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System Down: The Customisable Hacker Card Game!

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Updated with proper battle phase rules. Note Card Images need to be changed to accommodate said rule. Another thing, suggestions for "Insert Term Here" value term name?

The Customisable Hacker Card Game!

To Deck Out your Opponent.

Draw X (5 or 6)
1 Perfect Mulligan (You choose which cards to put back and which to keep).

Draw Turn Player may draw a card from their deck; If they do, they return a card from their hand to the bottom of their deck.
Upload Turn Player may upload any number of Virus or Anti-Virus cards. Input cards may not be activated by any Player.
System Turn Player may declare attacks against the non-turn player.
End Certain effects might activate here.

Each Player starts the game with a a RAM of 0. Each Virus card has a Negative RAM while each Anti-Virus has a Positive RAM.

When a Player uploads a Virus or an Anti-Virus card, their RAM is added (Anti-Virus) or subtracted (Virus) from the Player's RAM.

If a Player's RAM becomes negative, they must format their field by sending enough Virus Cards to their discard pile until their RAM is at 0 or higher.

Data Input Cards
Data Input cards may be activated by any Player at any time during the game except during the Upload Phase unless it is stated otherwise on the card. Each Data Input card has a RAM cost. To activate a Data Input card, you must pay the RAM cost by returning any number of Anti-Virus cards that have a total RAM equal or more than the cost on the Data Input card.

Battle Phase
During the battle phase, the turn player selects which Virus Cards he wants to attack his opponent with by turning them horizontally. The defending player may choose to block them with their Anti-Virus cards.

When an attack hits the defending player, they send a number of cards, equal to the Virus Card's power, from the top of their deck to their Memory. Then they may draw a number of cards equal to or less than the Virus Card's Recode.

When the defending player chooses to block an attack, they select which Anti-Virus Cards to block with and which Virus cards to block against. An Anti-Virus card can block any number of Virus Cards. However you can't block any Virus card with more than one Anti-Virus.

Then you compare the total of the Virus Card's power with the total of the Anti-Virus cards power. If the Virus Card's total power is equal to or greater than the Anti-Virus Card, the Anti-Virus card is destroyed and the attack proceeds to the Opponent. If the Virus Card's total power is less than the Anti-Virus Card, the attack is stopped (The Virus cards are not destroyed). After an Anti-Virus has successfully blocked an attack, it is returned to the defending player's hand. 

Image Templates

Anti-Virus/Virus/Data Input Base Image Template (Credits to Dabem)


- Variables no longer have the Quick and Normal Sub-Types.

- All Variables are to be activated from the player's hand and can do so any time during either player's turn (except for the Call Phase) unless stated otherwise.

- Creatures called to defend are no longer discard to the discard pile and are now instead returned to the defending player's hand if the attack was unsuccessful. If the attack were successful all defending creatures along with the original target creature are destroyed.

Also Q: Should the Variable description come before the battle system description?

I like this concept because it allows for a lot of variety in the creatures you play. Since you must play a positive one to play a negative one I can see a huge potential for synergy.

Since this seems to be so mathematical I suggest a physics/mathematics theme or a computer/programming theme.

May I suggest ORC-A or courier become your new favorite fonts?

Also the acronyms are grating on me just a tad. Perhaps NBVs should just be called negatives, PBVs, positives and BVs, nulls, respectively. It's the same amount of syllables either way it's just easier to read and say without the acronyms.

Maths/Programming could be cool, It could be Virus (Negative) versus Firewalls/Data/Memory (Positive) which would also reflect on reason as why one attacks and the other defends. I also have the whole idea of "Virtual Internet Matrix" to pretty much create whatever theme I want with it too, long as it has some techno-feel about it.

The acronyms are currently used in place of something more useful. They will be changed once I find the proper theme for the game. In the case of computer Virus/Data. Also a BV isn't always null, so it wouldn't be a good reflection of the concept.

If I were to adopt a Virus/Anti-Virus theme, I could probably change the terms as such

Total Balance Value = Memory
Positive Balance Value = Data*
Negative Balance Value = Virus

A Virus would eat away at your memory. *Maybe Datadisk/Storage or something that essentially increases the Memory on a computer. However, it's a great idea, since I can still explore other themes art-wise consider anything can be done with programming!


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