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Yet another SciFi CCG idea

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Don't want to be nitpicking - but can we keep this thread on topic please?


--- Quote from: Malagar on December 01, 2009, 02:24:27 PM ---Don't want to be nitpicking - but can we keep this thread on topic please?

--- End quote ---

my bad, based on the 4-5 replies before mine I had sort of forgotten what we were talking about... and then that one dude busted in talking about his insane amount of ccg work and children... I got distracted :D

anyways, I'm glad you're still working on this as much as you can, I don't know what my free time will look like when you get around to releasing a playtestable plugin, but if I can make time to help you playtest it I will.


Haha, no problem - i should have added <sinister voice> tags to my previous post. But well, this is about CCGs isnt it?

Talking about testing, rules and cards I just have to put you off until next year.

BUT, talking about spare time to spend on game development and xchokeholdx's comment - i have a suggestion:

try to increase the overall time challenge level with a second child...

I guess the cat is out of the bag!

Sorry for all the confusion and changing my mind all the time. All I can say is that it grows, i spend each evening and lunchtime as many minutes as possible to get this behemoth going.

Eherm...its changed its face a little bit compared to the original concept, but who cares? its "hella lotta flak turrent ion plasma beam torpedo battery battling fun"!

Interesting. Not familiar with Homeworld. ???


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