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I FIGURED IT OUT! Kinda... so there is a script for performing card functions, it's /cN where N is the number of the function in the list of right-click functions for that particular card. So what I did was add the script:

<s><l>Flip, Add 1 Clue</l><f>/c6;/ccgreen=1</f></s>

So now when you right click on the card there is an option to "Flip, Add 1 Clue" which turns the card facedown (revealing the other side of the card) and gives it 1 green token!
The best solution I can think of is to add a script that flips the card and adds a token in one fell swoop... are there any scripts that flip cards over? I've tried /turnover and /TURNOVER
Yea man, I spent all night trying to figure out scripting. Being able to have clue counters appear after location cards are flipped is such a huge part of AHLCG so I'd love to add it. I can also look into it a bit later. Thanks for the effort!
I think that's a great idea. I'll have to do that while the card pool is still relatively small!
Just wanted to mention here that I've been moderating the AHLCG plugin and have had success with Dropbox. Not sure if it's necessary but I've done two things which I believe have led to my success. Firstly, any and all Dropbox links should have the "" portions of the link replaced with "" and the "?dl=1" at the end of the link should be deleted entirely leaving a link that ends in .txt (or .jpg or whatever the file type is). And secondly, and more frustratingly, I've taken the time to link every single image individually in the updatelist.txt. Linking to the entire folders wasn't working properly. It's a pain in the ass to have to go in and link every single image but it gets the job done. I had the luxury of a much smaller card pool when I started, too. Anyway, I hope this helps if you ever wanna switch back to Dropbox.
You should probably move all of the image stuff to CardImageURL files. It will make compiling your updatelist much easier and allow LackeyCCG to download images in the background as needed.
Funny thing is that I do not play Magic at all. I went through all the cards looking for script. I will look a little later on and try to script it out for you.

I maintain the FFG SWLCG plugin, and have decided to begin scripting some of the cards.

You will find that the documentation on scripting for LackeyCCG is very limited.
Glad to hear that! Can you think of a specific card that does that so I can find the script more easily when I dl and search the plugin?
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: MTG Plugin - Flip transform card?
« Last post by MasterJediAdam on November 27, 2017, 06:23:51 AM »
Shift works when the card in on the table. Did you try double clicking on the image in the deck editor?
Yes, you should be able to script that. Shoot me a PM if you need help, but the Magic plugin has some scripting that is similar.
Bug Report Forum / Re: Lackey Tabs like preferences not showing on windows 10
« Last post by MasterJediAdam on November 27, 2017, 06:19:42 AM »
Can you send a screenshot? It might just be the skin.
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