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CCG Design Forum / Re: Almost there...
« on: November 18, 2013, 06:15:49 AM »
Whiten the textbox background a bit more. You don't want fancy backgrounds for the text, you will want to be able to read them on a glance.

Also, do the fancy skull icons have anything to do? I almost can't see them.

CCG Design Forum / Re: Combination of Units and Spells into one cards
« on: November 06, 2013, 05:36:00 AM »
messyness incarnate. If you wish to do something like that, take a look at magic's Evoke mechanic. (Which sacrificed the creature when played with the evoke cost.)

yeah im workin on it.

please don't reduce the layout to a "dot".

More to come, icons will be replaced, the coin on the upper left will be much cooler. My artist is adding lots of tiny tidbits ATM.

Rules and balancing will also change more in the future.

This will be a full-blown miniature wargame played with card.

But I meant the dot before the text in the text box. Either use dot for all rule texts, or don't use any dots. Be consistent.

Complaints about templates still stand (see earlier post)

Why does the locations have dots before keywords.

Use icons before trait words in text. Makes it more clear on those "Gains +1(M) melee unitl end of turn,"

L5R solves that issue by having a deck with seperate from the deck with attachments.

A good idea would be having the relic cards already in play, but need to be 'unearthed'  by either fulfilling some condition or by spending gold. (An example would be that all relics start in play on locations and a hero need to move there and exhaust in order to pick it up.  In the same way, relics from slain heroes will lay on locations where the hero has been slain. Enemies can't pick up your relics)

I find it annoying that cards with a strategy rating of a certain type of 0. (Maybe with reducing effects) may not participate in a battle with that rating. So I would suggest changing it to.

"Only cards with a [type] strategy rating can attack during the [type] phase."

Not tested yet, but as far as the rules look, it seems having a lot of armor puts you at a great advantage, no matter the attack ratings. I hope there will never be a card with more than 2 armor.

I would suggest moving rank up to the title line, and moving armor above movement and under the attack types. Doing this would place all nescessary combat stats together so they could be seen in a single glance. Rank is off less importance for combat, and would thus be better by moving it to top.

1. adding a home card to the reserve zone of every player. attacking of reserves is unlocked if you control 2 terrains, destroying the home card wins the game.
I am for it, the home card could contain a reference to your faction and turn structure, but is otherwise generic. It shouldn't be able to be attacked, mostly because you want it to remain terrain control game. (Which I like. Also, the home attacking could allow serious griefing.)
2. putting all cards in the same deck. but i am against it. personally i hate multiply decks in CCGs. but the terrain deck is removed after game start and the god deck is not really a deck - more of a sideboard. i explain the gods later in detail.
Well, the terrain is set up at start, so nobody should care about that. Don't know of the gods, but I think it's smart to keep them apart. Also, there are only 6 cards, so nobody should care much.
3. health tracking. well im for it. i dont care the additional book-keeping. This is a wargame after all!
Bleed them dry! Only matters on heroes or high-ranked guys. Keep the hp tracking.
4. adding additional victory conditions or adding victory points to allow more types of victory (im against, i like the refreshing and simple terrain control approach).
Fan of victory points, but they don't work in your approach yet. If you want them, you should have each terrain generate X victory points each turn for the player that controls it.

Additional victory conditions should only be done on cards. Make them sparse and meaningful.

Thats all for now.

I like my card stats collected in a single place, or at least close to each other, not all over the place.

I will read the rules later, and comment on it.

I would prefer to be able to have minions attack/defend without a hero present. This is because your first hero is destroyed and you can't get new ones, you are devoid of winning.

CCG Design Forum / Re: Icons, Keywords or Text
« on: January 14, 2013, 03:06:37 AM »
Attributes should have icons. (health, strength, defense, etc.) While keywords often shouldn't. Unless you make a very conceiving argument to make a keyword an icon, don't do it. Same goes for making keywords themselves. If you make a keyword, you should use it often, not put it on 5 cards and then abandon it.

oh, and make sure you avoid fluffy cacti. ;) They are sneaky bastards.

CCG Design Forum / Re: Icons, Keywords or Text
« on: January 11, 2013, 10:41:55 AM »
In general, keywords are good if the keyword is overused. For example, magic has fear. For a long time, this ability has popped up a lot, but eventually the keyworded it.

The biggest advantage of keyword is opening space on a card, secondary, you can refer to keywords. There are many cards that refer to flying creatures, and those that don't fly. Flying is thus a great example of keywords done right, as it still allows interaction.

Mostly, having a lot of keywords isn't an issue, as long as they all make sense on that card. However, mostly this means that the power of the card will also rise, and thus you'll need to do about something (increasing costs or drawbacks.)

Lastly, Icons often don't feel right, unless they are featured on nearly any card. For example, in your gods & minions game, you have weapon types on many cards. These would be good if they are iconized. Similary, flying could be an icon on magic cards. It pops up often enough to be something like that.

Lastly, when introducing keywords, make sure that you write them out fully on most cards in the core sets and when introducing them. That way new players will have to opportunity to learn about them.

See Living Card Games by Fantasyflight games. More info

I guess that means the card templates are put on hold? I currently have a 2-week holiday (finally!), so I can work on the templates.

Looks better imo


New version of character template. Not finished and no icons yet.

CCG Design Forum / Re: Different Victory Points
« on: December 05, 2012, 11:35:30 AM »
You are forgetting a third option, where their deck is their life and different avatars affect how they draw cards or how they "damage" (discard cards from) their opponent's deck. And when the deck runs out they lose.

I hate that option.

Go with the second option. If you are using avatars already, they are a good option.

A foruth option, is to collect VP. When you got X vp, you win.

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