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Things Lackey needs to (better) support tabletop games

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Battle Masters is a game that uses a hexagonal, six-sided, grids for game play, and in this game, the DIRECTION the figurine is facing is important and needs to be kept track of.  I don't know if that is even an option for you to have Lackey keep track of... maybe have little arrows appear over a figurine, pointing in the direction they're facing.

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Line of sight
Line of fire
Destructible terrain
Fog of war/ Double blind
Pre-loaded skins to fit the era of the game, ancient, modern, fantasy etc.
Visual dice
Modifiable dice, eg

I'll edit as I think of more.

There are some things that I don't think I will support in the near future, such as elevation and other complex 3D elements. I will try to learn a few games and see what sorts of things are typically needed with this genre of game.

This video shows the type of elevation I mean.  I would hope it would be included, as it is common in MANY games, and I can't see a workaround function when it is included.

You shouldn't need any kind of elevation stuff, other than contours or something on your playmat to delineate height differences. If you are really desparate the possibility to add a z coordinate kind of thing should suffice.

Another good hex grid game is battletech.

Buckets of dice, games like warhammer you roll 1 die per attack, when you get to big units of figures, you can be needing to roll an awful lot of dice.


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