:33:06 PM »
this one work in lackey

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