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As far as I can tell the /ch command only hovers the card. If you removed the /ch I imagine it would not work.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Android?
« Last post by Teirdalin on Today at 09:08:03 AM »
If I got enough money for one, I'd make one. It would be pretty simple to port, I would think. What model of android would you suggest would make a good device that is typical of android devices?

Well, you could simply borrow someones android,  no doubt you'll make enough money off android sales to probably afford your own device.  I'd highly recommend getting an Nvidia shield.

Quite frankly, an Android version of lackyCCG would be a dream come true for most of us.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Any reviews of the iPad version?
« Last post by Alastair on Today at 08:04:22 AM »
Not a bad idea on a "test out the interface" version.
Bug Report Forum / Ipad version
« Last post by Calligula on Today at 07:15:32 AM »
Dear all,

thanks for the effort in the lackeyccg.
I've bought the Ipad version and I really enjoy it.

However I would like to post a small suggestion/bug.
Well.. in the magic plugin is clear evident the possibility to open a .dek from a folder and to export as txt as well.
I would really appreciate if this possibility would be still available. I know that browsing in the Ipad folders is impossible, but maybe a sharing option through emails or dropbox or google drive will save time to redo decks every time changing from one platform to an other.

Thanks in advance for your support.

best regards


your form isnt workin
General Discussion Forum / Re: Can we get an updated list of chat commands?
« Last post by Burst on January 29, 2015, 11:03:23 PM »
so, if I search and replace "/ch" with "" that will fix the hover bug?  ( by "bug" I'm referring to the existence of the feature)

or will that break the plugin?
CCG Design Forum / Re: Feedback on a CCG (WIP)
« Last post by Koziu on January 29, 2015, 02:04:42 PM »
I would like to comment on two aspects of the game you are designing.

The first one is looks.
I must say that I like the way your cards look in general very much! I would however remove the "cost" caption. For me it is pointing an obvious thing :). I really like how you describe the keyword on a card (using smaller font). Most CCGs I have played is using italics in braces (like this). You can also consider using smaller distance between lines in a flavor section. It just looks like the flavor is strethed in some way.
When it comes to card gametext and cost in M / AP. Why are you using 3M / 2AP notation? Why not M3? Like in the card cost?

Now for the gametext wording - abilities.
You must work on unifying how the cards are described. Look at Zel and Lani. Both are providing some kind of a bonus for their ship, but you are using different sentence construct. Try to unify things.
As for abilities I have always loved the following patter:
<cost of an anction> : <action effect>
which I see you are using in some cases and in some - you are not :)
The other aspect (somehow related to this issue) is that some cards are not quite clear for me. For example Selpher (or intercept in general). Is there a limit to the ability?

In conclusion - keep up the good work :) It would be fun to see game like this. Since the only sensible ccg with action in space I can recall is EVE :)
Bug Report Forum / Re: A minor issue with player avatars
« Last post by Disciple of Doran on January 28, 2015, 08:20:06 PM »
If there's any information I can provide for you, I'd be more than happy to if it's something I know how to do.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Can we get an updated list of chat commands?
« Last post by sephural on January 28, 2015, 05:36:02 PM »
Here are all the commands i could verify from the magic plugin sets file. Some of these can be very useful for making macros. And i believe that these will work with most plugins.

Code: [Select]
Hover selected card.

Selected card doesnt untap.(I think)

Rotate selected card 90 degrees.

Add a green counter to selected card.

Set the number of green counters on selected card to 3

Add a red counter to selected card.

Set the number of red counters on selected card to 3.

/spawn Giant Growth
Spawns Giant Growth or any other specified card.

/spawnx3 Giant Growth
Spawns 3 Giant Growth or any other specified card. The number can be changed to needed amount.

Will reveal the top 7 cards from zone 1 to Owner only. The First number is the zone and can be from 0 to 4 and mabey higher. The second number is the number of cards to reveal from that zone.

Will reveal the top 1 card of zone 1 to All. The First number is the zone and can be from 0 to 4 and mabey higher. The second number is the number of cards to reveal from that zone.

General Discussion Forum / Re: Can we get an updated list of chat commands?
« Last post by Burst on January 28, 2015, 05:05:53 PM »
I stumbled on /ccr and /ccg  recently too

I don't know what the /ch thing is, I just tried it and it didn't do anything that I could see.

But speaking of hover, it would be great if we could turn that off.  It's such an awful visual and impedes utility since you can't click on the card anymore, but rather the outline of where the card is supposed to really be.  Needing to do turn it off card-by-card is just a painful user experience.

Something like the card sounds, just a global flag to turn off obnoxious "features" that got embedded.

If there already is a such a command to turn off all hovers and prevent new hovers from being activated I'd REALLY appreciate it.

I think /help is supposed to do something but I've not seen any information on it in the chat command tutorial.  I checked the plugin tutorial too since the error message seemed plugin related.

This just goes more in line with why the question needs to be answered by Trevor, and not us.  We can try typing random words and letters into the chat and see if it does anything;but that's mostly a fruitless exercise.

Only Trevor can say what functions exist and what they do or if they are partially implemented. 
The /ccr thing seems to work for me, but maybe it's buggy and not really intended for us to use. I don't know.  I'll use it until it fails me; but maybe I shouldn't.

Documentation would help immensely.
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