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"Cold War: CIA vs KGB" plugin


Hi guys,

I'm in the process of creating a plugin for the cold war card game. Has anyone ever played it before? It's not really a CCG, but it is still heaps of fun to play with strategy involved. I'd love to hear some feedback if anyone is interested or not.

I'm pretty much 100% done, but I have to upload it to the web. Is there a central place where everything for this site is uploaded, or am I going to have to find a place to upload to myself? I don't know anything about web publishing, so a little help in that regard wouldn't go unappreciated.

Couple of scripting questions I have:

a) is there a way to make the score increment by more than 1? Ideally, my plugin would have an increment of 5.
b) A general function allowing a player to "reveal to>player>>top>1" of a shared deck would be a nice shortcut too. (it's a shared deck and already setup).
c) same as above but top 3.

Thanks for any help I receive about this. The plugin is looking pretty good (if i do say so myself :D ). I knew nothing about writing scripts and learnt the whole thing via the plugin tutorial from this site. Very helpful. If I can do it. You guys can too. Don't be scared to make your own favourite games that arent already done.

- Morgue

you can use dropbox to share yours files online :

Thanks kriss. I figured it out on my own though.

I used 000webhost at the start.....but then realised they dont support .txt files for security reasons. :(
So now i have everything loaded to 000webhost, except for my txt files which can be found at

I'm updating it slightly. If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

a) where do i use a custom background and have people who download the plugin get it automatically?
b) is there a way to specify where a card is drawn to the table?

      <label>Determine Objective</label>

Is there an additional code to add? I tinkered around with saving games with cards already on the table. but the x and y coordinates werent making sense to me. <tablepostion>centre</tableposition> perhaps?

The scripting questions I mentioned in my first post are still unresolved too.

Thanks in advance for any help :D


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