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Galactic Empites?


The game was clunky but I always had a soft spot for it. Has anybody ever made a plugin for it?

The lack of replies marls a "no" as a solid answer.

I could (and the stress is on could) try to do it myself, but I lack the scans. Can anybody help me out with them?

The three most time consuming parts of making a plugin are these:

1) finding images/scanning the cards
2) sizing them correctly
3) making the cards searchable

If you complete 1 and don't need to do 2 and skip 3, it's actually really easy.

I believe this is the game you're referring to, no?

Resources seem to be pretty slim if anyone's interested. Slim but still out there.

Wow, thanks. These are just the resources I was talking about. Now I just need the time...  ::)


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