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As I stated in a previous post, I solved the linux problem by typing  "winetricks vcrun2008" in a terminal.
I don't know if this solves the same problem.


The main thing I fixed in this was an issue that caused the previous version to not launch on windows and linux. That should now be fixed. Let me know if anyone still is not able to launch Lackey.

Linux users may need to do an additional step. I' not sure if it's required and I welcome feedback either way. Linux users, if Lackey still does not launch, you can try 2 different things.
1. In Terminal, navigate to the lackey exe and launch it by typing "wine LackeyCCG.exe".
2. In Terminal type "winetricks vcrun2008" and it will run an installer. Once the installer is done, Lackey should run.

I just wanted to report that I installed everything again in 2 computers and in both I had to run "winetricks vcrun2008" in order for Lackey to work in Linux.

Bug Report Forum / Re: New scripting in the next Lackey
« on: September 17, 2012, 06:03:16 PM »
Great news. I can suggest throwing dices (and coins). Like R62 (rolling 2 six-sided dices).
The downfall I found is that plugin makers need to be careful here, because depending on the game and card, sometimes actions can be taken BEFORE those dices are rolled.

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: [JOB] Plugin Creation
« on: April 20, 2012, 09:53:33 PM »
Trevor, by far the best man for the job imo. The only one who can change the program to his needs as well!

General Discussion Forum / Re: Translation for Lackey it self?
« on: March 16, 2012, 09:28:37 PM »
Just something quick. I have thought of doing some kind of "replacement", where in a text file we can put something like "main menu=menu principal", and Lackey looks for these key names and replaces them. I think that it is also possible to replace the log with this, at least in some languages. I can deep in this matter. This week I started working/college so I was really absent

General Discussion Forum / Re: Translation for Lackey it self?
« on: March 12, 2012, 06:35:51 PM »
If this were to be possible, I may translate it in spanish, or help to do it.

It would be good if someone else can discuss in this matter. From my point of view, chat size can be tab independent. That way, for instance, I would hide the chat log as I don't need it when Deck Building. And that may also be Trevor's point. The minority of people or cases I guess that would need a chat bar when deck building.

I mostly agree with Trevor.

I prefer not to have chat available at all times, at least on the deck editor. And if it is necessary for some players, maybe having that bar hidden by default, and to be able to make it appear. Also it doesn't have to be the same size as the chat bar when ingame. Anyway, I wouldn't make it appear but maybe someone will?

I also wouldn't like to see player stats at all times when not ingame, why should I?

I don't like the two huge buttons for game and deck editor. This is because of the space they use. The card preview will look considerably smaller, and it takes space for anything else, when these buttons are not needed when ingame.

Considering tabs proposal, I will remain neutral.

I like that I see no scroll bars in innuendo's proposal. That can save some space, let us see bigger card images and make interface less complicated. But these bars should appear when they are needed.

That is all I have to say for now.

You can put a label in a canned message by putting it at the start within exclamation points.
Like !Roll!/roll
Great! This was nowhere in the tutorials. In the forum I haven't found it either. It is good to know.

Quote from: Trevor
I can add control+delete if that's something people would expect. I don't think it would interfere with anything, and it would be pretty easy to implement.
It can be very nice to be able to use CTRL, but when you do it interferes with assigned hotkeys. If you were to have a CTRL+Backspace command, then inputting this in the deck editor will also trigger the command on the game tab.

Quote from: innuendo
I've never in my life seen or used ctrl+del (2 pence)

I don't know how many people uses this, but it is very useful. Holding CTRL you can move between words (characters like ></? also count as word separators) with the left and right arrow keys. Up and down arrows keys are used to move between paragraphs, though this doesn't work in some cases for example inputting text in a browser. Then you can use CTRL+backspace or CTRL+delete to erase full words.
Note: you can also hold SHIFT so as to select the words while holding CTRL.

I really think submenus are more annoying than helpful. I just think they can be annoying to navigate.

What about then creating more menus? In this moment there are 5 "tabs" in the upper screen (one is the the main menu but let's count it as a tab).
These can be changed so if someone places the mouse over it, then some options appear. If we just click the tab, it will be selected (as it is now). In order not to create confusion, when someone places the mouse over a tab, an option will appear under it with something like an arrow pointing down. if we click or place the mouse over it, then the options will appear. I'm just giving you an idea. If you believe that this can work, I can elaborate more on this matter and think of the best way to do this.

