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Announcing ZED, the new zombie CCG!

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ZED is a new CCG I have designed that I'm hoping to launch on Lackeyccg in the next couple of months. The theme is zombie survival.

Players control a small group of survivors, including a leader that represents the player in the game. Each round, a number of zombies will spawn in the dead zone, slowly shambling toward your safe house. If you allow your safe house to get surrounded, the zombies may break through and eat you while you sleep.

So make sure your survivors are well armed and equipped. They may need training to ensure they have the skills and mindset necessary to stay alive, and stay sane.

Like any good zombie apocalypse, it's not just the undead you have to worry about. Rival groups of survivors vie for control of weapons, supplies and other resources. If a rival crew kills your leader, it's game over.

Two key mechanics in this new game are the resource sytem and the zombie spawning.

Each survivor comes into play with a number of morale counters equal to his printed morale value. These counters can be spent to play other cards (equipment, weapons, events etc.), but also act as a life total for individual survivors. If a survivor with no morale is attacked by a zombie, he or she will become infected. Each turn, you refresh your survivors by adding a single morale counter to each.

A number of zombies will spawn in the dead zone each turn - these zombies are face down cards from your draw deck, and have fixed stats. Save for your three card opening hand, you never draw any cards. Instead, you earn cards by killing zombies. A dead zombie is flipped face up and you have the chance to play that card immediately for its printed morale cost. If you decide not to do so, you may put it in your hand. Cards played from your hand cost one more morale than usual.

That's the teaser... I will be posting the complete rules here later this week. Comments, questions, suggestions?

I understand that there have been attempts at producing zombie CCGs in the past, but i haven't been able to find much information about them. If anyone can point me in the right direction or pass on any wisdom I would appreciate it.

ZED is copyright 2010 Matthew Barker.

I've been looking for a good zombie card game for a while now. I think this may be the end of my quest.

Please, tell me more! I'm very excited right now ;D

Mhhh... I'm far from knowing CCGs enough that I can tell what works and what don't, so it's just a first reaction...

The idea of never drawing a card seems a little self-defeating, if you know what I mean... Honestly, why should anyone bother to put a very dangerous zombie, even one with a big reward, in its "zombie" deck if there's the risk he will come in first and eat your brain out (or at least leave you almost defenceless for next wave).

So without more information, I can't understand how the game is balanced between putting card into play and keeping the zombie menace away. When you draw a card that you have no use for in your current situation, in most CCG, this can be counterbalanced by having other cards in play that allow you to draw more cards or reuse cards, etc, etc... In here, if we are talking "absolutely no direct draw", the only way I can imagine that game to work is to have "strategic" options, almost always available (somewhat like "bleed" or "hunt" in VTES).

I'm not sceptical, but I must say I'm not convinced either for now.

Good points, Madmartigan. I welcome any criticism - that's what this community is for IMO. To address your concerns real quick...

* The big bad zombies are played against your opponent.
* Cards can be discarded (at a cost) to refresh the morale of your survivors.

Mhhh... Ok, now my curiosity is stinged AND the game mechanic seems clever enough to have me giggling and asking for more braiiiiiiins.

Kinda curious about what kind of art (if any) and fluff we're talking about though. I'll definitely follow this thread closely from now on.  ;)


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