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The game is designed so that you have to kill (decompose?) your Opponents Homunculus before you can attack directly. Of course that isn't set in stone but just pointing out my original idea.

You mean that you wouldn't banish all the resources used for that Homunculus that was just destroyed because it interrupts too much with the "Decomposition for Resources to deck" mechanic?

So essentially, the game is now more of a Deck-Out as the Win Conditions?

And to summarise

Homunculus direct attack = Mill x Attack
Homunculus Penalty = RFP 1 (or more depending) of the various materials used for it when it is destroyed by your Opponent?

Your summary of what I wrote before is right.

Deck out as a win condition seems to fit thematically, an alchemist has no more resources available to transmute; though they will possibly still have resources in hand. It does make the size of the resource deck a very important factor to get right however (though that would come naturally through playtesting most likely).

It does also mean that players may have to consider sacrificing their homonculi in play in order to regain some resources into their resource decks. This might be a bit anti-turtle but it could make the game stay a bit more dynamic. Players would probably need to be limited to the number of homonculi they can sacrifice per turn (probably 1 per turn would be suitable).

I am liking where this is going anyway. Is there really a reason to limit the decomposition? You need Homunculus to battle in order to win, so how about we just have turns end after battle forcing the Homunculus stay out of the Transmutation deck and risk being destroyed and their materials being banished.

Of course a limit that the same Homounculus (and other permanent cards) can only be composed/decomposed once during the same turn should go without saying.

The decomposition limit to a single resource RFP on the death of a homonculus is more suitable if players are allowed to choose whether or not to block. Then they are deciding whether to risk a single permanent resource loss against a guaranteed larger but not as permanent resource loss.

Also there could be some homonculi that have less of a combat role and are more support oriented that players would be very unlikely to want to block with. If players are forced to block then that can remove some of the strategic options open to players. But then it would all depend on whether homonculi are granted abilities beyond a simple pair of power/toughness values.

I think you misunderstood what I meant

I was referring to decomposing your own Homunculus to return the resources used for it. I meant, you could only intentionally decompose (or compose) the same Homunculus once per turn rather than keep self-ordered decomposition restricted to one max a turn.


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