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General Discussion Forum / Re: Teach me vanguard
« Last post by Ascott29 on Today at 08:14:50 PM »
The vanguard plugin isn't fully updated I don't think :/
General Discussion Forum / Training one self with the test dummy
« Last post by Gitsu on Today at 05:34:13 PM »
Does anyone knw of a way to play as the test dummy when your offline as when your just practicing or anything i would like to knw how also if that isnt a feature why isnt it it would be really helpful if that was a feature anyways hopefully trevor reads this and gets the idea also Happy Thanksgiving!
General Discussion Forum / Re: Teach me vanguard
« Last post by Gitsu on Today at 05:27:18 PM »
I wish more people would actually play vangaurd instead of magic seeing only magic players is kinda boring after awhile
[size=24]Lord of the Ring: The Card Game[/size]
[size=18]- LackeyCCG Plugin Version 7.1 -[/size]
So LackeyCCG is finally out for iPad!! Woot-a-loot-a-lot. You can now use lackeyCCG to play on Mac,PC, Linux and iPad, iPhone vs any users on any of the other platforms!

Just a note, I do not own a iPad (android forever, *******!) So if you are having problems with the iPad version the place to ask is the LackeyCCG forums.

Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (LCG) - LackeyCCG Plugin Version 7

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH


- Travel Announcment Voice now says the correct phase
- Now each general token is 100% unique. (Changed 2nd green token to pink)


- Removed "Hover" Button. I do not think anyone uses it.
- All buttons have been abbreviated to Initials to save screen space for iPad versions. This may make the WIN/MAC/Linux version a little harder to use. Remember there are keybindsings.

If people want the "full buttons" back.. I'll make a new download URL for ipad and one for PC that has the full buttons.


Top Button Bar

RA = Refersh All / Threat +1 / Draw 1 Card (F1)
D = Draw 1 Card (F2)
DE = Draw Encounter (F5)
DS = Draw Shadow (F6)
DQ = Draw Quest (F4)
DE2 = Draw from 2nd Encounter Deck (F7)
DS2 = Draw Shadow from 2nd Encounter Deck (F8)
TC = Take control of card (alt+t)


R+ = Add Resource
R- = Subtract Resource

W+ = Add Wound
W- = Subtract Wound

T+ = Add Travel Token
T- = Subtract Travel Token

O+ = Add Orange Token
O- = Subtract Orange Token

R+ = Add Red Token
R- = Subtract Red Token

I+ = Add Indigo Token
I- = Subtract Indigo Token

Now there is so much room I could add buttons for the other three general tokens. I haven't yet as I want to get feedback form the iPad users as I do not have a iPad so I can not tell how much space has been freed up. For now you can access the tokens via the keyboard shortcuts or right clicking on the card.

Canned Button (lower bar)

T+ = Add Threat
T- = Subtract Threat
R = Refersh All / Threat +1 / Draw 1 Card (I know this is doubled up, forget about that!)
S1 = Save 1
L1 = Load 1
D6 = Draw 6
M = Mulligan
C = Choose Start Player
P5 = Peak 5 (Look at top 5 of your own deck)
P3 = Peak 3
P1 = Peak 1
S1 = Scry 1 (Look at top card of Encounter Deck 1)
S2 = Scry 2
S3 = Scry 3
S2 = Save 2
L2 = Load 2
S3 = Save 3
L3 = Load 3
S4 = Save 4
L4 = Load 4

[size=18]Keyboard Functions[/size]

You can set your own keyboard functions to anything you wish, by clicking PREFERENCES button and then clicking KEYBINDINGS. These are just what I use. Feel free to change ANY button but the F!! and the F12.. if you change these you will break some of the scripting functions. Remember you can always update form the url at any time to reset everything to defaults.

Keybindings in Lackey are pervasive across the application, so if you use "t" for take control, then every time you type "t" in the chat window it will trigger the hotkey. So I am using SHIFT+T and CTRL+T to turn On and Off tokens. There is a bug in LackeyCCG at the moment that makes windows systems beep if you use ALT+t.... so for now it is SHIFT+T.. but will go back to ALT once the bug is fixed.

