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Single copy cards and 3< copy cards

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In a game I'm working there are going to be both, very strong cards than can only appear once in your deck, and cards that can appear over the normal limit.

Should I limit the number of single copy cards that can be in a deck? I'm afraid most players will just put as many as they can from them, around a quarter of their deck probably. The deck size is 60, so I though just allowing 6 is great, because there is a high chance of havong one in the beginning of the game.

How should be the multiple cards, so they won't appear broken or useless? Should I also limit that to 20, a third of the deck?

60 card deck. There can be only 6 of the single copy cards in your deck which are very powerful. Every multiple copy card can have up to 15 copies in your deck. Will that work?

Why do you need these powerful cards in the first place?

Narratively they are quite important, and while being strong they have their cutbacks.

It's like the Unique cards in WoWTCG or the very strong cards in the Vs System.

I'm trying to figure out how to balance all cards, regardless of copy limit.

Is my idea okay, and are there any other suggestions?

Well do costs exist in the game? Are cards only to be allowed to be played if they share the same faction/clan/race as yours?


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