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CCG Design Forum / Warkings [Idea]
« Last post by Vultur on January 11, 2017, 01:50:19 PM »
Hi there! I've been playing card games since a child, so some friends and I decided to form a group called Legendarios Team and make a small TCG game for fun. The thing is, making a 'real' card game is either hard or expensive, while making it online is easier and we can also share our ideas if we ever want to.

So, we've already made the beginning of what would be a card game called Warkings. The idea is pretty much easy. Each player is a warlord (we as a team prefer to call it a Count) who manages his/her very own army. All the Counts do is searching for treasures, gemstones and that all stuff to become the richest and mightiest. But when two or more Counts face one another... a Clash begins.

We're going to make this game in our main language (Spanish) first, since our main idea is to make this game just for playing ourselves. If we think it's okay and other people might also enjoy it, we'll upload it for the LackeyCCG community.

As said above, I'm not making this all on my own. Some friends are helping me with their own ideas. And since we all have been playing Magic for quite a while, that game is our 'balance' ideal. That doesn't mean Magic is completely balanced (*cough cough* Tarmogoyf *cough cough*), but it helps us so we don't make extremely overpowered cards. For example, the basic damage spell in Magic is the almighty Lightning Bolt, which deals 3 damage out of 20 total life points = 3/20. There is also a worse damage spell called Shock, which deals only 2 damage = 2/20. But one of the things we have thought for Warkings is that players should begin with 100 life points, so our ideal basic damage spell would deal between 10 and 15 damage, being 10 a Shock and 15 a Bolt. Having 100 life points would allow us to work with different numbers, such as 12 or 14.

This is what we have conceived so far:
  • The decks must have exactly 40 cards. Each player is also allowed to have a sideboard (max 10 cards) and a special deckzone called Extra Deck, which can contain up to 10 cards (3 Bases, 1 Dimension, 1 Deity and 5 Spirit Guides).
  • The beginning hand is 5 cards.
  • As stated before, each player starts with 100 Health Points (HP).
  • Before starting, each player must choose 1 Base and 1 Dimension from his/her extra deck and put it into play.
  • A player wins if all of his/her opponents get to 0 HP and/or have no cards left in their draw deck. Also, special effects can make a player lose or win the game, but they must be pretty rare because the game is supposed to be balanced.
  • Phases would be pretty similar to the ones in Magic or Yu-Gi-Oh.
  • Players can have no more than 3 copies of each card in their decks. Bases, Deities, Dimensions and Spirit Guides aren't included in this rule as they belong to the Extra Deck: players can't have more than 1 copy of each.
  • Players can attack with their Characters. If opponent has any characters in play, you must first destroy all of them so that you can either directly attack the opponent or one of its Advisers. If opponent has no Characters but his/her Deity is in play, you must destroy it before you can attack the opponent or its Advisers.
  • Most cards have a Magic Point (MP) cost. Each player gets an amount of MP each turn depending on the effects of his/her Dimension. The cost a player pays for casting cards can be reduced in some manners depending on the effects of his/her Base.
  • When a player plays a card or activates an Ability (but also an effect from a card), each of his/her opponents decide in order whether to do something in response or not. If one single opponent decides to, a Chain begins.
  • If a player activates an effect from a Character, Relic, Adviser... and that card is destroyed in response, the effect still resolves. To stop an ability or effect, you can negate its effect in response by using some special cards or abilities, but if it affects a card you can also make that card unreachable in response; for example, if the effect is meant to boost a Character's attack and you destroy the character in response, nothing happens. There's no way to change the target as the effect resolves.

