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While the SoulKaiser website is down for it's remaking, this thread will be the home of the official SoulKaiserTheOCG information.


Beta Testing

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Rules version 1.5 is currently updated.

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Yeah, I have something to say. I don't think you saved the edited documents. When I tried, it downloaded the "Kingdom at War" game. I think you should fix that up, just real quick, and maybe send through email a quick link to plug into the "Install or Update through URL" thing.


Soulkaiser the OCG Beta Testing is currently up!

With this Invitational  Link, you gain access to the SoulKaiser the OCG Beta  Preview Pack. This Google Drive download folder includes:

   A fully playable downloadable folder of SoulKaiser the OCG to be used with

·         Two Copies of the 33 card decks in the “Alpha Pack- Sentinels of Darkness + CyberKnights of the Future!”

·         101 Playable Beta Test cards from "Base Set 1: dark Invasion."

Get yours today!

Very fun and interesting game. I just play-tested it on Lackey, and it's definitely something i'd look into buying and playing with my buddies at the university. It's a little slow in some placed and really fast in others. If that balanced out a little, it could easily be a solid tournament-style game once more cards come out.

Keep up the good work, guys. Glad to have played it!


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