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Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Dragon Ball Z TCG Plugin Feedback
« Last post by DBZTCG on June 21, 2016, 01:28:21 AM »
Please post Feedback and bug reports for the DBZTCG Plugin in this thread.

Known Issues:

Images for the Evolution Expansion are weird on Windows (maybe the other platforms too). An annoying (but only necessary once) workaround is to open each image inside MS Paint and hit Ctrl-s (no need to make any actual edits at all) then close the image.

So workflow looks like this:

  • Right-click on an Evolution image in Windows Explorer
  • Choose "Edit"
  • Ctrl-s
  • Click the exit "X" (or type Alt-f, x)
  • Repeat for all bugged Evolution images (nearly all of them)

This should work as long as you don't have something fancy like PhotoShop installed that's triggered by "Edit". If you do have something else installed, you can probably find a way to do what I describe above in PhotoShop.
Yep.  Which is why Sylvan Library is getting a Scry 3 script.   8)
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: [UPDATE] Eternal Masters added to Magic plugin
« Last post by Axel on June 20, 2016, 02:58:00 PM »
Reason I say for Sylvan is the general way to resolve it is to scry 3, which acts as the draw 3, this way people know you aren't putting back cards already in your hand prior that cant be seen due to the virtual interface
Fixed Sylvan Library, included in next update.  :D

Drawing is a trivial action, and a part of a larger resolution, I see no reason to add a script for it when there is a button on the interface to do so.  I'd also have to add a script to every card that has a Draw effect.  :(
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: [UPDATE] Eternal Masters added to Magic plugin
« Last post by Axel on June 19, 2016, 06:50:28 PM »
JTMS EMA his 0 needs to have the person draw 3, you gotta manually do it.

Also, would it be possible to add a scry 3 onto all versions of Sylvan library so people can use that instead of spawning a ponder or Dtop to see the top 3 of their library and properly handle librarys trigger?
I have many games at various stages of plugin completion... but it takes a fair amount of work to do them, so I want to do the games in order of how much people want them. So reply with your vote.

Chez Geek
Batman Fluxx
Joe Name It
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Imaginiff Board Game Full Plugin
« Last post by GymCat on June 19, 2016, 11:00:57 AM »
I've been done with this plugin for a while but hadn't uploaded it yet.

Not only did I scan all 260 cards, then crop and resize them... I made some improvements...
- Added the color words to the cards for color blind people. (The blue cards say "Blue" above the numbers on the cards, etc)
- Added the player color options gold, pink, and rainbow which allows this plugin to have up to TEN players since Lackey supports up to 10 players in 1 game... the game is originally for up to 8 players... but the only reason you couldn't have more players than that is because there WERE only 8 different colored player options.

In the folder are a .doc file with the rules of the game, there is also the game board image. You must place the game board image into Lackey's backgrounds folder. If you go to the LackeyCCG base folder, click images, then click backgrounds. That is where "Imaginiff Board 50p.jpg" must be placed. The board should align so that all players using the same background will see the game board.

To play this game in Lackey... find the deck of the colored number cards matching the color you want to play, and load that deck to your HAND. When you play a number card, if you want to play it face down, you must turn it over in your hand by right clicking and selecting "turn over" then play it.

Either 1 person should load the Imaginiff deck to their hand, and everybody draw from that person's deck, or everybody can load the deck and go like normal BUT you may double some cards in the game by doing this... there are so many cards that that won't happen too often though.

Download the plugin:
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / In A Pickle (Complete Plugin)
« Last post by GymCat on June 19, 2016, 07:12:01 AM »
I just finished making this plugin for "In A Pickle".

 I lost the rules but I will try and get them again... basically each card has a word (or a few words) and you have to try and put down a card that the last thing could be in... like I might lay "girl" on the card that says "pigtails". Someone might lay "house" on "girl", and so on... but you couldn't lay "garbage can" on top of "girl" because a garbage can can't be in a person.

1 of each card should be added to the deck. In order to play this game, I suggest that only 1 player load the deck, and everybody draw from that person's deck. I suppose each person could load the full deck and draw from it... but then there could be doubles... which would be okay in my opinion, depending on what the players prefer.

I'm not the greatest plugin maker, I make plugins by modifying existing plugins, but I think I did everything correctly! Let me know what you think

Here's a BGG link with quick start rules

And here is my plugin:
I have a version that has more expansions but I had to use filler images(as in not the actual card image) due to not having the right images. As such you must play with card text on to use it. But if anyone wants it I could throw up a link or something.

Alternatively if anyone has the card images I could just fix it up.
Bug Report Forum / Re: Cannot Connect To Server
« Last post by Taitu on June 17, 2016, 03:44:49 PM »
That's because the server is currently offline.  We have to wait for Trevor to reboot it.
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