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This plugin is in the process of being updated.
A newer, more current version will be made available in the near future.

The old version is still available, but is vastly out of date (03-28-09).

Decipher's Star Wars Customizable Card Game is now available as a plugin for LackeyCCG.

SWCCG lets you recreate the eternal struggle of Light vs Dark, throughout the Star Wars universe.
It covers the events of the classic trilogy, some Expanded Universe material, as well as Episode I: The Phantom Menace.
Though SWCCG was officially discontinued at the end of 2001 (when Lucasfilm chose not to renew Decipher's license),
it still boasts an active community and is now administered by the Players Committee.

This plugin currently covers all non-foil cards from each and every expansion.
It also includes the Players Committee Virtual Sets (text through V17, images through V14 or so).
When the update is complete, it will include the reorganization of the Virtual Sets into the new Block format,
and straight through to the latest release (Block 6.2, Domain of Evil.)

Please note that this plugin is still in a beta stage, and your comments and/or feedback would be appreciated...
to help to improve the quality and playability of this plugin.

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screenshot1 screenshot2
Luke deploys to the Lars' Moisture Farm Dark Side Premiere Introductory game deck
screenshot3 screenshot4
Various packs for the Card Pool Includes all the premium cards


Current limitations:

Plugin Revisions

  • 03-23-09 -  Updated: Uploaded card texts for Virtual Set 16 and Virtual Set 17.
  • mm-dd-yy -  To Be Announced: Rerelease of the completely updated and redone plugin.

  • The AutoUpdate URLs link to the most recent version of the old plugin.
    If you already have the plugin installed, click "Update from URL" to have LackeyCCG download all updated data files.

    The older version of the plugin is available in both Medium Quality and High Quality versions.

    Medium Quality: http://www.lackeyccg.com/sw/medium/updatelist.txt
    High Quality: http://www.lackeyccg.com/sw/high/updatelist.txt

    High quality images are recommended only for those who have screens with sufficient real estate.
    The screenshots shown above used the Medium quality images.

    Pre-constructed decks are available. They cover the Premiere Introductory game, the Hoth Introductory Game, and both Death Star II pre-constructed decks.

    Pre-constructed Decks: http://www.lackeyccg.com/sw/updatedecks.txt

    For comparison, here is a sample card:

    Medium Quality
    High Quality
    Medium Quality Darth Vader High Quality Darth Vader

    LackeyCCG official site
    Decipher's Star Wars CCG archive
    SWCCG Players Committee

    Legal Notice:    Star Wars is the property of Lucasfilm, and the SWCCG system is the property of Decipher.
       Please download this plugin only if you have a legal right to do so by means of "fair use".

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