So, the options can be:

Game                            Actions                        Deck                      Server                      Preferences
  New                              Clear Log                     Load Recent            Diconnect                 Fullscreen [ x ]
  Host                              Clear Table                  Load...       
  Join                               Hidden mode [ x ]         Edit
  Add seat                         Take Screenshot
  Remove seat                   Browse Screenshots
  Load AutoSave1           
  Load AutoSave2

This is just to give an idea. For example the options inside "Actions" can be inside "Game" if it is wanted to have less tabs.

Quote from: Trevor
And if you want to, you CAN change the filters to all the same value.

Oh, I wasn't aware of this! This was the thing I was asking for, to have a pull down menu for each filter. What I now think that may be good is to be able to select the pull down menu if it is inactive, and doing so activating it. It just saves one click if you wish to turn a filter on and change some of its value.

Quote from: Trevor
I don't think different colors would help. I think that's more confusing than a uniform setting. It is also an aesthetic nightmare. People can already define labels for functions. I think adding a separate label part of the interface would be more likely to complicate things than to elucidate.
I don't know why I didn't think of it before, but I will apply a similar collapse toggle that I have since added to the right area and table view controls area. That will hide the canned message buttons from people until they deliberately enable them.

I'm sorry but how can you assign a label to a canned message? I've tried for example /draw7 <label>Draw 7</label> and I couldn't.
Regarding colors, I mean a way to see a "Draw 7" button and be able to tell if it is a command or if it is just a message saying "Draw 7".

Quote from: Trevor
I can take another look at the default skin. This is of course a very subjective thing. I am not convinced that your skin is an improvement, but I agree that the mouse over and selected colors of some elements of the current default interface should be tweaked.
Quote from: Trevor
As far as the interface elements go, I am trying to balance a lot things. The entire interface is rendered by me. I am not using any operating system specific functions so there is a uniform appearance across all operating systems. I have tried making the interface look really slick in the past, and this looked cool on my fast computer, but some people on lesser computers really noticed a degradation in performance. I understand your criticisms and I don't disagree. I have some new ideas that I think will make things look better. I will try implementing them, and I will await additional feedback. Btw, my design was inspired by another multi-operating system independent program called KDX. ( KDX renders its own GUI.
Quote from: Trevor
Quote from: billylee174
Also it will be good as it was said before to have a help message when we place the mouse over some buttons. For example, what is "URL", "Paste"?? Yes, I know what they are, but how can a new user know, when the don't even do "anything" (no message appears if nothing is done) when the button is pressed?
That is going to be a lot of work, but I guess I will do that. Some programs (like zbrush) pop up help info when you hold down a key (like control key). Some programs just have pop ups come when you hover over an interface item long enough. I'm not sure which method is better. I think the latter is more the norm.

Thank you. It will be much appreciated, specially for new users. Regarding pop up help, hovering over an item is the norm. Using a key I don't believe that is intuitive.

Quote from: Trevor
Quote from: billylee174
And lastly, I'd like to be able to use CTRL to change between words in text boxes in the deck editor. I mean to be able to hold CTRL, press backspace and erase the word. I vastly use this but I can't in Lackey. If I try, Lackey recognizes it as a hotkey command ingame and it launches that command.
I have never used CTRL+backspace to erase a word. Is that an operating system convention of some kind? It doesn't work on mac that way. You can clear a text input field a number of ways, including some typical ways (select all + delete) and some Lackey-only ways (like right clicking text input fields).

Oh I didn't know that you can't do that in Mac. It is possible in Windows and Linux. But now I know that I can use Select all + delete (which is not as nice as just pressing CTRL+delete) and clear every text message with right click (I thought that this was only applicable to the chat box)

As I said, you can add and remove different counters at the same time with one click if you make a canned message button.

Now I understand what you mean, but unfortunately I can't use the /cN function. I have tested it in Linux and Windows, with 2 different plugins (magic and mine), using /cN and /cardfunctionN, with and without space. Does this function work? I have no problems with /fN
It's possible you aren't using it correctly. What is the exact syntax you are using?
Remember, card functions do nothing if no cards are selected.

