Author Topic: MtG: New Scripts for Scry/Reveal/Look At, and ETB with Counters; Color Identity  (Read 213 times)


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Cards that scry, reveal, or look at a fixed number of cards off the top of a library now have scripts when you right-click on them, to save you the tedium of that drilldown menu. Unfortunately I have no way of coding variable numbers, so you'll still have to do it yourself for things like Ugin's Insight that scry X.

Cards that enter the battlefield with a fixed number of counters should do so as well. I've standardized the colors as follows:
  • Green for +1/+1 counters
  • Red for -1/-1 counters
  • Blue for everything else
Because of this, I've also enabled + and - buttons for blue counters on the toolbar. Like the scrying scripts, these are only automatic for fixed numbers, and you'll still have to do it yourself for things like hydras that enter with arbitrary numbers of counters.

I also fixed a bug in the token scripts. Cards that generate variable numbers of tokens with the phrase "for each" (like Avenger of Zendikar) were only spawning one token instead of giving options. They should work correctly now.

New Card Field

All cards now have a field named "ColorID", which is the card's color identity for commander deckbuilding purposes, rather than the card's actual in-game color. For instance, Benthic Infiltrator is colorless but has a blue color identity, Yasova is green but has a Temur identity, and so forth.


As always, please let me know if you have questions, or if you find a bug.
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