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Coc plugging - Plugin works but need some help to add functions

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Hello, first thanks to Trevor for this awesome freeware!

I'm a Cthulhu player so actually i'm using the Sadric plugging.
Unfortunatly, there are some lack of options that bother me a little and this plugging was made with an old template
Tragic started his plugging too but it seams he's overbusy right now, so i'd like to make a new one myself.

This is the option i'd like to put so please let me know if it possible and a way to do it !

This is the current sadric plugging
there are basically 3 "domains" : you put your "mana" (ressource card) on the bottom, but you can add more, depend the kind of the deck

So there are the option i need:

actually available in sadric mod
- turn card 180 (ressource/mana cards) done
- the 3 domains card aren't in the deck, so it's possible maybe to make spawn card? Sadric make a "domain" deck to put your cards.
- stories have horizontal placement done

main objective:
- add a refresh all "non ressources" cards. done
I saw an option " card don't untap" in the lackey's magic right click options, but it will be great to add automaticaly this when you put a ressource card.
That means, when you choose to put a "ressource card",
 1) card turn 180
 2) "untap card" activated

- add a custom wound token (custom picture) on the card done

- make all domain cards always Hover others cards.
in the lotr plugging, there is a click option to "hover" cards, so the card is always on the top but there is an effet: card move slowly up and down ... i don't like this effect and it can be disturbing when you're playing.
That means i'd like to make automaticaly all (and only) domains cards Hover, and without any effect :just put alls others cards always behind

- add a custom "drain" token (custom picture) on the Domain card

Thanks for your help

Thanks to Tragic, i have a template with some options, but i'd like to improve it !

- we can make a 180 position by clicking on "ressource" option
- we can make this card doesn't untap
I'd like to have an option to make both action : rotate 180 + doesn't untap.
I read it's not possible with menu, but we can make a canned message, am i right ?

So i understood how use canned option with /cardfunctionN;.
The problem is :
- i'd like to select card in hand
- click on a single button
- rotate 180; doesn't untap; put in play
put in play seams to be a special action so i don't know how call it with  /cardfunction


I use the hover option

But i need to have the hovered card without any special effect (actually the card move up and down endless).
The hoverded card isn't at the "good" place (you can see the select card aera in yellow)


I manage to make some custom canned button to
- shuffle deck; shuffle story deck; draw 8 cards
Unfortunatly i don't found how put a label for this button, so actually, the player has a button with
"/shuffle 2;/sh"  : it's not very cool, i'm thinking a label like "new hand" will be more appropriate
I just add this text !new hand!/shuffle 2;

About image token, it seams there is a standard widht, so i can't make a a token as large as a card : it's to show a "drained" domain, so i'd like to use a big picture token
edit : and i don't found how put the token number out of the picture.
When you have token x 2, you can't see the counter AND the number can be unreadable ! so i'd like to put the number near the picture but not inside

Thanks for your help and suggestions

I move forward !

so i make a new global function to empty the hand before mulligan (it's the 4th general function)

   <label>empty hand</label>

the canned message :
<canned>!Mulligan!/f4;/f4;/f4;/f4;/f4;/f4;/f4;/f4;/shuffle 2;/shuffle 4;/draw8</canned>


there is a strange problem with canned message :

function 3 and 4 are :
<cardfunction><label>Doesn't Untap</label><kind>TOGGLETURNALLIMMUNITY</kind><includeasbutton>yes</includeasbutton></cardfunction>

If i click !Ressource! on a card into my hand : the card only make right 180 degree
If i put first the card into table and after i click  !Ressource! :  the card "make right 180 degree" AND "toggle turn all immunity".
I try to use "turn all immunity" alone by clicking the card in the hand and this option didn't work  (but work well if the card is in the table)

Have you some clues about this ?

I have a general function to put directly story in the table, but i'd like to change the Y default position : story aren't put in the middle of the table.
Maybe i can add a variable to modify the card's position Y  ?

   <label>Draw Story</label>

just a view of the current plugging design ! click to the link for a bigger image :

There is a different picture for each phase !

I'm thinking about hover option.. if i can't use it without remove the effect, i'm thinking i could only use a DRAIN token on the ressource card: drain = all domain is used.
So i'd like to use a BIGGER token picture than normal.

Thanks for help and comments ^^

i changed the ressource utilisation. Insted of use some domain card (with hover option i don't like), this is another utility of the board !

I drawed 3 normal ressources zone + 2 extra zone (in the case of player use special domain like nexus!)
I added a Drain/UnDrain token (drain = ressources in the aera are used) HD image :

So now i really need to fix 1 important thing !
If Trevor read this topic, pls the "doesn't untap" option doesn't work when i select card from the hand and active this option (but work well when the card is put on the table)
<cardfunction><label>Doesn't Untap</label><kind>TOGGLETURNALLIMMUNITY</kind><includeasbutton>yes</includeasbutton></cardfunction>

the 2e thing is less important : modify the x,y position of card put in play directly from story deck and modify the x position of the new story card put with this option

Thanks by advance


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