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I'm pretty sure its still a liability even if they are credited, and I'm pretty sure those arts are for demo purposes. Alls I'm saying is, probably not a big deal.

Gotten any test games with the base rules done? I'm excited to see this thing come along

Still a few cards short of a deck at the moment (hey, that sounds like a euphemism for madness). But I should have 2 decks by the weekend.


I may just have some time to playtest. Maaaay. Beeeee.

You better!

The core of my setting is the City/Tower. It's basically a huge venice, with a big emphasis on verticalness, but with an arabian feel to it. Playing dark souls was actually what got me back into finishing the ccg, because of the sheer up and down of it all.

Having said that, i'm still unsure as to what kind of world this city should reside within. Fantasy, sci-fi, old, new, the tower idea i have right now etc... any suggestions/comments?


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