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I found a boardgame called Tsuro. It'd a 6x6 grid with 36 cards that fit the grid and 8 player markers. Anyone think Lackey can handle it?

I would LOVE for lackey to have some broad games. I fist have to be able to log in in order to play. dont know why i cant.

Of course it can. It's not what Lackey was built for, but it would work.

the problem i thought it might have are the markers. as you build a path, you move along it. I know the single deck isn't that hard for some to do, though

For those unfamiliar with it, here are two good pics: the peices and an example of the board. you start on a white notch that lines the outside of the board( ex: Bottom left) using the tiles to make a path. when your path ends, regardless why, you lose.

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