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i say we get something started with the star wars decipher game ....  it is one of the most original games EVER and even though my Knowledge in star wars may be grand the game itself still holds its questions to be answered so if anyone is up for  game or if a veteran is willing to teach newer or completely new players .. please post post soething here.

Well I played this game from its birth to its death, though I don't know much about the new Virtual Cards.  I'd sure like to play it again, so let me know if anything happens with this

Hecks ya I would love to play. Me and a friend had a booster draft not too long ago over lackey and had a blast. Ahhh the memories.

sweet juss tell me a time and ill see what i can do

I just downloaded this today and loaded up the cards for Decipher's SWCCG. The server seems to be down today, but i think, since it's a holiday, the owner of the server may be on retreat. When the server does come back up,  would love to get back into it. 


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