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Installing a plugin without using an internet site


Is there any way to install a plugin without the files being on an internet site?  I am working on a game that is still in the development stages.  I do not want the files on the web where it could be found and spoiled before it is ready.

I would like to just send a .zip of all the files to the people I want to give access to and they could manually install it.

Is this possible?  I tried using http://file:///c:/plugin name/etc in the updatelist file.  When I try to install, Lackey seems like it can find it except that it gives me a "Timed Out" message.

Why not just give them a zip of the plugin folder?

That means my data is bad.  I have everything in my plug-in folder and I thought I followed all your instructions.  When I try to load my plugin, it has my plugin on the list, but the choose button (and the delete from list button) are grayed out.

I was hoping that Lackey wasn't recognizing the plugin because it wasn't installed.  All the files were just placed there manually. 

In order to load a plugin, you need a valid plugininfo.txt file and a valid cardback.jpg, and they both need to be in valid locations.

I have the plugin file, but I have multiple cardbacks.  I have cardback1.jpg and cardback2.jpg.  i will rename one of them cardback.jpg update my data and see if it works.

Thank you


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