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Yet another SciFi CCG idea

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legend zero:
Like I said before, the whole conquest idea really brings out some fun ideas. What were you thinking as far as the board dimensions? Maybe a series of Hexes to represent Sectors to be explored and areas to be fought over would be coo, then you can even include a bit of range, ability, and even more strategy.

As I said before, hit me up and I will defiantly want to talk more about this game with you.

Also, for Day/Night. I do like the 1/1, but allow for some flexibility. Maybe let the players play on a desert planet with a 2/1 day to night ratio or a quickly rotating planet where each player would get stuck with a different shift. Would lead to diverse gameplay.


Can you draw your starting hand from the landing pod? Can you choose between the deck and the landing pod for each card in the starting hand? Draw 3, decide I need at least one from the landing pod, then decide to draw 2 more from the deck and then decide to draw the last two from the pod?

Thank you for the replies - located in good old europe I just returned home from work (its 21:00 over here). So, i try to do my best answering your thoughts and questions and maybe give an insight or two about the other game mechanics. expect some templates soon!

@Tokomi @Legend Zero Oh come on guys! This IS science fiction, and metajoules just sounds cool. If I knew that, I would have thought about a different name for "mana" alltogether. Very interesting though, you may continue.

@Dragoon First I also thought about a round shift between day and night. right now the game starts at day and it can only be turned into night by special abilities. its a bit strange i know - seems like the game runs at slow speed and once a special card is played, time advances fast forward. but speaking about the solar panels for example, your idea would make more sense. i am evaluating it, do not want things to get too complex.

@Tokimo The cards posted above are just mockups. The Necromass powerplant is planned for the first expansion wich will introduce a few alien races the players can also play. nothing about the cards is balanced, just first sparks of thought. the basic idea of the plant was to feed it with objects you built earlier in the game and wich you dont need anymore later in the game.

@Tokimo The Main goal is to elimiate your opponent, how this is done is still in experimental state. another thought is working with victory points, or by depleting opponents deck - right now nothing is for sure. the second victory condition is much more clear: there is a "homebase" like building wich can be expanded over the course of the game - later on it turns into some kind of gigantic tower that reaches space, turning it effectively into some kind of space station. once your homebase reaches this state of development you are able to call your CorpoNation main fleet and win the game.

@Tokimo Right now the answer is NO. you draw from your deck and after that you decide from wich deck to draw. another rule was introduced to let a player sort the cards in his side-deck, so you know what you will be drawing next time.

@Legend Zero Wrote you a message

PS: this is in very early stages of development, "baby shoes" at best. if you like, help me to flesh this idea out - as i like it very much and think that it would be perfectly suited for a lackeyCCG plugin to be distributed freely via the internet

I am preparing another post about the game right after this one - depends if I finish it today.

Slightly disappointed to hear that the necroplant won't be a mainstay of the game, it sounded like a pretty stelar mechanic to always be burning your old stuff (if it's a basic function of the home base there's no fear of balance even).

I really like this idea for a game. It sounds really awesome, lots of fun for sure. My only concern at this point is the landing pod. Although its a great way to prevent mana-screw and other sorts of bad hand things commonly found in other games, it seems like it may allow combo decks (or swarm decks) to get quickly out of control if built right, especially if you allow it to be stacked in whatever order the player chooses.
Either way I could still see down the line decks that just set up for 3-4 turns, then play some sort of card(s) that allow them to draw a big portion from their landing pod, and then clean-up the board with it. Maybe not though, just something to think about in design.
Also I'd vote for just a linear board made up of the location cards that you and your opponent play. Maybe limit it to 6 locations, so the beginning of the game can have a slight race to set up the planet, unless the layout isn't that important to your deck, then you can just start setting up your forces and not worrying about the layout. Sort of adds an element of something that is simple to understand, but hard to master.
Regardless keep up the good work, I'm pretty excited about this


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