>>> LackeyCCG Tutorial, Part 2: The Game Window


LackeyCCG Tutorial Table of Contents:

Instead of this written tutorial, you can watch the video tutorials at the Getting Started with LackeyCCG page.


Installing LackeyCCG
Updating LackeyCCG
Installing/Updating Plugins
How to Connect to the Lackey Game Matching Server and Host or Join a game
Proxy Server Tutorial
LackeyCCG Game Window

The main menu and panel tabs area
The card viewer, player stats, & turn stats area
The table area
The bottom game zone area
The right game zone and tokens area
The game chat log area
Sound Share Tutorial: Share and play sound files in game
Chat Log Commands Tutorial: Learn to configure and customize your chat preset buttons

Deck Editor Window

The card viewer & filters area
The deck list area
The library of all cards area
The card pool and packs area

Plugin Creation Tutorial

Read my thoughts on CCG design theory

FAQ, Troubleshooting, & Tips

FAQ, Troubleshooting, & Tips

This section is currently under construction. For FAQ, Troubleshooting, & Tips, please see the LackeyCCG forum.