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I'm not actually sure if this problem is rooted in WINE itself or in running Lackey through WINE, but I think it would be better to alert the guy who knows his game well so he can figure out if this issue could possibly be Lackey's fault.

In recent versions of Lackey (since early 2011) and/or my current WINE setup that was made in 2011 (not sure which change triggered the issue), using the default WINE/Windows shortcut for LackeyCCG launches Lackey without any of my settings or plugins loaded or even seen by the program. However, if I browse to the LackeyCCG folder in a file browser and then double-click LackeyCCG.exe (to open with wine), the settings are all intact.

I explored this issue further to find that modifying the default* shortcut command of

--- Code: ---wine ~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program\ Files/LackeyCCG/LackeyCCG.exe
--- End code ---

--- Code: ---cd ~/.wine/dosdevices/c:/Program\ Files/LackeyCCG && wine LackeyCCG.exe
--- End code ---
Also launches Lackey with all its settings intact. So, whether it's wine's fault or Lackey's fault, running Lackey under wine on my computer can only find its settings and plugins when its working directory is the LackeyCCG install directory. Needless to say, my cd && workaround makes this bug a non-issue, but I thought I'd report it so that you're aware (and to help all future Googlers with this problem).

*This is actually not exactly the default shortcut command, but its end meaning in the runtime is identical to the original shortcut's command, which uses wine prefixes and start menu items.


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