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Bug Report Forum / Re: Problems with plugin and buttons on mac build
« Last post by McFly on August 17, 2014, 12:39:08 PM »
I confirmed with Trevor via Skype, but for the sake of others viewing this thread; the latest version does resolve it. :)
Bug Report Forum / Re: Problems with plugin and buttons on mac build
« Last post by Trevor on August 17, 2014, 11:14:20 AM »
I just posted a new mac version. Please confirm it fixes the issue.
Thanks, fingers crossed the update is released soon.
I'm on IPad mini 2 and nothing appears in the installed plugins list.  I've used an auto update URL for two separate games but I can't load either one, any ideas?
on some non-American iPads, you can't load a plugin from the browser, but if you use the auto update URL to install/update a plugin, and there are no errors in the files downloaded, you can load the plugin without using the browse button immediately after the update. I posted a fix to this issue but apple has been really slow in making it live. Sorry, please be patient for the update to be live.
I'm on IPad mini 2 and nothing appears in the installed plugins list.  I've used an auto update URL for two separate games but I can't load either one, any ideas?
Congrats on the submission! I hope that it makes it to the store with no problems!

But sadly, my tablet is android.... my phone is apple....

Hope to see an Android version some time....

Thanks for all the work you put into this program!
CCG Design Forum / Re: Cast - Creatureless Card Battle Game
« Last post by 3XXXDDD on August 15, 2014, 07:57:04 PM »
Forgot to post these ideas.
CCG Design Forum / Cast - Creatureless Card Battle Game
« Last post by 3XXXDDD on August 15, 2014, 07:32:41 PM »
I've had this idea for a while but I got distracted recently. However it still needs some work, mainly the Siphon System.

You start with 30 Cards in your Main Deck and 1 Familler Card. You can only use cards that share their color with your Familler OR are generic/colorless/grey. You

Round Order:

1) Draw 7 Cards

2) Player A with Priority plays a card face-up (only if it meets any and all of its activation conditions)and paying all applicable costs, while passing priority to their Opponent

3) Player B plays a card face-up, meeting its timing activation and paying all applicable costs, while passing priority back to their Opponent

(You can choose to skip playing a card but if you do your opponent can play a card each time you do, just as if you had played a card)

4) After everyone has played a card, you apply their effects starting with the last card played (so the first card played is the last to have its effect applied)

5) Afterwards, you count the "Siphon" value of all the card you played

6) You put your hand and the cards you played on the bottom of your deck

7) A new round starts, both players draw up to 7 cards (minus their total Siphon value from the previous round, Siphon costs do not carry into a new round)

8) The Player who didn't start with Priority last turn, starts with it this turn.


Cards have the following values:

1) Name
2) Color (You can only use a deck combined of all the same color, except colorless which can be used in any deck)
3) Siphon value (As explained before, this is the number of cards you don't draw next turn)
4) Effect (The effect of the card)

Your Familler has a Name, Color and passive effect that helps you during your game.

Example Link

Card #1 - Fire Ball - Siphon 2 - Deal 3 Damage
Card #2 - Protect - Siphon 0 - The next damage dealt to you is reduced to 0.
Card #3 - Falcon Punch - Siphon 1 - Deal 1 Damage

Then it resolves backwards, so what happens is:

Card #3 - Deals 1 Damage
Card #2 - Prevents the next damage
Card #1 - Attempts to deal 3 damage but is prevented by Card #2 (Protect)


Once a player's life is reduced from 100 to 0, they lose the game
There are four card types

Assault - Deals Damage
Charm - Supports you
Hex - Disrupts your Opponent
Enchantment - Stays face up on the field, usually with a passive effect or something that activates in between phases.

Some keywords:

Silent - Plays face-down, flips on resolution
Interrupt - Can be played during resolution, as if it were the next card to resolve
Mastery - No Copy Limit
Cool Down - Only one copy per deck
Sapped - No other actions.

The biggest issue brought to my attention was this:

Quote from: CedaЯMill
Quote from: 3XXXDDD
Oh. No, you can over-siphon cards but that Siphon doesn't carry onto next turn.

Eg. 1

# One Turn, Play a Siphon of Nine
# Draw No Cards

# Second Turn, Play 0 Siphon
# Draw up to 7
Does that not potentially open up a sort of 'dead space' zone in terms of costing though? Like, you can either play with a very sparing Siphon to ensure you can do something every turn OR you play with maximum Siphon costs, and play intermittant turns. Except this leaves you with a sort of 'Slaking' problem, as it were, where you have no motivation to play values close to, or just over your 7 Siphon when you could play well over it to no further detriment but greater effect. To use the Pokemon analogy, it's comparable to having a Slaking with Truant use any mid-power move, or Giga Impact every time. You could do the first option, but the latter will do more damage and won't do you any harm beyond the turn loss you get anyway.
Basically what I've getting at is, without further costing for going over the 7, I can see this game concept being divided into small siphon, sparing play deck that can whittle you down every turn, and decks with MASSIVE Siphon who may take a direct hit every other turn, but will dominate in the turns where they can do something.

Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: So do we have any L5R players
« Last post by Johnny Blaze on August 15, 2014, 12:04:41 PM »
Yea it needs to be updated , with the New set coming out Line in the Sand, there are so much cool stuff coming out, especially the Dark Naga.. so getting Emperor an Ivory with the sets would be good
I'm working on updating the L5R plugins to include Emperor and Ivory edition. The thing is there are a lot of cards to add if someone would like to help please let me know. btw no special programing skills are needed (I'll take care of anything that does) all you need is a spreadsheet editor (microsoft excel, Open Office (free) or Numbers (if you have a Mac) and some time.
If you're interested let me know by replying to this tread or PM me and I will work something out with you. I do have skype but we can work with google docs or through email if you don't want or use skype.


PS: For Emperor edition if we get 4 people spending 10 hours a week we could have it done in a few weeks. For Ivory edition it'll be even faster as there are not as many sets out yet! The more people the faster we can get back to playing on lackey...
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