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Yet another SciFi CCG idea

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--- Quote from: Malagar on November 17, 2009, 02:24:21 am ---Hey,
I loved the old forum, sadly its gone. Lets do our best to fill the new boards with inspiring CCG design material. So, here is "yet another SciFi CCG idea". Feedback highly appreciated! I do my best to keep this short, but as there are no rules and no card templates yet - it is a bit difficult to explain the game idea just by words.


"In the far future, mankind is divided into different CorpoNations: Companies of galactic size and with so much impact on technology, politics, civilian-live and warfare that they form nations on their own. After the discovery of faster-than-light travel, the CorpoNations send highly specialised Spacecrafts to distant galaxies in order to tame and prepare uninhabitated planets for the human population. the CorpoNation spracecrafts are equipped with everything necessary to build a outpost on the planet - to mark the beginning of their sovereignty. sadly, the other CorpoNations pursuit exactly the same goal."


Every player takes the role of one CorpoNation (the base set will include three different ones, with the option to add more in future expansions), the goal is to prepare a single wild planet for the civilian population. this is done either by eliminating the enemy player, or when the own outpost reaches a certain size/technology level.


Resources, Micro-Management & Economy are reduced to a minimum - this game is about two rivaling CorpoNations fighting over a distant planet. Its not about building libraries and schools for your people - that is the job of those who come after you. so, both players build a deck of 60 cards wich contains a good mixture of the available card types:

Structures (buildings, defensive turrets, power plants, research facilities...), Units (infantry, tanks, airplanes, combat robots...), Sectors (jungle, seashore, vulcano...), Tactics, Events and Agendas

Then, each player also builds a small side-deck of exactly 7 cards - wich is called the "landing pod" or "capsule". the player can choose any cards in the side-deck from his collection as long as their total MJ value does not exceed 21 points (more on MJ later on). The main reason of the side deck is to prevent mulligan and to give the player some cards to start the game with, without being too dependent on card draws. During the game, the player can decide to draw cards from his regular deck - or from the side-deck.


there is only one single resource in the game - wich is called Metajoules (MJ). everything in the game is paid using MJ, we just assume technology is so advanced that - given enough energy - literaly everything can be produced/made happen.

although there is only one resource in the game - there are many different ways to generate MJ. most common are power plant like buildings wich grant you a certain amoutn of MJ every turn. but there are also special units, events or agendas wich produce MJ.

One very important aspect of the game is, that all MJ producing cards are highly depending on their surroundings. for example a "hydroelectric powerplant" is only efficient when placed next to a location containing water. A "solar kits" is a very simple power plant, only able to produce MJ while the sun shines.


the above being said, the enviroment is one of the key features of the game. there are several enviromental factors wich influence structures and units in the game like day/night, summer/winter, rain/wind/storm. some structures are only active while its day and others suffer from winter or rain. storm makes it more difficult for airplanes to maneuver and so on.

I can imagine by placing enough "sectors"  (locations or lands are placed by the players by sending some units on exploration missions, more on that later on) - the weather changes for example.

Event cards could turn the enviroment from day to night and agendas (permanent events) could gather tokens for every unit killed or structure built - triggering special planetary effects when a certain treshhold is hit.

SAMPLE CARDS (Powerplant like Structures)

Solar Panel (Structure)
*Staple - You can include any number of this card in your deck.
*Solar Power - During your energy phase if it is "day" and the weather is "clear", rotate to generate 1 MJ.

Wind Turbine (Structure)
*Staple - You can include any number of this card in your deck.
*Wind Power - During your energy phase, rotate to generate 1 MJ per "wind level".

Hydroelectric Powerplant (Structure)
*Naval - Can only be built on a "Naval" Sector.
*Water Power - During your energy phase, rotate to generate 3 MJ.

Necromass Powerplant (Structure)
*Necrodegrade - Rotate and Sacrifice any card you own local to Necromass Powerplant: Generate X MJ, where x is the cards printed MJ cost.


before i go too much into detail, i would like to stop the introduction of my game here (leaving the combat system, card placement and many other things up to your fantasy). Please keep in mind that besides the rivaling CorpoNations, i wanted the planet itself to be some kind of a "passive third faction" in the game. the planet reacts to the actions of the players and players can manipulate whats going on by interacting with the planet too.

Hopefully this introduction gives you enough information to post some feedback on the game idea, i love to hear your comments!

One more thing: although I can imagine having a "space war" expansion, this game is not about space ships! Its about planetary combat on the surface, about a harsh enviroment, a small outpost, megatechnology and short resources!

--- End quote ---

Very very nice thoughts indeed..SO which things have you achieved till now.. Can you share out your vital experience with us? Waiting for reply thanks in advance:)


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