These are the card types we have created so far:
  • Characters. Similar to creatures in Magic and monsters in Yu-Gi-Oh, Characters are probably the most important card in a deck, since they act as your main win condition. Summoning them costs MP. Characters can also have effects that you can activate by paying MP. A Character has three basic stats: attack (the amount of damage the
    Character deals to a player, an Adviser, a Spirit Guide, a Deity or another Character), HP (the total damage the Character can bare; note that damage is cumulative, so if a 5-HP Character gets 2 damage this turn and 3 damage the next turn, it is destroyed) and speed (a number from 1-5 that tells us how much priority the Character has during an Attack; whenever a player attacks, 5-speed Chars' damage resolves first, then 4-speed Chars' damage resolve, then 3-Speed and so on). Last but not least, all Characters belong to a race (for example, Humans, Werewolves or Aliens) and a faction (there will be only a few factions in the game).
  • Abilities. Similar to instants/sorceries in Magic and trap/magic cards in Yu-Gi-Oh, Abilities are one-use cards. It's pretty simple: you pay its MP cost, it does its effect, then goes to the graveyard zone. However, Abilities add a lot of complexity to the game, as we have three types of Abilities. First of all, Normal Abilities. You can activate them in your turn only if there is no active Chain at the moment. There also are Chained Abilities, which you can activate in any turn in response to a card being cast (that includes other Abilities) or an effect being activated. When you cast a Chained Ability in response to a card or effect, you immediately start a Chain where everybody can respond to everything. I'll explain how Chains work later Finally, Swift Abilities are similar to Chained Abilities, but better. You can cast them whenever you want, not just in response to things. Furthermore, when you cast a Swift Ability during a Chain, that Chain is over. Nobody else can respond and that Ability will resolve first. Oh, I forgot to mention. Activated effects from cards work exactly the same: you also have Normal, Chained and Swift effects, and they resolve the same way. Abilities and effects can both appear at the same Chain.
  • Equipment. A no-brainer. Items like armors, weapons and banners are included here. When you cast an Equipment card, you simply pay its MP cost and put it into game directly equipped to a Character you choose. Equipments boost the Character's stats and may offer some continuous or activated effects. The only weakness is that when the Character is destroyed, the Equipment too.
  • Relics. These ones would be a mix between enchantments and artifacts from Magic. You have to pay MP to cast them and they grant you continuous effects (which don't require an activation). Relics almost always mean a benefit only for the player who controls it, as they usually affect a specific group of cards and players will want to choose the best ones for their decks. Relics can sometimes have effects you can activate.
  • Laws. These cards are like Magic's enchantments. You have to pay MP to cast them and they grant you continuous effects, that's all. Laws never have effects you can activate and they affect a wider group of cards.
  • Advisers. Advisers share characteristics from creatures and planeswalkers from Magic. They're more powerful than creatures, so they cost a bit more MP. On the other hand, they have an effect upon entering the game and always offer you some more nice effects to activate. However, they're not immortal: Advisers have HP and are destroyed when it gets to 0. They can't attack, either.
  • Spirit Guides. Spirit Guides are a mixture between planeswalkers and enchantments from Magic. They cost more or less the same as Characters, but they're most likely useless if you don't have any Characters in game as well. In fact, you can only cast them when you have a specific amount of Characters that belong to a race or faction. Spirit Guides offer a continuous effect for some races of creatures and, once per turn, you can activate one of its special effects, which work with the same priority as normal effects or Abilities.
  • Deities. These are probably the most powerful cards in the game. In fact, they're SO powerful you can only have one in your entire Extra Deck. If you get yours into game, you're pretty much going to win. Deities can only be summoned from the Extra Deck when you fit their specific requirements. For example, imagine a demonic Deity that can be summoned for 500 MP and sacrificing 4 Humans you have in game. That's pretty much the idea. If you have a Deity in game, it will protect you and your Advisers from all danger. Speaking in rules, this means that neither a player or its Advisers can be attacked if that player has a Deity in game, even if he/she has no Characters. But well, we said that in the basic rules above. Deities have powerful continuous effects for you and your Characters, and they also have a HP number, which is usually pretty high (say, about 40-50 HP, which is half a player's initial HP). When they reach 0, poof!, it is set aside from game. You won't be able to summon it again and there's no way to get it back, so do your best to protect it.
  • Bases. You have 3 slots for Bases in your Extra Deck. You're not forced to have exactly 3 Bases, but you must have at least one in your Extra Deck and all of your Bases must be different as well. You can't have two copies of the same Base. Before beginning a game, you must choose one Base from there and put it into game. Bases can reduce how much MP cards and effects cost, as well as boosting your Characters' attack and HP. Bases usually offer some effects to activate. Theoretically, you can't switch your base during game, but I'm planning on making some cards that allow you to.
  • Dimensions. You must have exactly one Dimension in your Extra Deck, and you have to put it into game at the same time as the Base, just before beginning. Dimensions tell you how much MP you get every turn, and also they offer you some speed boosts. If you make a deck, you will have to be sure that your Dimension works well with it.

