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It's a place holder for faction symbols, just wanted to see how it looked in that position. Honestly, don't pay too much attention to the card templates... i've even stopped looking for art and just use the same picture on every card. I just need to finish a deck (designing individual cards is something I've never been good at because I'm such a rules perfectionist. How can you make cards when the rules aren't perfect? How can the rules be perfect without testing? Ahh the cycle continues). I did like the cost in the middle too.

Ah... I know your pain.. Luckily, you need only around 15 cards for playtesting :D

15 cards you say

I'm having trouble getting the cards to show up in the plugin.

U n00b... upload the plugin zip somewhere and send it to me, I'll check it out

(ps I haven't bothered with plugins since the very first version sooooooo......)


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