CRT+LEFT CLICK = Flip a Card
HOLD SHIFT + MOUSE OVER (Peak at the other side of the card without flipping it)

F1 = Refresh ALL
F2 = Draw Card

] = Next Phase (auto save each advanced phase)
[ = Last Phase
F4 = Advance Turn

F3 = Draw Quest Card
F5 = Draw Encounter Card
F6 = Draw Shadow Card
F7 = Draw 2nd Encounter Card
F8 = Draw 2nd Shadow Card

F12 = Empty Hand - This moves the top card of your hand to the top of your draw deck. (do not change this keybinding!!)

SHIFT+T = Take Control of Card

SHIFT+Q / CRT+Q = Resource Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+W / CRT+W = Wound Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+E / CRT+E = Quest Token (Add / Remove)

SHIFT+A / CRT+A = Yellow Generic Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+S / CRT+S = Red Generic Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+D / CRT+D = Purple Generic Token (Add / Remove)

SHIFT+Z / CRT+Z = Blue Generic Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+X / CRT+X = Cross Generic Token (Add / Remove)
SHIFT+C / CRT+C = Green Generic Token (Add / Remove)

CTRL+1 = Toggle Draw Mode ON / OFF
CTRL+2 = Clear Drawn Markings

SHIFT+R = Roll 6 sided Dice
SHIFT+F = Flip Coin

For the record I change the hotkeys so they do not use the SHIFT modifiers, as I always use a voice communication and never use the chat window anyway.

[size=18]There is are some helpful BUTTONS near the chat window.[/size]

SAVE - Save the current state of the game
LOAD - Load saved game
DRAW 6 - Shuffle your deck, then draw 6 Cards, then announce in chat you are drawing your star hand
Mulligan - Announce a Mulligan, then discard hand, shuffle deck, draw 6 cards
Choose - Picks a random player as 1st player
Scry # - Peak at the top cards of encounter deck 1
Peak # - Peak at the top cards of your player deck

Refresh - This is hotkeyed for Mac and Pc users to F1 by default, but iPad users... use this button to refresh. It will also raise your threat +1 and draw a new card in a single action.

[size=18]Useful Console Commands[/size]

Remember lackeyCCG has a huge list of console commands to let you do awesome stuff... see the full list at! Though here are some real useful ones!

/save NameYouChoose (Save the current game, includes all decks)
/load NameYouChoose (Load a save game)
/senddeck # (This command will send you deck to the other player and download it directly to their deck folder, replace the # with their seat number.. so if their name is 3rd in the list it would be "/senddeck 3"

[size=18]Some Tips[/size]

You need to set up a player profile to play online.

In "MISC" and untick "Show ToolTips"
In "MISC" tick "Auto remove tokens"
In "MISC" you can set lackey to "one mouse button mode"


In "APPEARANCE" untick "Make Card viewer image pop out" (if you like some like it ticked)
In "APPEARANCE" Adjust "Counter Size" to make the counters bigger or smaller on the cards

Have Fun and ROLL HIGH
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: MTG Plugin installation issue
« Last post by Blackstarr678 on November 25, 2014, 12:25:58 PM »
still no reply? :( (Nevermind... now it works... weird)
CCG Design Forum / Re: Feedback on a CCG (WIP)
« Last post by Nande on November 25, 2014, 07:53:15 AM »
Alright, took a look at the rule book. Here's some more impressions:

I'd invert the Activate/Deactivate wording as it feels like it's more intuitive that way (a card that's active seems like it's ready to do something,
whereas something that is deactivated is dead and used). Or just change terminology altogether.

I'm trying to warm up to the different zones....

Alright, more stuff to change and think about, thanks!

So yes, that makes sense changing that to something more logical, maybe, Activate means you simply use that card and flip it, Activated means
its already been used, and Resetting means you get to reset your board.

So yeah, you're reading the rules correctly, the issue is there was an error in it where CO-OP was immune which it isn't, so my bad.
I changed the rules and made you a picture,
I don't know if I want to keep the concept of attacking units getting Constructed since that could lead to some problems where you can get locked
down once someone has a few units with Afterburners or Microwarp where you could just hammer that zone down and that's kind of a win condition.
Maybe if just SOME units had that ability, idk yet.

The names for the zones are the first names I came up with and they kinda stayed since then and are absolutely a subject to change.
The Flank to me made sense that they were attacking the CO-OP (Covert operations would be what it stands for), flanking that and resources.
But yes, the names are absolutely changeable.

