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On My Journey


I've been up and down this road before never able to find the end results
I've been on these and other forums before trying to invent a game of different sorts
SO im back again to create that game but dont let me hold back this time

I'm asking for help from the community to review my ideas and be there mostly although most of my game idea's were crushed from the lack of good written rules (if u can help me with that) or images that i was unable to create (although im trying to get good at gimp to help fix that)

So thanx in advance I'll roll around in my ideas and I'll post back

More information please....

it's coming dragoon i just got done with an out of no where family emergency with as much info as i hav u don't want to now that little im sure
so i'll be back to post my game idea

New ideas are always welcome.

Yea I'll love to review your stuff


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