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General Discussion Forum / New User...(Late to the party)...Trouble with CCG Download?
« Last post by GNZero on February 06, 2017, 06:27:55 PM »
Hi All!
I'm a new user, and apparently waaaay too late to the party.

Anywho, I wanted to download a few CCG's for nostalgia's sake, and while I'm stoked to have WWE Raw Deal (Volley Shane o'Mac FTW!), I can't seem to be able to download the Naruto CCG.

Can anyone help me out? I'm trying to get my fiancee into it, even if it is a "dead" game. Just something for us to do when we're not going to Pokemon tournaments.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
CCG Design Forum / second world card game
« Last post by notdevante on February 01, 2017, 05:55:35 PM »
hello I'm making a card game call second world. I'm not that good at summarizing so i post all the current rule of the game please tell me your opinion on how to make the game better

Second World Card Game

Winning/Losing Conditions
●is to give your opponent 5 card in their casualty zone by ko your opponent troops in battle or direct attack your opponent .
Deck Construction Rules
●a deck is made of 35 card
●You need at least 9 order card
●you can only have 3 copy of a card
●your deck can only have 3 soul card
Deck recover- at any time in the game you run out of card in your deck you must do a deck recover. you take all card in your discard zone and pick a card place it face up in your casualty zone than take the rest  and shuffle them back to your deck place it back on the deck zone , draw card equal to the cost of the card place on the casualty zone then choose one card from your hand place it on a support lane this is a casualty draw.

How to Read a Card troop

1.level- the number of card you need on the support lane to play the troop the name of the card you can only have 3 card with the same name in your deck cost- the number of card you need to discard to save your troop
4.race/class- race and class tell you what type of troop the card is
5.text box- tell what ability and effect the card have.
6.color-tell which of the 5 color this troop belong to. (ex sky blue,brown,yellow,orange, and ,purple)
7.icon- use to unlock ability of your troops
8.normal at/df(attack/defense)  - use in battle
9.Injured at/df-  when a troop take a hit turn the card side way itís injured use these  AT and DF
10.Boost cost- you pay the cost to combine the normal and injured attack and defense of the troop
11.other info- set number, rarity and artist

Hit -when a troop take damage equal to their df or lost a battle they take a hit and become injured and turn sideways when they take a another hit they are ko and turn upside down.

Hero- hero are troop but you can only have one face up on your field at anytime(this include the casualty zone and top of a support lane) if two hero would come in play you must choose the new on and erase it.(place on the erase zone)
How to Read a Card Order

1.card level- the number of card you need in a support lane to play the card the name of the card you can only have 3 card with the same name in your deck
3.cost- the number  card you have to discard from hand or support lane to play the card
4.type- there 3 type of  order card. tech and magic and normal
5.text box- tell what ability and effect the card have.
6.Second cost- you must pay this to play the card
7.color-tell which of the 5 color this troop belong to. (ex sky blue,brown,yellow,orange, and ,purple)
8.other info- set number, rarity and artist
Zones of the Game

A.Deck zone- this is where you place your 35 card deck
B.Discard card - where all use card go
C.Lead zone is where you play your leading troop you have 4 spaces to play your lead troop. they are the one that do the fighting
D.Support lane just like the lead zone you have 4 spaces for the support lane under each lead zone you can place one card here a turn and move the card to other support lanes twice a turn. there no limit to how many card that can be place on each support lane. The total number of card in a support lane is that's lane support level
E.Erase zone-  where erase card go.their out of play
F.Casualty zone- this where your troops that are kill in combat goes if you have have 5  card in this zone you lose the game.

