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Bug Report Forum / Re: If LackeyCCG doesn't launch for you...
« Last post by uaq on November 09, 2016, 11:33:37 AM »
Hi - I'm getting the missing fonts page show up when I try to launch LackeyCCG (on the latest version of OSX). The fonts page directs me to download lackeyCCG again - which just downloads the same version of the files I originally downloaded and launching the newly downloaded application directs me back to the same missing fonts page. I've tried "installing" the fonts through the native font application for mac but I get a warning saying there are serious problems with the font and they may harm the security of my machine.

I'm really not sure what to do. I've read through these responses and tried googling the issue and I'm not having any luck. I see the posts in this thread are a few years old so I really hope that someone sees this and is able to help.

General Discussion Forum / Re: If the server is offline...
« Last post by Reth on November 04, 2016, 05:10:42 PM »
Yep, server unfortunately still down. Also thanks from my side for Lackey! I use it very often!
General Discussion Forum / Re: If the server is offline...
« Last post by Xonathan on November 03, 2016, 04:23:22 PM »
Hello Sir,

The server is down. Thanks for the awesome program
Hello all. I am brand new here, just downloaded the software for lackeyccg and love it so far. I downloaded it because I am building my own, custom tcg and I need help. I have most of the cards finished, the rules are basically done (it's magic the gathering style) and I am ready to begin the process of making it digitally available. The game is Comic Book Wars. It's a game revolving around all the characters from your favorite comic books (so far I have over 1000 characters) and the idea is centered around destroying your opponent before they destroy you. The game is super similar to MTG but I think it will be extremely fun if you are a fan of comic books like I am as the characters and their abilities are super exciting.

What I need is help on the programming end. I have been trying to build my own plugin file but I have no idea what I am doing. I want to make sure the game runs properly and was hoping one of you might be able to get the txt going or at least give me some pointers. What might be best is if one of you can show me an example of a full plugin.txt file for MTG (as I can probably copy and paste a lot of the lines as they match).

Please help! Thanks!
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Dora TCG
« Last post by UGRG on November 01, 2016, 08:10:41 PM »
Balance Update!Card changes can be found on the discord chat.
Please remove the previous Set folder and add this one ->
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / plugin help
« Last post by gasman on October 30, 2016, 12:46:49 AM »
can someone help me with the latest Magic plug in my old computer crashed
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / [Updated] Dora TCG
« Last post by UGRG on October 28, 2016, 06:06:31 PM »
I've been working on a digital tcg project called Dora TCG (name will most likely change) for a while now and decided to playtest the game on Lackey. I hope to generate more interest in the game by making it publicly available for people who are interested in trying out and playtesting the game. In essense the game plays like Hearthstone mixed with Spellweaver/The Spoils. If you have any questions, as I'm sure those who are interested have please feel free to ask on the forums or on the discord chat. A handbook has now been created that will teach you the basics of the game. Please download it. I will be making updates to the plugin fairly often.

Plugin Download:UPDATED

Plugin Download With Handbook:NEW

Handbook Download:NEW

Discord Server Invite Link:

Other Links -
Wikia: url=][/url] [Outdated, will update]
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Yo-Kai Watch Tcg
« Last post by DarkRes1 on October 26, 2016, 09:36:47 AM »
was wondering if anybody were willing to make a plugin for the new Yo-Kai Watch Tcg that was just recently released ?
Bug Report Forum / Re: Can't save deck or load it
« Last post by Alastair on October 24, 2016, 08:36:09 AM »
PC? Mac? Ipad?

If you're on PC it sounds like Lackey does not have permission to write to the folder you're trying to save to. Depending on which version of windows would decide how to solve this. The simplest way for most versions of windows is to run Lackey as an Administrator. If your problem is on Mac or ipad then I'm not sure how to go about solving that particular issue.
Plugins & Plugin Creation Forum / Re: Adding cards to a deck individually
« Last post by Snoogy on October 24, 2016, 01:05:46 AM »
You can load a recent deck to a player when in a match; all you have to do is right click them and select it from the drop-down menu.
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