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Hello, nice to meet you all. I'm the latest in Pokemon plugin maintainers, following Don_Andy and Skye before him, and will be doing my best to keep up and continue work on this plugin as their impromptu successor.

* The current 'total card count' of the plugin is 6791, as of January 27th, 2013. If your plugin reports a different number, even after fully updating, please delete all text files from your sets folder, then reinstall the plugin.
* A soundpack for the plugin is now available! Click here to test the 'game' soundpack, playing each Pokémon's cry as based from the video game series.
Most recent update: (01/27/13)

* Added the Plasma Storm set (PS).
* Added promotional cards:
* BW Promos 51, 56, 57.Previous updates:

* Added BC set. (10/28/12)
* Added DV set. (10/22/12)
* Added promotional cards. (9/22/12)
* Added DG set. Added promotional cards. (7/29/12)
* Added DE set. Added promotional cards. Added custom counter images. (4/28/12)
* Added promotional cards. Fixed all duplicate names and missing-set names. (2/09/12)
* Added ND set. (1/30/12)
* Added promotional cards. Revised naming conventions for older sets. Added sound set compatibility. (12/17/11)
* Added promotional cards. (11/15/11)
* Added promotional cards. (11/06/11)
* Added NV set. (10/28/11)
* Added promotional cards and fixed typos and naming errors. (10/23/11)
* Added promotional cards and Trainer Kit 4 cards. (9/21/11)
* Added EP set. Upgraded plugin version. Renamed some cards and uninstalled the old versions. (8/14/11)
* Added MCD-BW set. (6/19/11)
* Changed naming for Delta Species. Fixed text on all Platinum Era cards, all Special Energy cards, all Pokemon SP, and all Pokemon Tools. Changed format lists. (5/25/11)
* Added the following sets: P9, PR, NP-DP, NP-DPt, NP-HGSS, NP-BW. Changed image naming for HGSS and NP-DP sets. (5/15/11)
* Modified plugin settings for counter color/positions. (5/01/11)
* Added CL set, BW set. Fixed large amount of text errors in HGSS On. (4/30/11)
Given my situation, it may be a while before I can complete PF, if I can at all. I've been needing assistance on this project for the last half-year, and unfortunately now I simply cannot maintain working on the plugin.

Regardless of whether I can successfully finish PF, it will likely be my last set; Someone else will need to take over the plugin, and while I will be able to provide minor assistance, I can no longer perform the updates alone.

Bob the Builder:
Sent you a message here

Just to keep everyone updated, I'm still working on cleaning this plugin up. However, I had to go to the dentist recently, so it kind of messed up my schedule planning. o.o

I cleaned every typo I could find out of Legend Era (HGSS - CL), just need to fill in the missing card data for past sets as well, then I'll update.

I might also update the images from a couple of sets (especially in regards to the too-small-to-read Ho-oh LEGEND and Lugia LEGEND cards), so when this update goes live, you may have to redownload a few pictures.

hey Im new to Lackey but not to Pokemon :)

Thanx for updating recently, really appreciate it. However, could you please include the Promo cards wen u get the chance?

I saw BW Promos aren't there as well as HGSS Promos i think.


I'm not all that familiar with exactly where or how promotional cards fit into the grand scheme of things, or which ones are legal when. Would be helpful to get a little bit of explanation on that regard... though otherwise I can just add the BW Promos (and there are missing HGSS promos, you say?) in my next update and simply not attach them to the Modified formats until I'm sure they belong.

EDIT: Okay, I've located scans and am in the process of adding the following promotional mini-sets:
-Missing cards from DP Promotional (Out of 56... don't know how many are needed.)
-HGSS Promotional (25)
-BW Promotional (13)
-Pop 9 (17)
-Pokemon Rumble (16)


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