Ability And Cost
there 4 type of Ability in Second World M,T,P,and E
●M- these ability you can only use on your main phase and you may use them as many time as you can pay the cost.(ex (M)1 draw a card)
●T- a triggered ability happen when a condition is met (ex(T) Deploy draw a card)
●P- passe ability are always on as long as the card is in play (ex (P) this troop has +1 attack)
●E- Enhance ability can only be use in battle to make your troop stronger. You can only use one E ability per battle  (E) leading troop gain +1/+1 for battle
Paying a cost.
●Drain- drain can only be use by lead troop. you drain troops to attack, block or use ability. to drain a troop you move the card forward or turn in 60 degree
●Flips-  you can only flip card in the support lane. flip cards are use to pay the cost of ability. you can flip a card by turn it over you can only turn it back over by ability
●Paid Cost x -  this cost can be paid by sending card from your hand or your support lane to the discard.the number after ability timing,the  Save cost, and order cost are paid cost. You may also paid this cost by turning face up card in your casualty zone face down. When paying a cost if you use a copy of of the card to pay the cost that card count as 2 cards.
A ability are made of 4 parts icon need to unlock the ability, the type of ability , cost ,and what the ability dose.  EX  (T)1 when this troop attack if you have more casualty this troop gain +2/+0 for the battle.

Support ability troop can use there support ability when their the top card of a support lane

 sword unlock attack ability.   shield unlock defense ability.  magic use on magic troop. tech use on tech troops. soul use to pay the save cost on troop.

Starting the Game

1.both player shuffle their deck and decide who go first
2.each player draw up to 10 card.
3.each player get 1 redraw by place as many card as they want from their hand to the bottom of their deck they can draw back up to 10 cards.
4.each player choose 4 card from their hand and place them face down on each of their support lane
5.When both player are ready they turn their support card face up and the game begin
Turn Phases
 there are 4 phase to second world they are ,start ,main ,battle and end phases

1.Start step -Any ability that say it start or end at the start phase do so
2.Draw step- draw 2 card
3.Save step-Pay the save cost of your ko troop to put them back to normal.
4.Ready step-ready your drain troop
5.Support step- play a card from your hand to one of your support lane. if you play in face down you may draw a card
Saving a troop- when a troop is ko upside down you may pay the save cost  on the save step. To pay the cost you need to send card form you hand or support lane equal to the save cost or discard a soul card to pay the whole cost. (Note paying copy of the card count as 2 cards.) Then you take one of the card you discard  and put it under the save troop face up as a wound. you can only save a troop with 1 or less wound on it.if you donít or canít save the troop place it in the casualty zone and casualty draw.(note a casualty draw is drawing  cards equal to it save cost put a card from your hand on a support lane.)

you may do any of these action in any order on your turn. play a troop,play a action,move your support lane,replace a troop, use a troop main ability.
●play a troop- to play a troop you need the support level on the support lane to be equal to the troop level.the top card of that lane must be the same color as the troop
●Replace a troop- you may play a new troop on top of a old troop as long the support level and top card color on the support lane match the new troop. the old troop and all wound under it stay under the new troop as  wounds
●play a order- to play a order you need the support level to be  equal to that order level.the top card of that lane must be the same color as the order then you must pay the order cost.
●move you support lane- you can move up to 2 card on your support lane to another support lane on your turn
●M ability - you may use any troop ability that say M as long as you can pay the cost

1.The first player cannot attack on their first turn. To attack  drain a ready troop. it attack the troop in front of it. After declaring you attack you may a use a battle action. The attacker battle action are Reinforce, Enhance or Boost. To reinforce  one troops next to the attacking troop and add itís At to the attacking troop. To Enhance you need to use a E ability from your attacking troop there support lane or a order card from your hand. To boost  you pay the troop boost cost combine it normal and injured attack and defense
2.Your opponent  may choose a battle action as well. Defense battle action are to Intercept ,Enhance or Boost. To intercept choose a ready troop and drain it and  add it DF to the defending troop. To Enhance you need to use a E ability from your defending troop , there support lane or a order card from your hand.To boost  you pay the troop boost cost combine it normal and injured attack and defense

3.battle result- after a  battle you can get 4 result, attack win, the attack crit, the defense win ,the defense crits.
the attack win - when the attack is the same or higher than the defense you hit  the defending troop(turn side way)
the attack crits - the attack win by 3  or the defender has 0 defense the defending  troop take 2 hit (is ko turn upside down)
defense win - if the defense is higher nothing happen
defense crits - the defense win by 3 or the attacking troop has 0 At the attacker take a hit