Blockade cards seems like a neat idea, i'll deffo make some use of that thanks :)

Alright, Commanders (and yes they are clearly modeled after MtG Plaineswalkers), I stumbled onto that topic too once and quickly lost my train of
thought and change them into Characters would make more sense and add more design possibilities to Ships.
Having them as Ships now once you pointed this out I ask myself, why even have 'normal' ships when you can have these, even if you only could
have one commander with the same name out at a time.

The original thought was that you would choose either to use its abilities or the 'ship' per say, attack with it instead of using the abilities.
Having them be Characters makes protecting that ship a high priority which might be fun.

Alliance cards.
Yes you're right, to either focus your deck or to make up for weaknesses in it.
And yes that Alliance might have to many, haven't really tested the Alliance cards yet so don't know how it plays out yet,
 but you might be right, here's another cards with less options on it

While I think that's interesting mechanic, I don't think it transfers the same 'feel' of a ships shield, where it's gone once you take X damage and recharges with time.
Although it could definitely be a new mechanic or keyword for later. Also If it were as in your example weaker units would just never get through a shield making more units attacking the same ship useless. Bigger is always better in that case I think, which I don't really like too much.

No, the closest comparison would be Enchantment, Ability and Buildings would act more like Sorceries unless the card itself states that it breaks the rules :)
So I figured the name Condition was fitting if there's something changed/modified/altered which ever word you want to use fits, no?
Another Ability card:
Another Condition card:

Does it makes more sense now?

Also im checking battletech out, thats its name right?
cant find any with the one you wrote :) Reading the rule book some and it looks pretty neat tbh, need to read more tho and watch some vids :)

Anyway, thanks again! Keep adding more if you come to think of anything else! :)
I've been using the iPad version for a little while and appreciate the buttons - they use up a lot of precious on screen real estate though - love the idea of abbreviating the buttons.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / iPad: Any Hope for Custom Content?
« Last post by topquark on November 24, 2014, 09:45:50 PM »
After a month of using different virtual table-top apps, I've decided to go with LackeyCCG for its multi-platform capabilities and ability to save games. Kudos for these features!

I use an Autoupdate URL for my favorite plugin, and then add my own cards to LackeyCCG as new physical cards come out. This requires some editing of the plugin, but I'm ok with that. Since I keep my LackeyCCG folder on Dropbox, I'm able to play on any of my computers at any time, with all my cards.

I've read that the iPad version (which I don't own yet) can only get content from an Autoupdate URL. Assuming this is the case, I decided to make my own plugin which contained all my added up-to-date content. To my horror, I was unable to host the plugin through Dropbox, since the way Dropbox (and other cloud drive providers) handle links requires that each file have a unique, secure (https) url. In other words, maintaining the updatelist.txt file would require a unique URL for each file in the plugin (don't get me started on card art).

After some learning curve pains, I managed to get GitHub up and running, and have successfully began "serving" my modified plugin with my added content. Hooray!

My question is this: is there any hope of the iPad app getting the feature of being able to move plugin folders without using a static webhosting service? Other apps allow file transfers via iTunes... is this possible with LackeyCCG? Having to work with the updatelist.txt file and sync GitHub repositories every time I make a new deck or add cards is rather onerous, and it would be fantastic if save games could be synced or transferred to the iPad from the desktop and vice-versa.

Or, as a pie-in-the-sky dream, could LackeyCCG get Dropbox integration? I know, I know, but a man can dream...

Thank you for a great way to enjoy my favorite game! If I'm incorrect on anything above, or could be doing what I'm trying to do with an easier method, please let me know.

CCG Design Forum / Re: Feedback on a CCG (WIP)
« Last post by gwago on November 24, 2014, 10:34:53 AM »
Alright, took a look at the rule book. Here's some more impressions:

I'd invert the Activate/Deactivate wording as it feels like it's more intuitive that way (a card that's active seems like it's ready to do something, whereas something that is deactivated is dead and used). Or just change terminology altogether.

I'm trying to warm up to the different zones. Let me see if I'm getting this clearly: The FRONT can attack the opponent's FRONT (and Space Station, although I'm not sure what/where that is), CO-OP can attack BUILDINGS and CONSTRUCTION SITE, and FLANK can attack RESOURCES and CO-OP. A question: Is the CO-OP immune to attack?

Also, why this terminology? It's a space battle game, it seems like you've got a golden opportunity to use cooler terms for your zones, like Quadrants (Alpha/Beta/etc.) for example.

