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Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Let's improve the Battletech CCG Plugin!
« Last post by smurph_83 on December 06, 2014, 07:33:53 PM »
sorry to arrive late to this post... but i have the plugin file.

i have been keeping it safe for some time. here it is all you have to do is manually drop it into plugins folder and done. no auto update unfortunatley.

always up for a game of this just message me or keep this thread rolling for games.
Bug Report Forum / Can Not Join Games
« Last post by bkitko10 on December 06, 2014, 05:58:03 PM »
I can host games and people can join mine, but I cant join open games. I get the message

"You can't join this game, because the maximum number of players is already there."

This is on games that show two seats and only 1 player. I have tried joining every game in the room and have restarted lackey.
Bug Report Forum / Literally nothing happens..?
« Last post by amanda on December 06, 2014, 04:53:54 AM »
Okay first:  Haven't used Lackey in over a year, so now I just came back to it.  I tried to load the plugin:

And I got the standard "Updating plugin..."

And the little download progress text, in the green, shoots directly to 100% and then nothing else happens.  The plugin definitely isn't loaded into Lackey, and the chat log doesn't say anything new beyond that.

I'm having the same issue with connecting to the server.  Clicking connect shows me the download progress text flash to 100% in a half second, but... nothing happens.  Literally nothing.

Finally, every time I close out the client and then reload it, NONE of my preference or profiles save.  Ever.

Am I not sober or is something up?  Thanks guys.


General Discussion Forum / Soulwalkers: Oblivion
« Last post by Soulwalker on December 04, 2014, 02:04:50 PM »
Moon and Back Studio is excited to announce that for the next 30 days the Developer Build of Soulwalker: Oblivion will be made public for all to enjoy. So follow the link below and let us know what you think!
CCG Design Forum / Re: Feedback on a CCG (WIP)
« Last post by Nande on December 04, 2014, 08:40:13 AM »

Time to update this, got some cards for you guys and some explanations of what this set focuses on and some combos.
So in this first picture of cards you'll see some of the basic mechanics in the game, mobility via Microwarp and Intercept and the use
of Rapid when combined with other cards or just the Abilities the card has itself ie White Plauge which has Microwarp and Rapid.

The set will also be focusing on Characters and how they can impact your Ships, although i've shown you guys some more complex
Ships, there are still vanilla ships on all spectrum's of the scale where Characters shines even more.

These three Characters all focus on different ways to build a deck where Zel is the might be both longterm and shortterm Char, Akasha
will be a longterm investment where you would want to protect that Char/ship for as long as possible since you lose all your counters
once she dies. Lastly Lani, which grants your ship mobility via Microwarp.

Same goes for the three ships as well, Scimitar allows you to build up a massive powerhouse to hammer down your opponent eventually
since you can stack three chars on it, The Jabou could be used to stack utility Chars on it and then just Disrupt heavy hitters until you
can overrun it. Lastly Yung which is just a big ramper to your economy where you can add some utility chars to make sure it stays valid longer.

So this second picture we have some Abilities, Instants and Conditions.
Since we can attack units and not just the opponents Space station I figured at least one card which allows you save
yourself when you're out of interceptors is Against all odds.
Since Characters are a pretty big deal, we also want to be able to keep them in play for as long as possible which lead
me to Evacuate, just a good card in general but makes sure that you think twice about your Ships loaded with characters.
Plan B combines nicely in two ways, defending big attacks where you're not ready for them and with units that have Rapid,
aka allows you to attack at that turn with them.
And to stay on the char and mobility focus we got From Within and Leena, two condition cards that affects ships in different ways.
Shield Transfer used seemed cool to me so wanted to show it of ^_^
Also, if you check the first examples of every cardtype out up there, we learned that Conditions can target a number of different
things and Meteor shower shows just that. And to me it plays nicely with the mobility theme, where you might want to get out of that
Battlefield with your low Shield/hull units.

Also want to note that I've changed Commanders from a Ship into a Character which makes more sense and adds to the character focus as well.

If you got any ideas for the game in general or card ideas just spew them here, i'm checking this and other forums out on a daily basis.
Use the keyword list if you like or make up your own ability.

I'm happy with any feedback, ideas or tips, thanks! :)

General Discussion Forum / Re: Training one self with the test dummy
« Last post by Snoops on December 02, 2014, 10:48:30 AM »
If you click the avatar/picture of the test dummy you're now in control of it and everything you do is from the dummy's point of view.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: iPad: Any Hope for Custom Content?
« Last post by topquark on November 29, 2014, 04:00:06 PM »
I obtained LackeyCCG for the iPad, and so far things appear to work ok.

As a follow-up to my post above I've discovered a way to avoid an AutoUpdate URL: a free program for the pc and/or Mac that allows access to the iPad filesystem called iBrowse ( I found the plugins folder under the LackeyCCG app (/Apps/, and was able to copy files to the iPad and after some edits in the deck editor, copy them back to my mac.

Not elegant, but it beats having to work with github, etc.

Anyhow, if some kind of sync option via dropbox, or access to LackeyCCG's files/folders under iTunes' "File Sharing" window could be implemented in a future release, that would be fantastic!

Thanks for a fantastic app!

General Discussion Forum / Trouble connecting to server.
« Last post by obzeen on November 29, 2014, 06:45:09 AM »
I'm having some issue. When I try to connect to the sever, it does not seem to connect. When I click connect again, it says that I'm "already connect(ed)". Is there something I can do to fix this, or is the server simply down?
General Discussion Forum / Re: Teach me vanguard
« Last post by Ascott29 on November 27, 2014, 08:14:50 PM »
The vanguard plugin isn't fully updated I don't think :/
General Discussion Forum / Training one self with the test dummy
« Last post by Gitsu on November 27, 2014, 05:34:13 PM »
Does anyone knw of a way to play as the test dummy when your offline as when your just practicing or anything i would like to knw how also if that isnt a feature why isnt it it would be really helpful if that was a feature anyways hopefully trevor reads this and gets the idea also Happy Thanksgiving!
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