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Action Points Resource Mechanic

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I meant that if AP recharge is low, then the outcome of the game could become too predictable. Even though both players might be running low on AP in the midgame, if one player has control over the board then the losing player has no chance of turning the tables.

Because it seemed like you haven't decided 100% which variation you want to go with I thought I'd just try to discuss general stuff like this for you to think about if you weren't already.

You're right. I have not decided which variation I want to go with. I'm in the early stages right now, so nothing is set in stone.

I'm thinking I'd go with an alternate system I proposed where you gain all action points at the start of your turn, but the max number starts lower. Either that, or I could give cards alternate costs to be played.

Either way, I hopefully will be able to get the basic rule to my game down soon so I can post it here for feedback.

You could just begin your alpha testing with whatever you think will be a reasonable number, and then change it from there. After all, that's really the point of playtesting, I suppose. Testing by playing.


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