And finally, this is how Chains work. Well, first of all let's make clear that, when cast, all cards, except for Chained and Swift Abilities and effects, have the same priority as a Normal Ability or a normal effect. So, let's say my opponent have a Character in play and he casts a Normal Ability to boost its attack. In response, I activate a chained effect from my Character that destroys his and, again in response, opponent casts a Swift Ability that prevents its Character from being destroyed this turn. Okay, when we see a Swift Ability the Chain ends. Then we start resolving each effect in order: first, the Swift Ability makes the Character indestructible. Afterwards, my chained effect is supposed to destroy that Character, but obviously does nothing. Then his Normal Ability boosts the Character's attack and the Chain disappears. Note that players can cast as many Chained Abilities or effects as they want in response to stuff, but when a Swift Ability or effect appears the Chain stops.

So, what do you think. Is making that in a plugin for LackeyCCG viable? Do you think there are any flaws in these concepts? Would you like to play Warkings if we release it one day? Feel free to reply and tell me!
General Discussion Forum / Re: So... is lackeyCCG dead?
« Last post by facethefact on January 10, 2017, 01:50:21 PM »
This software is just an update away (cough *custom dice* cough cough) from being the most versatile platform for a lot of board and card games
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Warhammer 40,000 CCG
« Last post by vsmithy on January 10, 2017, 06:15:52 AM »
Does anyone still have the plugin for the Sabertooth Games original Warhammer 40k CCG? I would be very grateful if you could share it with me!
I was going to try to build the plugin myself and then I realized it might already exist!
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Decipher Star Wars on Mac
« Last post by KingWhirlie on January 10, 2017, 01:42:36 AM »
Hey masterjedi, were you updating the plugin from the following link?

I was trying to make the game fresh from after the updates about a year or so ago. However, I didn't really have a ton of time and I also don't have access to all the pictures myself. I wouldn't be able to work on it until later, but do you have access to all the pictures? And are you familiar with aprogram that could read the text to put in the card info file? I would rather not spend hours typing it out.
Art & Graphics & Skins Forum / New Skin: Flat (light version)
« Last post by Chris on January 07, 2017, 12:58:13 PM »
I made a new skin for LackeyCCG. This time I went for a clean style with using light gray and flat colors for all the elements. I may do a dark version of this in the future.

This is what this skin will look like in Lackey:

You can download the required files here.
To installl simply unzip this file inside the LackeyCCG install directory. This will add some files to the /fonts and /skins, /images/backgrounds, and /images/zonebackgrounds folders; and will overwrite the interface files in the images/interface folder. (If you want to revert to the default skin later, you should back up the files already present in the images/interface folder to a new subfolder, before unzipping.)

After unzipping, (re)start LackeyCCG and go to Preferences > Skins, hit the button Browse an existing skin to load it, select flatlight.txt and hit Choose to load it.

To get the complete look, change the font settings and backgrounds under Preferences > Appearence as you see in the image below.

Hi Tragic,

I'm the same guy that told you about the issue on youtube. I am going to attempt to install the program via winebottler as a temp workaround...


Scatch that... winebottler crashes on macOS Sierra. Will try wineskin next...

- Update 2

I got it to run with wineskin
CCG Design Forum / Re: Skeleton of a game - help with where to go next
« Last post by Captain.Kaulu on January 04, 2017, 10:06:04 AM »
Thanks! I haven't worked more on the game in the last month. (What I do have is the work of many years of percolating.) But I really should post more, even if it's cards I came up with in a version of the game that I don't love anymore.

I haven't played Star Wars CCG, but I did take a lot of inspiration from Star Trek CCG, also by Decipher. Particularly the idea that "kill your opponent" isn't the primary goal.
I'm getting a lot of people telling me that LackeyCCG no longer works on the latest MacOS... as in the app itself will not run. I use Windows so I can not confirm or deny. but thought you guys should know.

(Assuming this app is not actually dead nowadays)
Bug Report Forum / Re: macOS version cannot find finds
« Last post by hackmodford on January 03, 2017, 05:03:47 PM »
Yes the font folder is there. The files are also present in the folder from what I can tell.
Anything I can do to help?
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Plugin Update List locations 4/21/2014
« Last post by Hyrulianpanda on January 02, 2017, 04:03:08 PM »

I have been using Lackey a few months now to play Marvel Legendary and Munchkin - I have been learning about plugin creation and have noticed that the plugininfo.txt for munchkin needs updating, under game functions "Treasures (Hand)" and "Treasures (Table)" should both have the letter S removed on both so the buttons appear.

I also have images for a few of the expansions for Marvel Legendary and was planning on adding these expansions

Happy to help, and hello to the community

I actually have a file with Marvel Legendary updated with some expansions but the images aren't scans but filler images used to proxy the cards.

Has up to GoTG I believe and Villains base set. It is kinda disorganized though but it's something.
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