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You forget the art credits :P

Are you putting trade in as a keyword? Or do you intent to add another icon for that.

Because if you did keywords, you could add battle keywords instead of adding battle icons on cards. For example Spy 2 (This character has 2 combat power. When this character deals damage to a player, that player discards that many cards instead.)

I've changed the location cards so now they don't have a cost, and the cost icon is now the trade icon. Locations will now cost = number of locations you control.

EDIT: I've forgotten who the images were by now as well :(


Respectfully, If you don't know the artist don't use the art. In it's most base form it's a liability for lackey to host un-credited images. In it's more human form, it's just rude to make your work look good without giving credit to those who helped.

Fair enough. I'll go through my history and see if I can find any names.


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