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CCG Design Forum / Re: Skeleton of a game - help with where to go next
« Last post by Captain.Kaulu on September 09, 2016, 07:37:23 PM »
Ideally in the long run, I'll be able to adapt this style of rules to several different themes. In the meantime, though, it would help me to have a strong Theme in mind for (the first iteration of) the game. Suggestions are welcome!

Possibly because of the lack of a theme, I'm also having trouble coming up with specific cards to make in Lackey so that I can playtest the rules. This is odd, because (based on making up dream cards for CCGs I play) I always thought that coming up with the specific cards would be the easy part! Anyone else get stuck on this part of the design process? If so, what ways have you found to overcome it?
CCG Design Forum / Re: Skeleton of a game - help with where to go next
« Last post by Captain.Kaulu on September 09, 2016, 07:34:29 PM »
More Depth - But this stuff is subject to change

For the main cards in your deck, there are three types that I'm primarily planning on: Heroes, Places, and Hazards.

Heroes represent characters from whatever theme I end up choosing for the game.

You can only have one Place active at a time; the others get set off to the side. When you change to a new active Place, you are "Moving." Moving can be done more than once per turn, but it's one of the primary triggers that allows your opponent to play Hazards at you.

Hazards are one-use cards that you play against your opponent, in response to specific actions that trigger them. They're your main form of defense, working to slow down your opponent's ability to process all their cards the way they would like to and Invest as often as possible.

There could be more card types than these -- probably at most two other types, one that sticks around persistently and one that gives a one-time benefit.

In the past I've had your Heroes in play get separated into Active and Support categories, but I'm considering dropping that distinction for simplicity. I did like how it worked out in the old LotR CCG though.

Having your Heroes directly Battle your foe's Heroes is a mechanic in the game, but it has to be enabled by specific cards. This, I hope, will keep it from becoming the main focus of the game; I want the game to be more of a race than a direct kill-the-opponent-to-shut-them-out thing. Along those lines, I'd like to keep the Battle mechanic nice and simple.
CCG Design Forum / Skeleton of a game - help with where to go next
« Last post by Captain.Kaulu on September 09, 2016, 07:23:09 PM »
So I've been working on this game / game system for many years off and on. This isn't the most complete version of it that I've had along the way, but it's what I've got now (I've thrown out a number of ideas / subsystems in the hope of simplification).

The Core (stuff that I don't want to change)

Alongside each deck are a small number of cards that I call Secrets (name subject to change). These are relatively powerful cards with ongoing effects, and you don't even have to be lucky enough to draw them from your deck! However, they also keep track of your opponent's score, so the more of them you have active or in play, the closer your opponent is to winning! You start with them all face down, and each time your opponent "completes a Quest," you flip one of them over and its game text goes into effect. When you have no more to flip over and your opponent completes another Quest, you lose.

Like most CCGs, cards in your deck have a number on them that indicates their cost, with a higher number for more powerful cards. I call it the card's Fortune Number. However, in this game, the Fortune Number doesn't restrict when you are allowed to play the card. Instead, it's used as a random number generator whenever a card needs to have a random chance of doing something or not: you reveal the top card from your deck and compare its Fortune to a given threshold. This is called Scouting. If your Scouting result is lower than the threshold, something (good) succeeds or something bad is prevented. Opposite if your Scouting result is greater than or equal to the threshold.

At the end of every turn, you can (without needing any card to allow it) Scout to complete a Quest. The threshold number you need to beat to complete this Quest is the number of cards placed in your Invested Pile. Lots of cards let you place other cards in your Invested Pile (with restrictions, such as once per turn). Then once you complete a Quest, of course your Invested Pile resets to zero cards.

So the game is a race to fill your Invested Pile faster than your opponent (and/or have lower Fortune cards in your deck than your opponent) so that you can complete Quests faster than them -- but each time you complete a Quest, your opponent gets to activate a Secret card to help them fight back.
General Discussion Forum / Re: Lackey's last update was in 2014!
« Last post by facethefact on September 07, 2016, 08:22:06 AM »
Still extremely keen to add a proper VISUAL DICE system to lackey.. This will open up 100s of games and boardgames..

Way I see it is that you have a different image for each face.. drag it out from the token area of lackey. Double click on it on the table to cycle through the faces and randomly pick on. Add a sound trigger and your golden. Multi-select, double click on any and they all roll.

