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Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Arkham Horror: The Card Game (AHLCG) by FFG
« Last post by ransomman on August 17, 2018, 07:54:31 pm »
08/17/18 Update!

- Cards and scenarios up to Heart of the Elders (The Forgotten Age Cycle)
- Promos up to Labyrinths
- Book Investigators up to Carolyn

As usual I like to keep the background map on theme with the current cycle!

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Dragon Ball Super Plugin Updated
« Last post by Tuvillo on August 15, 2018, 06:58:03 am »
Sweet. No idea how happy I am someone noticed and picked it up. You best try to expand player base through channels like the DBS TCG Facebook group, etc. (I'm already getting started on this)

I'm definitely using this.

Edit: Quick things I found are a typo in Anilaza, and you probably need to add a second Deck Zone for the Side Deck.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Dragon Ball Super Plugin Updated
« Last post by Alastair on August 13, 2018, 03:08:01 pm »
I played this game on Tabletop Simulator for a time but kinda lost interest waiting on set 3. Hopefully you can keep the updates regular for the lackey plugin.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Dragon Ball Super Plugin Updated
« Last post by D04t on August 12, 2018, 10:52:33 pm »
Hi guys, I come here today to bring you some news about the Dragon Ball Super plugin, after a conversation with Tuvillo (plugin creator) he gave me permission to update the plugin, so from now on I will bring you regular updates to each set released, with the promos cards leaving at the same time.
Well, with this update today I bring some updates on the search engine, adding searches per character, special trait, and era, plus searches for cast cost and combo power. And the addition of Colossal Warfire, The Guardian of Namekians, The Crison Saiyan, Ultimate Box and several promo cards.

Note: Credits for Tuvillo for his brilliant idea of ​​a DBS plugin (believe guy, you are incredible).

Plugin: Dragon Ball Super

Well, that's it. Enjoy and until the next update.
Bug Report Forum / Reproduceable crash
« Last post by Reth on August 10, 2018, 06:29:56 pm »
Hi there,

whenever I mark the name of a loaded deck for copying, pressing CTRL-C and then directly press the New Deck button LackeyCCG crashes here every time!
Using Win10.

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Magic Plugin: Dominaria
« Last post by Ratboy on August 08, 2018, 11:32:17 am »
are there any new plugins since dominara?
Bug Report Forum / Re: macOS version cannot find fonts
« Last post by ShoggothJoe on August 05, 2018, 07:31:50 pm »
Thank you for this solution! Even a year later, it's still helping people fix the Mac font issue.  :) .
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Need Help Making a Weiss Schwarz PlugIn
« Last post by xdarkgeox on August 03, 2018, 10:41:30 pm »
i know all about plugin making any specfic questions you have i be sure to know most it, you can pm me or join my game's discord server  if you need help making the plugin
interesting concept, ill be sure to check it out
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / New Plugin for LackeyCCG - Naval Battles: CCG
« Last post by darklinx79 on August 03, 2018, 02:25:46 pm »
Here's introducing the new Naval Battles: CCG plugin for LackeyCCG.
Beta application is now open to try the new digital version of our paper game.  Have access to the entire library of cards to build your decks from.  With all the new cards that's over 550 cards, including currently 190 test cards from our Sub Hunt and Personnel sets.  Test cards are an exclusive access to players who are approved for the beta.
The plugin will be available on Sept. 3rd 2018, please go to for details on how to get in.
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