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--- Quote from: Trevor on April 20, 2011, 10:44:39 AM ---There are some things that I don't think I will support in the near future, such as elevation and other complex 3D elements. I will try to learn a few games and see what sorts of things are typically needed with this genre of game.

--- End quote ---
You don't have to provide this with 3D software. You can do this simply by letting people identify each hex (I've only every played hex-map games, so that's the term I use.) of the board with elevations. (Select multiple hexes and "identify them", perhaps control+drag, adding the elevation number.)

For example, if I want to load a map, I can select an area, perhaps using cntl+drag to be able to select multiple areas at the same time to change the shape of the area covered, and then label it with something like "1382.58 m". This would let you create a layered map where the elevations increase and decrease incrimentally. The shape wouldn't be exact, of course, it would be limited by the shape of the hexes.

This is a very good idea. Were Hexes implemeted yet? I'd love to play classic battletech on here. The facing direction of the mech/token should be clear to see.

no hex support and there are some good hex based games. i tried to make settlers of catan but it failed due to no hex support.

There have been so many necromancers around here lately  ;D


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