Games waiting for this I would like to build is Pathfinder TCG, Warhammer Quest TCG, Lord of the Rings, Shadow of Brimstone, Myth, Descent... etc etc... and was planning to do Mage Knight but the Vassal plugin is so comprehensive now.

Anyway I think a VISUAL DICE system is the most needed feature in Lackey.

CCG Design Forum / Re: Concept for a Shipbuilding game
« Last post by gwago on September 06, 2016, 10:04:38 AM »
While I haven't had any response to this yet, I figured I'd keep updating my progress for posterity. Of course, if anyone has any feedback, please share!

I've considered a few avenues for the combat system and have found one that seems to hit the right notes. I haven't playtested this yet, and I'm afraid it's adding yet more overall complexity to the game, but we'll see.

Combat would consist of rolling D6s for each attacking weapon. For example, if I had three powered cannons on my turn, I'd roll three seperate dice. These dice represent the actual beam or projectile flying through space to give a bit more of a conceptual feel.

In the above example, I'm rolling three dice. Modifiers are then applied, most commonly coming from the Tactics cards ("Evasive Maneuvers: Your opponent's attack rolls are -1 this turn."), but these can also come from other cards.

Once modifiers are applied, the final number is checked. A 1 or 2 is a miss, and the attack is disregarded. A 3, 4, or 5 is a hit, while a 6 is a direct hit.

The defender then places all hits (3-5) on his Outer Hull cards as he or she chooses. The attacker then places any direct hits on his opponent's outer hull cards as he or she chooses.

Each Outer Hull card has a Hull Integrity stat; if that value is met or exceeded in damage, it is destroyed and placed in the Destroyed pile. Victory is decided when cards in this pile exceed a certain limit.

This is the model I'm working with right now. It provides enough leeway for ships to be able to maneuver around attacks, and keeps evasion and defense (Hull Integrity) separate. The D6s also allow for more randomness than just counting values and applying modifiers. I was toying with the idea of having you roll all dice at the same time, which would simplify things and make combat more dynamic; different coloured dice could be used for different types of attacks (Beam vs. Projectile, for example), but this would mean that all attacks would have the same default strength, and any effects that weapons would have wouldn't be associated to the roll (which could be a direct hit). If I could find a way to do this I think it'd be preferable, and I might revisit this to dumb it down if it gets too complex.

As noted above, there are different types of attacks to add a few variables: Pulse, Beam, and Projectile. Certain types of defenses nerf different types of attacks; shields are great against pulse attacks, weaken beam attacks, and have no effect against projectiles, so you'd want to mix them up. Pulse attacks gravitate toward multiple small attacks (meaning multiple dice), beams focus more on damaging surrounding cards, while some projectiles might be harder to evade.

So that's the game so far. I'm at a point where I'm able to produce mock cards to start playtesting, and I'm curious to see how well it plays. If anyone has any feedback, please send it my way! I'm curious to see different takes on this model.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Hi guys! I am working on a Yuyuhakusho plugin.
« Last post by bbcali89 on September 05, 2016, 12:40:41 PM »
Hopefully there is some love for it when it's done.

I have all the card images. Just a matter of building everything now.

I'm in the process of doing the carddata, and then ill make rules. and I believe after tidying everything I should be good. yeah?

UPDATE! Set 1 Ghost Files is complete.
Everything is working!

a few images below.

Don't mind the fire emblem background ;) aha
the update url dose not have allcards.txt as a download.

Edit: don't mind me
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Creating a plugin
« Last post by silversurfer4980 on September 01, 2016, 10:17:31 PM »
My friend and I have been working on a cube for magic the gathering which is based on superheroes. I was just wondering if it is possible to make a plugin that is exactly the same as magic and then upload the images from my cube or just make a custom set in lackey.
Also is there a way to cube custom sets of magic cards online?
General Discussion Forum / Hi I am looking for a few TCG/CCG to play with friends! :)
« Last post by bbcali89 on September 01, 2016, 12:49:37 AM »
The games are:

Inuyasha by Score.
Yuyuhakusho by Score.
Bleach by Score.
Megaman Battle Network (I don't remember the company )
Does anyone have a plugin they can upload of these?

if so please send em my way thank you !

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Legendary: Marvel Deck Building Game plugin
« Last post by xXironic on August 31, 2016, 03:01:16 PM »
Hello! I'm new to LackeyCCG, and I've been trying to create an updatelist.txt-- I can only play on iPad and really really want to play Legendary Marvel. Is there any way you could possibly create one, or at least look over the one I've made and fix it up? It keeps crashing my app. :c
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