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BUMP: update in first post


--- Quote from: Wisp on November 10, 2010, 03:24:37 pm ---BUMP: update in first post

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Was the update just for the movement? You know I can't be bothered to read the entire thing again :P
Regardless, I like the idea for movement, with one complaint. If both players need to have locations laying out in front of them with enough space for characters from both players on each side, as well as their stronghold closer to them or off to the side, and space for characters from both players at the city centre, do you think only those with really large tables (and appropriately matched arm lengths) could play?

tl;dr: How much space does this board take up?

Movement and the last half of the how to play section.

Nah wouldn't take up much more space then magic. Strongholds go with the rest of your locations, they just look different so people know they can't move there. Imagine you have 5 locations in front of you, as does your opponent, each with a card space between them. That's probably as wide as it's gonna get, maybe a bit more space between if there is a huge volume of characters. Your character go behind the location they are at when at one of your ones, and they go in front of locations you opponents control. So there is a location card, on the near side of it your character, and on the other side of it you opponents character. In terms on length, you just need to be aware of making sure that there is a clear destinction between the city centre (the area between the players) and characters on the far side of a location. It might take up more space than a typical magic the gathering game but not a huge amount more. I hope.

Argh i'm so busy!!111!!!  >:(

doing incremental updates to the first post as often as i can.

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I like the concept. I had an idea for a game named Noir too. It was months back & was a role playing game set in a dark alternate past 1930-esque. More of a Film Noir supernatural investigation theme, kind of like Call of Cthulhu meets the Dresden Files. Anyway your mechanics seem interesting and I like the secret world parallel. Best of luck.


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