Author Topic: Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (new LCG from Fantasy Flight, NOT Decipher)  (Read 38907 times)


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Finally found what I think could be a replacement host for DropBox...

I have uploaded the lackeyCCG Plugin to this server as well as incorporated some slight changes.

ADDED : Cycle 04
[c]  [/c] Voice of Isengard (Delux)
[c]  [/c] The Ring Maker Cycle

CHANGED : New Keybindings
CHANGED : Removed the Truncated Button Names

Apart from that it is pretty much the same as it ever was.

[q][size=18]KeyBoard Functions[/size]

You can set your own keyboard functions to anything you wish, by clicking PREFERENCES button and then clicking KEYBINDINGS. These are just what I use. Feel free to change ANY button but the F11!! and the F12.. if you change these you will break some of the scripting functions. Remember you can always update form the url at any time to reset everything to defaults.

Keybindings in Lackey are pervasive across the application, so if you use "t" for take control, then every time you type "t" in the chat window it will trigger the hotkey. So I am using CTRL+T and CTRL+SHIFT+T to turn On and Off tokens. There is a bug in LackeyCCG at the moment that makes windows systems beep if you use ALT+t.... so for now it is SHIFT+T.. but will go back to ALT once the bug is fixed. (It may not be the app has not been updated since 2009)

CRT+LEFT CLICK = Flip a Card
HOLD SHIFT + MOUSE OVER (Peak at the other side of the card without flipping it)

F1 = Refresh ALL
F2 = Draw Card

] = Next Phase (auto save each advanced phase)
[ = Last Phase
F4 = Advance Turn

F2 = Next Turn
F3 = Draw 1 Card to Hand

F4 = Draw Quest Card

F5 = Draw Encounter Card
F6 = Draw Shadow Card
F7 = Draw 2nd Encounter Card
F8 = Draw 2nd Shadow Card

F12 = Empty Hand - This moves the top card of your hand to the top of your draw deck. (do not change this keybinding!!)

CRTL+T = Take Control of Card

CTRL+R / CRT+SHIFT+R = Resource Token (Add / Remove)
CTRL+W / CRT+SHIFT+W = Wound Token (Add / Remove)
CTRL+P / CRT+SHIFT+P = Progress Token (Add / Remove)

CTRL+A / CRT+SHIFT+A = Orange Generic Token (Add / Remove)
CTRL+S / CRT+SHIFT+S = Red Generic Token (Add / Remove)
CTRL+D / CRT+SHIFT+D = Purple Generic Token (Add / Remove)

CTRL+Z / CRT+SHIFT+Z = Blue Generic Token (Add / Remove)
CTRL+X / CRT+SHIFT+X = Yellow Generic Token (Add / Remove)
CTRL+C / CRT+SHIFT+C = Green Generic Token (Add / Remove)

CTRL+ALT+1 = Toggle Draw Mode ON / OFF
CTRL+ALT+2 = Clear Drawn Markings

F10 = Roll 6 sided Dice
F9 = Flip Coin

F1 = Refresh (+Threat, Untap all and Draw 1 Card)
- / + =  Threat  Add / Remove
Ctrl + 1,3,5 = Peak  1, 3, 5 (Peak at the top 1, 3 or 5 cards of your own draw deck)
Ctrl+SHIFT+1,3,5 = Scry 1, 3, 5 (Scry the top 1, 3 or 5 cards form the top of the 1st encounter deck)

[size=18]How to install?[/size]

Install LackeyCCG -
Open the applicatio and click the button at the top (send from teh far right) called "PLUGIN"
Copy this link to your clipboard -
Press the button in Lackey "Paste AutoUpdate URL".
Then click "Install Update"

That is it! All done.

If the plugin says "errors in downloading"... just click the install button again. Sometimes Lackey fails to downlaod things for some reason. The links should all work.. so click it again and you should be good.

Once you installed the plugin.. on that same screen click "Browse installed Plugins to Load One"
Select - LoTRLCG
Click - Choose

have fun!![/q]

I'm going to use this as a test... if it works out then I'll move my other plugins there...


I do not really play this game much anymore. This plugin will probably not get another update.. unless I get help from another. The truth is that I have moved most of my play into TableTop Simulator. There is also OCTGN.

The big plus of LackeyCCG over OCTGN was that it was that it also had iOS support.

If you wish to help

If you wish to help with this plugin then PM me on this forum and speak up.. all I really need is someone to enter the data into the cardtext file, as I hate doing that. I can then produce all the cards needs and get the plugin updated on the server.


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Hi, I just bought LackeyCCG on iPad for the sole reason of playing LotRLCG but I can't find a working link to the plugin anywhere. Can you help please?


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Ok.. I think I have found a solution to this problem....

I am now hosting on GITHUB.... . I think this will work fine.. but there is a bandwidth limit.. so if you have errors.. just wait and try again in a few hours or the next day or something.

I do not think it will ever be an issue as there are so few people who will use this plugin.

The new UPDATE url is :

I found github super confusing as it is a complex site designed for subversion control and group access of programming projects... so let me know if there are any issues!

have fun and ROLL HIGH


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Re: Lord of the Rings: The Card Game (new LCG from Fantasy Flight, NOT Decipher)
« Reply #123 on: September 11, 2017, 02:31:19 PM »
Thanks for your amazing work on this plugin and to FF for creating this fantastic game.

It's sad that the LackeyCCG community is mostly dead, as sadly none noticed the link was to the Call of Cthulhu game, so in case there's still someone interested in the LoTR card game plugin, the actual update link is
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