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This group is the place for Drafting/EDH/and Sealed deck fun -  Yea... I've been around Lackey for almost a year now, and I haven't seen any group like this yet. So I figured, why not make one myself?
So yea, Im making a group for these 3 things, why you ask? Because Standard and other formats like Extended and Vintage, aren't that fun anymore, because all you see is the same decks being used over and over again.
Seeing that people actually like this idea, ill be starting these events after Rise of the Eldrazi comes out which is the 23rd.

Event Days:
Every Friday - Rise of the Eldrazi (We Draft on CCGDecks, then play on LackeyCCG)
Every Monday and Saturday - EDH
Every Last weekend of a month - Sealed Deck (3 WW/3 RotE) (You open packs on LackeyCCG, if you didn't know this already.. shame on you)
Every Tuesday/Sunday - Standard/Amateur Tournament (Gonna have one tomorrow even though RotE isn't out yet.)

All pairings during these events will be randomized. Im going to do a poll to see whether you guys want the pairings to be completely random, or paired by skill level.

-Rules and Pairings-

So, how are you going to make draft? Or sealed for that matter.
Even with a RNG it's a bit unwieldy. And if it's on IRC or any other program other than Lackey (Even for chatting). Then sadly I won't be able to play

I'm glad someone's decided to assign days for this. :-*

I'm up for draft/EDH.

Are you planning on starting in the evening or when?

Potentially interested in Draft & Sealed. Depends on how they're run.

Im definitely down event days. It would get the community more social. But where can i find how to play EDH i went to their site and it doesnt really tell u the game mechanics and how to play. I even tried you tube. same thing


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