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I know, I've made a topic on this before, but it's thoroughly buried, and I didn't exactly keep schedule...and a lot has changed.

First, I give you the current version of the rules:

Hexdrake Rules: Current Version

Next, I have something I've not had before: A picture of a card! (It is attached below)

And now, my new to-do list:

1) Rules
    a) Add new wording and rules: "Deploy Trigger", "Victory Trigger", etc.
    b) Reorganize rulebook
2) Mechanics
    a) Clarify mechanics for each element
3) Cards
    a) Factions (30/faction, approx. 180 cards)
         i) 20 characters specific to each faction (3/faction confirmed)
         ii) 5 gears specific to each faction (1/faction confirmed)
         iii) 5 drops specific to each faction
    b) General cards (70-120 cards)
4) Design
    a) Add rarity indicator
         i) Use card frame to indicate rarity?
         ii) Use set symbols?
         iii) Use letter in front of card number?

Lemme know your thoughts on the game so far!  Here's some fluff for the first set, too.

It is an age of wars.  Wars that spread throughout the lands of Navalos.  From the forests of Phaelin that border the Faiha mountains, to the volcanic region of Newsmoke and their southern neighbors, the Dalin Isles.  Even the planes Av'n Daal and Drearch are not immune, continuing the battle for Highborne that has lasted through the ages.  We stand on the precipice of war, the tide only changed by one thing; your command.

[attachment deleted by admin due to age]

Correct me if I'm wrong, but this feels a lot like an RTS turned CCG, and it's GOOD! :D

I like the team mechanics and terrain, makes it different than other games, and that's not just a plus, it's a requirement! Though I can't really comment on anything else unless I see some card effects, especially terrain.

The terrain cards in the terrain deck are pre-determined right? I mean a desert deck has desert terrain, tundra has tundra, and players pick which to use right? Awesome.

Terms make it concise in the long run, and a quick lesson will make players remember.

Good luck with your game. Check mine out if you have the time, link is below.
Can't wait to see more cards :D

To answer your question, no, the cards in a Terrain deck are not preselected for you.  Although many structure/starter decks may include themed Terrain decks, you are fully capable of building your own.  Typically, though, a desert deck is going to be using desert Terrain.

Hey, everybody!  A bit of an update post here.  I haven't been working on the cards like I should, mostly because of other conundrums with design.  Here's the main ones:

1)  This one I want some public opinion on.  Should I include the faction a card belongs to on the card, or should I keep factions as a flavor-only sort of thing.  There is a mechanical reason to do this; for one, later sets might include faction-based support.  Also, I can make the limit on individual cards be based on name AND faction, rather than just faction.  In most cases, the only way faction will matter is in terms of how many copies of "Burdened Wind Controller" (example) you could have; If the only one that exists is "Burdened Wind Controller (Dabaki Empire), then you can have up to 4.  However, if "Burdened Wind Controller (White Citadel)" also exists, you can have up to 4 of each version; and they could be 2 very different cards.

2)  This one I'm not sure I wanna do, because it's too similar to other games.  Basically, all characters would enter play exhausted by default.  This removes certain other rules; namely, the "cannot attack on the first turn" rule, and a rule that has not been put into the rulebook yet (mainly because I haven't yet made the cards that use the rule).  However, this would also add a potential keyword that would cause a character to restore itself when it enters play.

Lemme know what people think of this stuff!  Thanks in advance!

1. Duh of course include it.

2. Very unique not like other games at all, try it out.


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