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Hello guys:)

I would like to share with you my lifetime CCG project, which is called ANIMALISM (CCG.)..

What's so special about it? Is can be very brutal and very addictive indeed... Check it out;)
PS. This is my Official Page dedicated to ANIMALISM CCG.

I remmember on lackey was DuelMasters plugin, but it wasn't it -

It was Baseset - Blastpoison ...
Anyone have it?

Sorry for my english.

Hi, Ive been looking for the plug In for MyL is a game in spanish... and we want to play it... We are from Mexico, and the link for the install or update the plug in for MyL doesnt work, I can help you to make a plug in for this game, but don't know how to do it. If someone can tell me what I have to do to to create that plug In, the info for the cards and the images can be obtain from "" you can play from there too, but I want the plug in.
So if someone can create that plug in, We will be really grateful. Of If Someone can do it or need helps, I can help you. We can get all the info of the cards (Its abilities) and the Image from the web I told, I know is a hard work there are a lot of Cards, but there are ppl like us who really want to play MyL so we want to get that plug in.
I hope someone can reply me. To create the plug in together or to teach me how to create the plug in and Ill try to create the plug in for the game.


--- Quote from: valiante on August 03, 2011, 02:36:52 AM ---I have made the plugin of the Simpsons Tcg.
Here you can downolad the plugin:
And here is the rulebook:

--- End quote ---
Hi Valiante,
Can you please upload it somewhere else? Megaupload no longer works!

Hi Jorch72

I look for the files, but I don't find it...  :(
I look for it more, but if somebody has it can upload please.


--- Quote from: jorch72 on February 15, 2012, 11:56:06 PM --- Hi Valiante,
Can you please upload it somewhere else? Megaupload no longer works!

--- End quote ---


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