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Nero CCG idea


Hey there fellas...
I have tried different ccgs out and want to create a different of mine...
I have a simple yet i assume effective idea...
The ccg will include key elements listed as
1 Grid
2 Cost
3 Card

Grid : The battlefield. 4*4 for 2 players and 6*6 for 2 teams each of 2 players.A square in grid is hereafter will be called Nate.
Grid also serves as luck component. One Nate in grid is cursed and one is fated in each game chosen randomly.All others are neutral. Cursed Nate decreases 1 attack from each side of card placed on it.Fated Nate gives 1 attack to each side of card placed on it.

Cost : The currency.Similar amount given to all players at start.A single unit of currency is Blue.Players can buy card with Blues after first match.Winner gets +20 Blues than loser after each match.Cost depends upon rarity of card.

Card : The Most essential Unit.Each card has 4 sides. Each side has an attack value,and a defence value.Grand total of Attack and Defence is dependent on rarity of card and is constant for given rarity.The grand total is henceforth called Magna. Each card has same health value despite rarity that is 25.
Placing card serves as skill component.Some cards may have a ability like Blast surrounding or Ally but in return have their attack value or defence value reduced.
I am still to decide how many rarities should be there but I am currently thinking of 4 levels. Level 1 has Magna 40.Level 2 has Magna 50.  Level 3 has Magna 58 and Level 4 has magna 60.

Playing Game : Turn by turn place cards,Fill the grid full.Count Health Lost by each player.If a card has 0 health then no more damage can be dealt to it.
Winning : Least health losing player is winner.

Please feel free to comment and give opinions...

How many cards does a player play with? What is the average cost of a card? (20 blues seem quite a high-reward and might give the winner player too much of an advantage) and from what I'm reading this seems to be played in a similar fashion to Tetra Master (Final Fantasy 9) or Triple Triad (Final Fantasy 8).

Also Rarity is quite an abstract thing to base it off.

How do cards battle? Is it Atk-Def, Result from HP, if it goes, does the defeated card leave the field or does the opponent control it now?

A player has 10 cards deck out of which 8 are used in 4*4 grid and 9 are used in team battle of 6*6 grid.
A card has 4 sides, each has attack value and defence value.Turn by turn a player puts a card in grid.
If surrounding card to card is ally no damage done,if a opponent then opponents defence value of connecting side - attack value of side= damage to health.
No card dies as damage is calculated after end.

See a level 1 card may have attack (5,5,5,5) and defence (5,5,5,5) or attack (0,10,0,10) and defence (10,0,10,0)
(magna is 40)

A card can be rotated in which ever way and placed.

Winner gets 20 Blues more than Loser. And Loser gets some amount too.
A card price would be equal to magna value so it would be high.


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