Yes, I am selecting the cards, and these become unselected once I execute the canned message. I have used these syntax: /cN ; /CN ; /CardfuncionN ; /cardfunctionN ; /CardFunctionN. I believe that all of them with and without space (cN ; c N). I have tried different N numbers. For example I tried /c1

I have selected the cards clicking on them and selecting a group with the mouse both with and without pressing SHIFT (btw, what is this shift key for when selecting a group of cards? a red rectangle is shown instead of a yellow one). And yes, I checked that the cards were selected when entering the canned message.

As I said, you can add and remove different counters at the same time with one click if you make a canned message button.

Now I understand what you mean, but unfortunately I can't use the /cN function. I have tested it in Linux and Windows, with 2 different plugins (magic and mine), using /cN and /cardfunctionN, with and without space. Does this function work? I have no problems with /fN

Well, some ideas.

Quote from: Trevor
What specifically do you think should be "nested, broken into other tabs, or hidden altogether"?
In general, a lot of nesting makes interfaces less intuitive because things are hidden and it isn't always apparent what parent group something would belong to. For example, is loading a deck to a game in the "game" parent group or the "deck" parent group? And even if nesting things didn't have a tendency to obfuscate, it's a pain for people to be navigating menus and submenus and submenus whenever they want to do something. Especially so, if its a frequent action.

I think that it will be a good idea to arrange the main menu.
I've think of making these menus inside the main menu. As you will see I have also made some changes, like adding the "edit deck" option. I've also listed a "view" group, where it can be possible to add options to add/remove parts of the interface. These are just some ideas.

   Load AutoSave1
   Load AutoSave2
   Quit game
   Load recent
   Add Seat
   Remove Seat
   Fullscreen [ x ]
   Take Screenshot
   Browse Screenshots
   Hidden play mode [ x ]
   Clear Log
   Clear Table

[ x ] means that it's a ticked option.

Quote from: Arwym
If you don't want to nest menu options together in the main menu drop down and other areas, perhaps you could use a divider (like an horizontal line) to separate the options in groups of related options. We'd still have all those options appearing immediately, but at least the menu would become easier on the eyes, and also easier to find a particular selection.

This can also help.

Quote from: Trevor
I know the deck editor with its 20 filters is not the most elegant solution. I could have all of the filters hidden, and force people to add them one at a time, but I think rather than always adding a filter by defining every parameter every time, that it's a lot quicker to just pick the filter that already exists with all but the text entry part all ready.

What if you create a pull down menu to change each filter?. I mean to leave everything as it is, but instead of a fixed filter to change (name, set, etc), you can assign another one by clicking it. Like the pull down menu next to Open recent: (deck). But these pull down menus each having a default value, which should be the same one as the values we now currently have. So if you wish not to change the menu, you will use the filters the same way you did before. This way it will be easier for example to assign many times the same filter (and maybe we will be able to assign the same filter more than the times currently allowed, which will also be an improvement). Tell me if you wish more in-depth explanation on this matter.

Quote from: Trevor
The chat log canned message buttons I think are a little confusing to new players, and I think this is because they aren't necessarily familiar with the concept of canned message buttons. I think it would possibly help if I somehow labeled things in a better way, but I don't really know what would be an improvement.

Yes, they seem not user-friendly because they seem like commands (which they are). If we can rename these, this will help to new users eyes. I mean to assign labels to them. Plugin makers will define the default ones, but then everyone will be able to change them in the preferences as they do now. So in the preferences instead of seeing in the first box '/draw7' we can see '"Draw 7" /draw7', being "Draw 7" the optional label (if no text is included between quotation marks, then no label is included and the canned button in-game will be seen like it is now). But better than this it will be to have 2 boxes for each canned message in preferences. One to set the label, and the other one to set the command. I believe that this can help users be more comfortable with the interface as well as letting them know what the canned buttons contain so as to be able to change them. If commands are colored differently from just messages (Like "Good game") this can also help difference them.

Quote from: Trevor
I just added 2 collapse buttons for the right area and the table view controls.

