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Cardfight!! Vanguard plugin

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Sucks that I have to read a pop up box. Much like you said it does look pretty and reading from a pop up will take something away. Oh well.

Well... as things currently stand, LackeyCCG's Plugin selector offers semi-dynamic Medium/High Quality buttons. With a little tweaking (possibly with a little client modification by Trevor), it could be possible to introduce a whole new two "quality sizes", so the plugin maintainer could simply edit in the translations into the card images (and have no drawbacks, as it'd allow people to select original images or photoshopped translations instead of leaving them stuck with one or the other) and basically allow Japanese-Medium, Japanese-High, English-Medium, English-High.

...Just speculating. >_>

Photoshoping translations onto the cards will actually be pretty hard, particularly if you want to ensure that the art is not affected too badly.

I am actually used to reading from the text like that, but it is irritating because the text blocks the card and keeps me from seeing the card itself to simply admire the art. Is it possible to shift the text to pop-up elsewhere or have a permanent place somewhere else instead?

Also, there are no Phase images provided in any of the official Vanguard stuff, as far as I can find. I am no artist either. If anyone can come up with nice Phase images and send me, I'll gladly add it in with the next update.

I don't know much about the japanese language/alphabet. I am not sure the translations would take up a similar amount of space.

Oh no, they won't. Japanese words tend to consist of kanji, which are about the same size as one of our letters. They might use hiragana or katakana to spell out a name or something like that, but, other than that, one can be sure that if one wants to fit in the English translations into a similar space, much compression is needed.


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