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How about for a battle system: all cards are also attack/defense cards with a primary talent the character must have. It would also use a threshold system. If the card has 1 chi symbol with a 2 on it the max atk or def would be 2. If there are 2 chi symbols, the 1st having a 2 and the 2nd having a 4 you could use it as an atk or def of 4 if you controlled the threshold of 2 chi.  And so on continuing with more symbols with numbers on them. Some cards might have a second type of symbol for example 2 chi symbols and 1 politic symbol with increasing numbers of 2, 4, 5 on the symbols. Is you met the threshold of 2 chi & 1 politic you could use it as a 5 atk or def. There would also be a type of paper, rock, scissors to attacking. The 4 talents would be split into 2 pairs and the pairs could not defend against an attack of it's opposite. For example chi and politics are paired. Of a chi atk is made a politic could not be used to defend it. Combination atk's could be used in one of these 2 ways depending on what works better.  An atk could be considered to have the talent of the 1st symbol of the threshold level required to use it. Or combination atk's can always be blocked by anything. On def it would always be considered the primary trait.

Mega-update in first post. Minor setting change, title change, victory condition change, resource system change.

Cy, get your ass in here.

I'm very into this, however, I'm a little confused on how the turn structure works. First you say there are 4 phases and their names, then you listed 3 phases (with different names even!). Haha, so, clarify that and you have yourself a basic rule set. I'm definitely down to help with factions and mechanics (and playtesting, duh)!

Ahh that was a typo. I used a rule book for an old game a template and left that in by mistake. All fixed now. Cool, well to inspire you for factions, the feeling I'm going for is quite sort of small. By which i mean, these aren't huge battles with thousands of soldiers fighting and countries and kings and shit. Even though the city is big (possibly infinite no one knows), the feel is much more of small factions vying for power. The battles are small scale in small places. It's all very shady.

Also i'll explain the resource system. Every character has a basic cost, which is payed for with resources. In addition to the basic cost, each character has loyalty and talents. Loyalty and talents are symbols next to their cost. A card costs an additional 1 for each of these symbols, but for every card you control of the same faction (or with the same talent) you don't have to pay for one of the symbols. So, you can play any card in any deck, but it's going to cost you more if you don't have other cards of the same faction. Talents work like loyalty symbols except they aren't tied to any particular factions. So you could build a deck with two factions or maybe even three, but actually be focussing around one of the talents by having low loyalty but high talent.

Also, in case anyone is wondering, saturn is the name of the tower's arbiter. He's a demi-god of sorts. His name is subject to change, saturn is just what i picked up from a list of roman gods (the god of time, he is).

Good resource idea. Have been playing with things like that too.


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