Yes, they help.

Quote from: Trevor
I am always open to suggestions

Well, here are some of them. I don't like the default skin. That may be something that new users run away from. The problem with this skin I believe that is that all the buttons look the same. I mean, they are all brown and you can't easily tell what is selected. This may confuse users. But what I find is the most annoying is that some buttons are barely readable. I mean, putting the mouse over a tab makes it unreadable, inactive buttons (filters for example) are hard to read. I have been making a skin which I was thinking in sharing when it was finished. I will attach it so you can see what I mean. I'm not telling you that, for example, these are the colors to go. I just want to show the difference when all the buttons are nicely readable and with different colors (then don't have to be so different and end up in such a colorish skin).

Another thing that can be improved can be the "shape" of the buttons and everything. I mean, things can look nicer. And yes, they may spend a little more space, but it can be worth the sacrifice. Please, see these screenshots:
Why the first one is the ugliest and the last one the nicest? There are many reasons and I'm no expert at this, but I can see colors, spaces, ticks, shades, separators. I just feel less squares and rectangles in the last image. I know that doing things "nicer" can increase system usage, but may be more user-friendly. No meaning to offense at all, but Lackey may seem something like this operating system ( Yes, it may be very fast and it all enters in some MB, but I just feel that it lacks some colors, some icons, that it is all too square...
I don't mind much how Lackey looks because I know about the great things I can do with this program, but I have to admit that when I first saw Lackey I didn't like much it's interface and this is the thing that can easily make you escape and don't try a program. It is good to have a great functionality, but it is all great to be really simple to use and visually nice at the same time.

Finally, the editor can have some other improvements, like making the bottom buttons smaller, like the "+1" "+3" ones. "Selected +1" does the same as "+1", but they are named differently, which can also confuse users. Also it will be good as it was said before to have a help message when we place the mouse over some buttons. For example, what is "URL", "Paste"?? Yes, I know what they are, but how can a new user know, when the don't even do "anything" (no message appears if nothing is done) when the button is pressed?

Quote from: Arwym
Tooltips would also help if you ever decide to replace some of the text with little icons (they could be 20x20 or 15x15 pixels in size, which I think is the standard in many programs, like LibreOffice –although I am not sure of the exact size, they seem to be around that), so when the user places their cursor over the icon, they get a little piece of text, or a name, that describes its function, thus solving the issue.

Icons can also help all look nicer and easier to detect. And, as you said Trevor, in the deck editor there is space available to use.

It can also be good in the editor to have some right click functions, like adding +3.

One other thing is to be able to add or remove a card just placing the mouse over it. For example so as to be able to enter some text value, place the mouse over a card and type + to add it, and without doing anything else with the mouse erase the written and change the search value so as to keep on adding cards. Do I make myself clear here?

And lastly, I'd like to be able to use CTRL to change between words in text boxes in the deck editor. I mean to be able to hold CTRL, press backspace and erase the word. I vastly use this but I can't in Lackey. If I try, Lackey recognizes it as a hotkey command ingame and it launches that command.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]

I believe that it will be good to set the number of counters in a cardfunction. I had the problem that I tried to set 2 <kind> to a same cardfunction and I couldn't (both the same kind, or different ones), so I couldn't do 2 things with the same button. Is it possible to do this and I'm not aware how?
You can do multiple functions with a single button if you make a canned message.

As far as actual functions, its not a good idea to combine multiple functions into a single button. You still need all the individual functions, so going that road you are left with a button for all permutations, which is overwhelming. It isn't hard to click to buttons, especially if you make their buttons below the table right next to each other.

I see your point but I meant doing a button to do multiple actions (like assigning 5 counters) without the need to have a cardfunction for each action taken (assigning 1 counter). And if we need to assign multiple single card functions that won't be used, then if it's possible to hide them completely (so they won't appear anywhere, even in the menu).

I know that you wish to avoid problems at all cost, but maybe there is a game where you have to assign numbers multiple of 5, or a game (like the one I've created) that every time you do a damage to a creature, that creature looses 1 point of his resistance. So in this case it is necessary not to assign the resistance of the creature as token, or assign it and every time that it receives a damage, click on +dmg and -res.

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