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Hello. So Snoogy and myself decided to update the older Duel Masters plugin I found on this forum. Below is a link to the plugin which you can copy and paste in the Install or Update from URL box and away you go.

If you find any errors please post them in this forum or send me or Snoogy a message and we will fix it as soon as possible. We need your help to support this plugin too.

UPDATES: 8/4/12
1. Rising Dragon has been added
2. Correcting any typos and mistakes with the cards
3. Look for high quality English Images, until then you will have to work with the OCG cards

Come discuss Duel Masters and get previews of the newest sets at the link below.

Below are the basic rules for the game for anyone interested.


Duel Masters is actually a really easy game to learn (especially if you’ve played Magic). It can be played with as many players as you want.

•   A single deck consists of 40 to 60 cards. You can only have 4 copies of a single card in your deck.
•   At the start of the game, shuffle your deck.
•   Both players put the top 5 cards of your Deck into the Shield Zone. You do not look at these cards.
•   Both players draw 5 cards.

•   There are 2 types of cards in the game. Creatures and Spells.
•   Creatures are the only way to attack your opponent and when they are played they stay on the field until they are destroyed. Spells on the other hand are played and then immediately sent to the Graveyard (Discard Pile).
•   Each Creature and Spell belongs to one or more Civilization represented by the cards color.
•   Red = Fire. Green = Nature. Blue = Water. Black = Darkness. Yellow = Light.

•   You win the game by using your Creatures to destroy all 5 of your opponent’s shields and then attack your opponent directly to win the game.

•   At the start of your turn, you will want to play a card in your Mana Zone. Mana is the only way you can summon a Creature or cast a Spell. Any card can be played in your Mana Zone, it doesn't matter if it's a Creature or a Spell.
•   You can only play 1 card in your Mana Zone per turn.
•   You will notice a number on the top left corner of each card. This is that cards Mana Cost.
•   To play a card you must have at least enough mana in your Mana Zone that equals the Mana Cost of the card you want to play. You must use at least 1 card in your Mana Zone that is the same Civilization as the card you want to play.
•   When you use a card in your Mana Zone to play a card, you must tap it (turn it to its side) and that means that card cannot be used again until your next turn. At the start of your turn you untap all of the cards in your Mana Zone.
•   You cannot summon a Creature or cast a Spell during your opponent’s turn.
•   Example: You have 4 Water cards and 2 Darkness cards in your Mana Zone. You want to summon a Darkness Creature with a cost of 4. You will need to tap at least 1 of those Darkness cards and 3 other cards in your Mana Zone to summon the Creature.

•   At the start of your turn, you draw 1 card from the top of your deck.

•   When you play a Creature in the Battle Zone, it gets Summoning Sickness and it cannot be Tapped. Spells do not get Summoning Sickness.
•   The turn after a Creature has been summoned, it can Attack.
•   A Creature can attack either another Creature in your opponent’s Battle Zone, or one of your opponent’s Shields (you can attack a shield even if there are Creatures in your opponents Battle Zone).
•   However, a Creature can only attack another Creature if the target of the attack is Tapped. If the Creature isn’t Tapped, it cannot be targeted for an attack.
•   When a Creature attacks it is Tapped and cannot be used again. At the start of your next turn all of your Creatures are Untapped.
•   Some Creatures have a special ability that only activates if they Tap themselves. When you activate this effect, they cannot attack.
•   After you attack with a Creature, you cannot play any other cards for the rest of the turn.

•   Some cards have a special ability called Blocker. You can tell if a Creature is a Blocker, if they have a symbol in their card effect that’s a little blue dot inside of a black box.
•   When a Creature attacks, and you have a Blocker that isn’t Tapped, you can tap it and the Creature that attacked now must attack the Blocker. The two cards then battle normally.

•   Some Creatures are also called Evolution Creatures. To play an Evolution Creature, you must play the card on top of another Creature with the same Race that is described in the Evolution Creatures card effect.
•   The Creature under the Evolution Creature cannot attack or use its effect.
•   When an Evolution Creature is moved from the Battle Zone, you separate the two Creatures.
•   Evolution Creatures don’t get Summoning Sickness and can attack on the turn they are summoned.

•   When a Shield is broken, the Shield is placed into its owners hand.
•   If the Shield that is broken has an effect called Shield Trigger, you can play that card immediately from your hand as soon as it is placed there without paying the cost.
•   If you don’t play the Shield Trigger as soon as the Shield is destroyed, you cannot play until your turn and you must pay the cost.

•   Cross Gears are a new type of card. You can tell if a card is a Cross Gear if it has a boarder around the picture that looks like a Pentagon.
•   Think of Cross Gears like Spells that never leave the Battle Zone when they are played.
•   Cross Gears are like weapons. You can “Cross” them with a Creature to give that Creature a special effect or a boost of power.
•   You can Cross a Cross Gear with a Creature by paying the Mana Cost of the Cross Gear once again after it has been played.
•   A Cross Gear can only be Crossed with 1 Creature. But you can Uncross the Cross Gear and Cross it with another Creature by paying the Mana Cost again.

Sorry everyone, the new set is going to take a while. There are almost double the cards in this set than in normal sets. It will be worth the wait though because Cross Gears are introduced!

For those that don't know, Cross Gears are like weapons that you "cross" with a creature. To play a cross gear you pay the cost like a creature or spell. However Cross Gears stay on the field unlike spells but they cannot attack like creatures. You can "cross" or equip it to a creature by paying the cards cost again. The crossed creature gains bonuses specified by the cross gear card. When the crossed creature is destroyed the cross gear stays on the field. Cross Gears cannot be destroyed unless by specific effects. You can pay the cross gears cost again when it is crossed with a creature to switch the crossed creature to another one on your field. When a crossed creature is evolved the cross gear stays on the evolution creature. When the evolution creature splits up, it is crossed to the creature it was originally crossed with. And that's all you need to know about Cross Gears!

Alright I'm halfway done! And because of that I thought I would reveal another new ability in this set. There are a lot of new powers in the new set. This time I'll explain Metamorph.

Metamorph is an ability creatures and spells can possess. Basically, the card gets an extra ability if there are 7 or more cards in your mana zone. Pretty simple, but there are some pretty good metamorph abilities out there. Though getting up to 7 mana is the difficult part.

Good news and even more good news people! The first good news is I'm almost done with the newest set. I just need to resize the card images. The second good news is that I have found a little cheat that will make this a much faster process. Yay!

Now then, I'll also reveal a new power that is introduced in this set again. Savers. Basically think of savers like blockers. If a certain card is about to be destroyed you can destroy the saver instead. Most of the cards that can be saved are race specific. So a fire saver can usually only save Armored Dragons. These can be very useful if you are running certain decks.

Be patient, the set will be uploaded soon.

Some creatures now have minus power. For example a creature with 3000- power. He loses power if certain cards are on the battle field. If a creature has 0 power they are destroyed.


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