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Inspired from the death penalty idea, what if each of the resources was the health homunculus which placed.under it but each successful hit against it, one of the resources detach, when all of them are detached the homunculus is decomposed.

The resource = health idea sounds quite interesting. It keeps track of 2 major useful things:

The remaining health, and
The elements that the homonculus can provide when transmuting into a larger homonculus.

Allowing some homonculi to have abilities tied to the resources attached to them would add a whole extra level of depth. For example, the Earth/Fire cost Salamander could be a 1 power creature that has "+1 power for each Fire resource attached". Allowing players to attach additional fire resources to increase its power and also to prepare it for transmutation into a larger homonculus simultaneously.

Exactly! I had the idea of Resources adding extra power but wasn't entirely sure how to incorporate but I really like your idea. Obviously, we're on a very similar wavelength.

Definitely. Getting a lot of in-game usage out of the resources seems to be a very good fit with the theme, so keeping them in view of the players and interacting with homonculi in play is a very good idea.

We're going to have to make some examples on non-fire creatures and abilities eventually... though we need to get past the conceptual stage first :P


The win condition is somewhat unclear, at least the method of achieving it is.

The win condition being to deck out your Opponent. What we would need to help this is to define more attributes for Homunculi, the only one we have for sure now is their Element Type.

The cards that are milled could be from a different attribute than the actual creatures power (like "Critical" in CFV where power is to define who wins a battle in the game but the Critical is how much damage is done to the defending player).

Also any of the cards that are detached from a creature could probably be RFP'ed (gone through the gate or something in flavourful terms).

Edit- More to Add.

Thinking about it and we could have something that works in a manner simple to Pokemon.

You know how each turn you add an energy to a Pokemon to increase it's capability? Well the Homunculi would be like that, they would require X of each  of Resource ability and if one of the resources got destroyed, they wouldn't be  able to use that ability any longer.

Example -
1 Fire/1 Earth

Skill 1: Requires Fire/Inflict 10 Damage

Skill 2: Requires Fire-Earth/Inflict 20 Damage. Stun Enemy Homunculi

If the Salamander got hit and the Earth Resource removed, it would only be able to use it's first Skill. Flavour-wise this is similar to the limbs of the creature breaking off and making certain manoeuvres impossible.

So with that idea we have Health & Powers.


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