4.if the attack go unopposed or the defending troop is ko that player choose to add a card from their hand to their casualty zone and casualty draw or hit one of their lead troop can attack as many time as you have ready troop to attack with

End Phase
1.Any effect that start or end during this phase do so.
2.If you have over 7 card discard down to 7 cards
3.Choose one drain troop ready it
5.The start phase of your opponent begin

key word
Key word with number can be stack
Armor x - when this troop would take damage reduce it by x
Flying - when this troop battle a troop without flying this troop gain 1/1 for the battle
Heal - turn a injured troop back to normal
Move - you may move this troop to a empty lead zone
Pierce x - when this troop attack a troop in front of it reduce it DF by x
Reach - this troop may attack troops on the left or right
Ranged - this troop can attack any troop in play
Shield x - when this troop is attack from the front reduce the AT by x
Snip x -  this troop deal x damage to a troop
Team x -when there a troop on the left and right this troop gain x/x
CCG Design Forum / Monster Battle
« Last post by water dog on January 30, 2017, 04:49:26 PM »
Hey everyone, got a game pitch for ya. Game is called Monster Battle. I know the name seems bland but one of my design philosophies is show don't tell. I try to let this shine through the nomenclature when I can by giving things seemingly bland names but exciting or interesting implications. AnywaY!!!

M O N S T E R     B A T T L E
It started with Man
The first Man crawled naked from the hallowed boscage
Man bore Man and began to eke his stake from hypnagogic traditions

The plane around man shifts nebulously.
Soon Great Dragons came to claim birthright,
Goblins built great walled cities to dwarf Man
and made excursions into the labyrinthine Library.
Orcs, championed by their architect the Necromancer
march for war into the lands of Goblin and Man.

Primordial Monsters settle the unclaimed lands between civilizations,
Beast and Bird, Flora and Fauna, Slime and Spirit.

Man and Dragon, Goblin and Orc.

The current concept is a 1v1 "Hero" based card game where the player chooses from a variety of "hero classes" with their own abilities/suite of cards unique to them and then duke it out. Th object of the game is to reduce the opposing "hero"'s health value to 0 before either player decks themselves. When a player runs out of cards in their deck, they are allowed one more "final breath" turn before their hero passes out form exhaustion and they lose the game.

Pretty standard fare. The unique hallmark of the game is it's "resource" system, emphasis on card positioning, and the way cards interact and link with each other.

Instead of land or mana, Monster Battle uses a system called "affinity". Every card that is placed on the game board may have 1 of 3 "affinity links" represented on it's boarders. When placed next to a card with a matching affinity symbol, the affinity is completed and you are considered to have control of 1 affinity of that color. Cards are placed in a 2x5 grid. For example:

Completing affinities is integral to Monster Battles' strategy. Many cards require no affinity to be played but have very basic effects. More advanced and powerful cards require you to control specifics sets and colors of affinities. For quick reference, most "spell" or "magical" effects use blue, "skills" or "abilities" typically require green affinities, and "power" or "attack" generally need red affinities. Some cards may also have a yellow affinity link. Yellow affinity links can complete any color of affinity. Completing an affinity with 2 yellow affinity links creates a "wild card" or "rainbow" affinity that counts for any one color but only one at a time.

Players will take turns playing Artifacts, Monsters, Spells, and Abilities. These are all distinct card types. There is also a special card type called the "Hero" (name not final) which represents the player. Cards also have a "rarity" associated to them. If I ever made a production of the game, the actual rarity of the card doesn't matter from a collectors perspective as I would go the Living Card Game route and give you a playset of all cards in a sinlge "big box" purchase, though grand production is a pipe dream at this point. For the moment rarity serves as a deck building restriction; cards that are "Legendary" are unique and powerful cards. There may only be 1 (ONE) Legendary card per deck. Not one copy of each, just one full stop. Decks may have any number of "Rare" cards in them, though only 1 copy of each. Likewise, "Uncommon" may have 2 copies and "Common" 3.

