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Action Points Resource Mechanic

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Here's the way it works right now:

Cards cost a certain amount of Action Points to play. This includes Units to recruit as well as other Continuous, Equipment and One-Time effect cards.

Each player starts off with a pool of action points at a predetermined amount (right now, I have it at 10). At the beginning of each turn, the player gains 2 Action Points.

My personal logic behind this system is that it allows me to put a cost on cards without having to rely on creating special resources cards for players to use.

I would like some constructive criticism on this. I've personally been thinking this might make my game too slow. I'll also give more information if you don't have enough.

sounds like an intresting mechanic although what would be an average point cost for each card because if the costs are too high you could have stalemate games.

Most of the cards I have made are in the 1-3 range. The highest I have right now is 6.

That was one of my thoughts about it as well. I was thinking of adding some way that a player could gain more action points during the beginning of their turn, other than with a card specifically designed to do so.

Here's the catch 22 with this situation (imo, of course):

You will probably want (as you've mentioned above) to create cards for each of your factions (if the game has factions) that increase your actions per turn. This is all well and fine, except that I think you may end up running into the same thing you're trying to avoid; a resource card type. Basically, if all or most decks run a 1/3 or so split of their deck as things that increase their actions, then all other decks are going to have to follow suit in order to keep up the resource race (unless, of course, you go for a weenie-creature type strategy). So, it may be more balanced than a land-card system, but I'm not 100% sold... tie it in with a sweet theme/flavor, though, and it may work perfectly!

Thanks for the feedback.

Yes, my game does have factions, which are primarily used for how unit promotions as well as for specific support cards to target them.

One thought I had was to use the resource card idea you mentioned, but make a separate deck for it. During the recharge phase, when you'd gain action points, flip the top card of that deck over. It would provide a bonus to how many action points are gained based off of certain conditions, such as how many units of a certain faction you possess, or "Gain 1 Action Point for each unit costing 3 action points or more".

Another though I had was action points would be recharged fully during the beginning of each round, but the amount you have each turn would be smaller. However, there would be many ways to increase the amount of action points you get each turn, and some cards would not be playable until you increased the amount you gained at the start. For example, lets say each player gets 5 action points a turn, which can be spend on playing cards or activating card effects. Now, if you did something, such as destroy an enemy unit, promote one of your own units, or something else, you would instead get 6 action points a turn, and it would increase. This solves a couple problems: games becoming a stalemate because action points restore too slowly and the problem of people using high cost cards too early.

My CCG also uses a Modern Military Theme in a fictional setting.


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