The whole zone system is a nice idea, but could be a bit more symmetrical (unless I'm understanding it wrong). How about something like:
You have a FOUR QUADRANTS (Alpha / Beta / Delta / Gamma). There is no Front Line or Construction Zone. You can build units in any quadrant, and ships in a given quadrant can only attack the corresponding quadrant on the opponent's side. I realize this might nerf a few concepts you were going for, but this would lead to much less memorization (who can attack what), is a more elegant solution, and it would lead to some interesting game situations that reflect what would actually happen ("The opponent is massing forces in the Delta Quadrant!"). You could have cards that blockade the quadrant they're in to stop an opponent from building something there, etc. You could also have a rule that prevents building in a zone unless you have a Base there already, so that you need to establish a presence first.

Another random idea that I think would make for cool gameplay: I don't mean for you to copy this CCG, but the Battletech game I brought up in my earlier post had the concept of building units by playing them face down, then paying resources to add tokens over however many turns you want. Once the tokens = its cost, you could turn it face up and have it in play. This led to players being able to attack cards being built by taking tokens off. This seems like it'd be a good fit for the feel of the game you're trying to go for, should you wish to go that route. I also suggest you check out the Battletech game is you haven't already, it was also clearly built with RTS games in mind and might give you some inspiration.

Onto some individual card types:

-Why have Commander cards? They're obviously patterned after Planeswalkers, but they just seem like super-powerful ships. You might be able to fold that into character cards, whereas they give those abilities when onboard a ship.

-Alliance cards start the game in play and help define a player's "colors", if I'm getting this correctly. The example you've given us has waaaaay too many abilities... maybe try to boil it down to the original concept. Have the card say "You may play cards of Faction X" (again, if that's what you were going for), then maybe limit the abilities to one static and one activated that represent the given faction. As it is now, there are just too many options on the card.

-Ships and bases have three stats (attack/shields/hull). I get that it's a space sci-fi setting and you want to have shields in there, but how about simplfying the game a little bit by making shields a bit more rare, and just have attack/hull stats on cards? Some (or most) ships would have the Shields ability (SHIELDS 2 (Whenever this unit is dealt damage, prevent 2 of that damage)).

-Conditions: essentially the sorceries of your game, yes? Why call them Conditions?

Anyway, just some more food for thought. Keep it up!
CCG Design Forum / Re: Feedback on a CCG (WIP)
« Last post by Nande on November 23, 2014, 07:02:53 PM »
Actually it's a bunch of information. I haven't gotten through all of it yet, sorry.

That's true, sorry for rushing it ^^

I skimmed over the general rules quickly and wanted to leave some quick feedback.

The biggest thing that strikes me is that this could definitely use some simplification. You have 10 (10!) card types right off the bat,
and I'm sure a few of those can be merged. Keep in mind you can keep subtypes, for example having Ability be a subtype of Instant
(Instant - Ability) in order to keep the distinctiveness but make the game simpler.....
Don't wanna quote everything, it's long =)

Thanks for your feedback, just what I need to keep going and improving.
You're right about the card types, 10 is a bit to much and I could probably merge at least one or two, I could rename Ship to
something like Vessel or Craft and add Drone as sub type to it, and same with Condition, have it be, Instant - Condition or Ability - Condition
meaning Condition would be a sub type as well.
Alliance imo doesn't count as a card type in your deck since you atm choose one, and stick with it for that round, it's there to add some distinct
difference between how decks are build since i'm not using different resources doing Aggro deck, late-game decks etc to either focus your deck
or make up for what it lacks.
That would make it 7 Card types, a lot more manageable don't you think?

And on the three battlefields, it's kind of key in my mind since it provides the mobility I wanted to have.

And yes, you're right on the tunnel vision part, that's why I'm reaching out for feedback here :) I'll look over a few of the more "complex"
mechanics and keywords and see if I really need them at the get go, or rework them, although I do want to have some new and odd mechanics
 to make the game different from others, but I might be over board with it atm since you pointed it out.
Lately I've been saving new mechanics I've come up with for a future expansion with a theme to it, or at least make them feel cohesive.

And yes, I want units to be warping around the battlefields :)
But yeah! Awesome feedback, gave me loads to think about thanks mate! Throw me more bones if you got anything else on your mind!
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