Heroes are the character or commander card which represents each player. The object of the game is to reduce the enemy Hero to 0 health points. This is accomplished by attacking the opposing Hero with your own Hero, attacking them with your Monsters, or using the effects of cards to deal damage to your opponent. Hero cards determine a lot of the play style for the player. First, heroes are played on the top row of the game board and have a fixed position. I haven't decided if the player gets to choose the position at the start of the game or if the card itself has it's own unique orientation yet. Likewise I haven't decided if each hero will have the same attack or health values. These details are still being ironed out.

As with most cards, Heroes also have affinity links. Be mindful of these when positioning your cards and building your deck! Heroes will also have an associated "class". Classes have their own suite or cards they can use to make each hero have unique deck building options as well as being able to use neutral cards.

This thread is a WIP.
To be added:
*Lore section
*Card types
*Combat section
*Sample cards

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Hello World, Dimanari is here
« Last post by Snoogy on January 28, 2017, 02:12:59 PM »

is there any limitation or regulation on publishing(aside from copyrights)?

There is no limitation or regulation on uploaded plugins, as long as you don't upload malicious content.

is there a common website you can recommend for uploading the Plugin?

Anywhere you upload your plugin is sufficient for manually-updated plugins.  For automatically-updated plugins you'll require either a Dropbox account or a personal FTP.

does anyone know of a way to move all Discard into Deck without Shuffle?

You can either move all the contents of the Discard zone on top of the Deck zone or on the bottom.  You are unable to randomly distribute them into the Deck without disturbing the original order of cards, and honestly I don't think any real card game uses this action so that's a non-issue.

Do I read like an idiot?
can I not be Crucified in this community?

Your English is good enough to understand.  :)  Welcome to the community!
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: I don't know if i did it wrong, please help
« Last post by Snoogy on January 28, 2017, 02:03:30 PM »
I can't find anything wrong in the packdefinition that you posted.  The problem must be elsewhere.

If you upload your plugin - sans the images - I can take a look at it.
Programming Help Forum / Re: Hexagonal MAKERIGHT60DEGREES and 120 - cards, not grid
« Last post by kimcosmos on January 27, 2017, 10:58:36 PM »
The game I want to play is an existing open source permaculture card game. The cards' edges face each other to match a choice of 6 inputs and outputs.
What language is the source code?
Is there a way to substitute cards in a macro? Switch card 'name'+% (1 to 6)? So I can use 6 decks with identical cards rotated and numbered 1 to 6
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Hello World, Dimanari is here
« Last post by Dimanari on January 27, 2017, 06:40:07 PM »
Hi, I'm Dimanari.
a self proclaimed C++ Programmer, Board Game Developer, and some other stuff.
so far I've never published my works, and I want publishing a card game I've been working on.
and I want to try it in LackeyCCG.
the Plugin was mostly an easy job and I just wanted to ask a few things:
is there any limitation or regulation on publishing(aside from copyrights)?
is there a common website you can recommend for uploading the Plugin?
does anyone know of a way to move all Discard into Deck without Shuffle?
Do I read like an idiot?
can I not be Crucified in this community?
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / I don't know if i did it wrong, please help
« Last post by Dimanari on January 27, 2017, 06:24:55 PM »
my packdefinition file is:

<packdefinitions version="1.0">

     <packtitle>Booster Pack</packtitle>


but somehow cards from a different set is keep showing up.
the second set is called UnChart it's made from my 12 YO sis's Drawing so it's kinda funny looking(my Alpha is not much better though)
but the balance is not the same on the two sets as one have been heavily edited and the other is under construction so it is a problem when i playtest with "Booster Pack" and get something like "Radioactive Foot" in it.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Android?
« Last post by eristotle on January 26, 2017, 02:40:58 PM »
Hey y'all, I want to donate an android tablet to Trevor and was wondering if anyone would be interested in helping to pay for shipping cost and a charging cable? It's a Galaxy Tab 3 which doesn't use a standard micro USB. Hit me up if interested in helping out. Cheers.
General Discussion Forum / Official Discord Server for LackeyCCG
« Last post by YugiMan on January 23, 2017, 10:09:56 PM »
Join here: Have fun!
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